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This is the most practical, highly actionable guide to buying the best medical card in Malaysia.

The best part?

We are going to reveal how you can afford the best medical coverage per your budget, something that tied insurance agents are not able to do for you.

In short, if you want to maximize your coverage while minimizing the premium cost (and saving tens or hundreds thousands in the future), you’ll love this guide – with over 160+ comments at the bottom.

Let’s get started.

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Medical card products from major insurance companies in Malaysia are always evolving rapidly, ever-trying to outdo each other to become the best medical insurance in the eyes of consumers.

The Best Medical Cards in Malaysia are:

  • Allianz Life Insurance – MediSafe Infinite series medical card

  • AIA – A Plus Health series medical card

  • Great Eastern Life – Smart Medic series medical card

  • Hong Leong Assurance – Medi Shield II series medical card

  • Prudential Assurance – Pru Million Med series medical card

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Medical Card
Product Name
Type Cover
until age
AIA A-Plus Health Rider 100 ▪️ high annual limit even for lower tier plan,
▪️ no lifetime limit, high post hospitalization
▪️ as charged outpatient treatments,
▪️ covers Singapore & Brunei
▪️ unique 'Health Wallet' feature
Allianz Medisafe Infinite Rider 99 ▪️ no lifetime limit,
▪️ as charged outpatient treatments,
▪️ covers alternative outpatient treatment,
▪️ covers Singapore & Brunei,
▪️ affordable premium cost
Great Eastern Smart Medic Xtra Rider 91 ▪️ customizable for low end
or high end coverage,
▪️ high annual limit,
▪️ no lifetime limit,
▪️ as charged outpatient treatments,
▪️ auto annual limit hike upon no claim,
Medishield II Rider 100 ▪️ customizable deductible levels,
▪️ auto-convert from deductible to full
coverage upon retirement,
▪️ no lifetime limit, as charged outpatient
▪️ outpatient physiotherapy treatment
per AL & LL,
▪️ auto annual limit hike upon no claim,
▪️ affordable premium cost
Prudential PruValueMed Rider 100 ▪️ better insurance charge sustainability

The best in this sense refers to competitiveness in features and costs; so it is actually very good for us as policyholders.

As you notice, the Best Medical Cards in Malaysia come from major life insurance companies, brands which you already know.

best medical card in malaysia

The best part of being an industry practitioner, as a licensed, independent financial adviser, is that we are not tied to any insurance company.

Meaning, we are not obligated or limited to only recommend 1 single product which we represent like an insurance agent.

Clients literally adore us for being able to source & compare objectively – the best life and health insurance products which suit their needs without being pushy to fulfill sales quote like a tied agent.

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Watch a series of lessons on buying the best medical cards for yourself

1) Comparison table of the Allianz, AIA, Great Eastern, Manulife, Hong Leong, Prudential, Tokio Marine, AXA Affin, AmMetLife & Zurich Medical Insurance

best health insurance malaysia

note: flip your mobile device horizontally for best viewing or use at least an iPad mini to view the comparison table
Insurer AIA Allianz Great Eastern Manulife Prudential Hong Leong Tokio Marine AXA Affin AmMetLife Zurich
Right >>
A Plus Health Medi Safe Infinite Smart Medic Xtra 99 ManuHealth Elite PruValue Med Medi Shield II iHealth+ HOPE MEDIC 3+ HCC Choice + BoostUp FlexMed2 Plus
Type Rider Rider Rider Rider Rider Rider Rider Rider Rider Rider
End on
100 91 99 99 90 100 90 81 100 100
300 300 300 As Charged
(basic single room)
300 300 300 300 350 280
per year
150/150 150/150 180 combined No limit 150/90 150/75 150/60 150/60 150/150 no limit/60
Pre & Post
days per year
60/150 90/90 60/90 60/90 60/90 90/90 30/90 31/90 60/120 60/90
No No No No No No No No No No
Co pay
for R&B
No 20% of eligible
benefits, limited
to RM 1,000
per disability
No No No No 20% of eligible
benefits, limited
to RM 1,000
per disability
n.a. n.a. n.a.
Out patient
cancer RM
Per AL & LL Per AL & LL Per AL & LL 1.76 mil per lifetime 1.5 million per lifetime,
shared w/ outpatient
kidney dialysis
Per AL & LL Per AL & LL 1.6 million per lifetime,
shared w/ outpatient
kidney dialysis
Per AL & LL 225k per lifetime
Out patient
kidney dialysis
Per AL & LL Per AL & LL Per AL & LL 1.76 mil per lifetime 1.5 million per lifetime,
shared w/
outpatient cancer
Per AL & LL Per AL & LL 1.6 million per lifetime,
shared w/
outpatient cancer
Per AL & LL 300k per lifetime
Out patient
stroke RM
No No No 1.76 mil per lifetime No No No No No No
Out patient
dengue RM
3,000 per event Per AL & LL No 1.76 mil per lifetime No 3,000 per year No No 3,500 No
Out patient
No 3,000 per year,
subject to 300/day
& 1 visit/day
within 30 days
No No No Outpatient
Treatment per
(within 90 days
after disability)
No No Chinese Medicine,
Chiropractic &
Physiotherapy Treatment
4,000 per policy year,
within 60 days after
(within 180 days from
As charged
Out patient
co insure
No No No No No No No No No No
limit (AL)
1.7 million 1.2 million 1.6 million 2.2 million No limit 2.18 million No Limit
But, if the total claims
within a policy year
exceeds 10% of the
Lifetime Limit, a 10%
co-insurance will be
applied (on excess
2.7 million 2.5 million 175k + NCB
Life time
limit (LL)
No limit No limit No limit No limit No limit, but total claim
amount exceeding
Med Value Point of
RM 1 million will be
subject to 20%
No limit 1.5 million No limit No limit No limit
No claim
1,500 'Health Wallet'
credit, annually

if no claim,
up to 10 times.

Credits can be used
for Health screening
or flu/hepatitits B
10% increase in
Initial R&B every
3 years of no
claim, up to
150% of Initial
10% increase
in Initial AL
every 3 years
of no claim
No 2% increase in
Initial Med Value
Point every 2 years,
if no claim,
up to Med Value
point being exceeded
10% increase in
Initial AL every
5 years of
no claim,
up to 50% of
Initial AL
10% increase initial
Hospital Room &
Board entitlement
if no claim was made
in the preceding
3-year period, up to
a maximum
increment of 50%
Discount on Insurance
Charges (from 8% up to
20%) for at least 2
consecutive years of
no claim
n.a. 10% increase in
Initial AL every 5 years,
if no claim,
up to 50% of Initial AL
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extend to
Singapore, Brunei Singapore, Brunei n.a. Singapore, Brunei n.a. n.a. n.a. Singapore, Brunei Singapore, Brunei n.a.
premium (RM)
3,800 3,000 3,400 3,950 5,100 2,490
Insurer AIA Allianz Great Eastern Manulife Prudential Hong Leong Tokio Marine AXA Affin AmMetLife Zurich

**The indicative annual premium, whenever available, was generated based on a 35 years old Male, non-smoker. It does not represent absolutely the expensiveness or cheap-ness of a medical card from an insurer across all age ranges.

2) Best medical insurance in Malaysia - is it Allianz medical card?

Allianz medical card commentary

  • Reimburses the charges incurred for alternative treatments such as Chiropractic, Chiropody, Homeopathy, Osteopathy and Acupuncture up to one (1) visit per day, within thirty (30) days from the hospital
    discharge date.
  • The best thing about Allianz medical card (Medisafe Infinite Xtra) is that it extends coverage treatment in Singapore, following Reasonable & Customary Charges in Singapore. (MediSafe Infinite covers treatment in Singapore but following Reasonable & Customary Charges equivalent to local treatment in Malaysia.) Also, with Medisafe Infinite Xtra (1.8 million annual limit for R&B 300), there is no co-payment if you are hospitalised at a Room & Board which is higher than your eligible benefit, plus reasonable & customary charges equivalent to local treatment in Singapore. You only bear the difference in the upgraded room & board charges.
  • Another best thing about Allianz medical card is that it specifically states, in the quotation, to include consultation, examination tests and take home drugs for outpatient treatments.
  • It also has the highest combination of pre & post hospitalization coverage, and matches the room & board + ICU coverage of 150 days for each, second best compared to Manulife's unlimited room & board/ICU.
  • The co-payment clause is an disadvantage but we feel this is no big deal as it is capped at maximum RM 1,000.
  • Its outpatient kidney dialysis and cancer does not have separate limit; it follows the overall annual limit and lifetime limit of the R&B rate chosen so this is good.
  • Given that the comparative premium is the lowest among other medical card riders, this is the best value for money.
  • There is a lower plan known as MediEssential (with annual limit which is a divider factor of 10 and a hard lifetime limit).
  • In a nutshell, Allianz medical cards range from low end (Medisafe Essential) to very high end (Medisafe Infinite Xtra); it's like you can choose a Proton, BMW or Lamborghini depending on your budget, all reasonably priced, under one roof.

3) Best medical insurance in Malaysia - is it AIA medical card?

AIA medical card commentary

  • A Plus Health medical insurance replaced A-Plus Med as its flagship medical card in Q4 '18.
  • It has upgraded to 150 days of normal  Room & Board (R&B) and Intensive Care unit (ICU), totaling 300 days/year
  • There is also provision for Organ/Bone Marrow transplant (receiver's coverage only) - as charged, subject to Reasonable and Customary Charges up to Overall Annual Limit, once per lifetime.
  • Singapore & Brunei are not considered as overseas medical insurance coverage (which is good!)
  • It also provides Emergency Medical Evacuation and Repatriation up to USD 1 mil (do not mistakenly think this is international health insurance coverage)
  • Lifetime limit for outpatient kidney dialysis and cancer treatment has been upgraded to no lifetime limit.
  • Unique Health Wallet, Prevention Benefit and Protect Boost feature, making it priced higher than average compared to other medical cards compared.

4) Best medical insurance in Malaysia - is it Great Eastern medical card?

Great Eastern medical card commentary

    • The base plan SmartMedic Xtra has been enhanced with SmartMedic Xtra 99 and Smart Extender 99
    • The base version of SmartMedic still has co-insurance & co-insurance clauses and coverage age is limited to age 80 if not added with Smart Extender 99.
    • It has 180 days of hospital confinement but combined normal hospitalization and ICU (intensive care unit)
    • Overall, we opined that it's an average medical card which ranks in the middle among its peers.

5) Best medical insurance in Malaysia - is it Manulife medical card?

Manulife medical card commentary

    • ManuHealth Elite medical insurance replaced its predecessor, Manumedic medical card
    • Technically, Manulife Room & Board rate is in a class of its own because after R&B 250, the next Room & Board rate is titled “As Charged”.
    • What it means by this is that if you are in “As Charged” R&B rate, you are entitled for the amount for reimbursement is limited up to 2 basic categories of Single-bedded Room available in the hospital.
    • This mean it is inflation-proof to a certain extent because you are guaranteed a single room no matter what in the future.
    • Pros: No limit on the number of annual confinement days and high annual limit of RM 2.2 million, plus having outpatient stroke coverage which none other medical card in comparison has this benefit.
    • Cons: The outpatient treatments are capped at RM 1.76 million for each per lifetime, separate from its overall annual limit of 2.2 million and no lifetime limit.
    • Pricing wise, on the higher side compared to other medical insurance compared in this list for premium sustainability of 30 years & above.

6) Best medical insurance in Malaysia - is it Prudential medical card?

Prudential medical card commentary

    • Prudential medical card does not use the the term annual limit or lifetime limit. Instead, it replaces them with this - Med Value Point.
    • Med Value Point is defined as - if the total claims that exceed the stipulated Med Value Point amount, the Prudential will still be liable to pay 80% of the total cost of the eligible benefit while policyholder bear the remaining 20%.
    • Prudential also has another 2 older medical card range - PruHealth and PruFlexi Medi, on top of PruMedicOverseas providing coverage in Singapore, Hong Kong and China.
    • Pros: Has the capability to customize the hospital room & board rate and Med Value Point (1, 1.5 or 2 million). It also has has an optional co-insurance like feature, called Med Saver, which policyholder needs to pay RM 300 co-insurance for every medical admission. For objective comparison, we remove this co-insurance feature. Finally, the no co-payment clause is always welcomed.
    • Cons: Evidently, the price, especially with Med Saver feature removed! Comparing Med Value point with annual limit, it is on par depending on your choice. However, comparing Med Value Point with lifetime limit, it loses out slightly because other medical cards have no lifetime limit while PruValueMed only covers 80% of the eligible benefit exceeding Med Value Point. However, this is no longer an issue with the introduction of a higher end (newer) medical card range called PruMillion Med. Pru Million Med also has Outpatient Cancer Treatment and Outpatient Kidney Dialysis which is not separated capped, like PruValue Med.
    • Starting in 2019, the indicated premium for Prudential Investment Linked Policy and its rider can have a wide range because the quotation system comes with the option to adjust the policy sustainability.

7) Best medical insurance in Malaysia - is it Hong Leong medical card?

Hong Leong Assurance commentary

    • Hong Leong Assurance has a separate number of days for ICU coverage (75 vs 150 days), the lowest among those compared.
    • If this is not a deal breaker, then you'll be glad to know it does not have co-insurance or co-payment due to room & board upgrade
    • It also does not have a separate limit for outpatient cancer treatment and kidney dialysis, which is good
    • With the addition of the Million Extra II rider, its annual limit becomes 10x to 1 million, with no lifetime limit
    • It can be further enhanced with Million Extra Booster, giving it another 1 million annual limit, to RM 2.18 million, the highest annual limit for medical insurance compared in this list.
    • Furthermore, you can further add on to the medical coverage by extending your medical treatment to pre-authorised hospitals in Singapore, Hong Kong, and China with Overseas Treatment for Selected Surgeries II for surgeries related to Cancer, Neuro, Coronary Artery Bypass, Heart Valve, Organ Transplant (kidney, lung, liver, heart, pancreas and bone marrow)
    • An extremely flexible medical card where you can configure it as a humble Honda City or a Ferrari/Bugatti if you have the budget. Don't be fooled with just one product by Hong Leong Assurance because it is highly configurable, only matched by Allianz.

8) Comparison table of the Allianz, Great Eastern, Hong Leong Assurance & Prudential Deductible Medical Insurance

note: flip your mobile device horizontally for best viewing or use at least an iPad mini to view the comparison table
Insurer Allianz Great Eastern Prudential Hong Leong
Right >>
Medi Aide PruValue Med
Medi Shield II
Smart Extender
Type Rider Rider Rider Rider
End on
81 (max) 80 (90 & 100
option available)
100 (fixed) 80 (99 option
300 300 300 300
per year
50 days per
90 days
per year
150/75 180 days
Pre & Post
days per year
31/60 60/90 90/90 60/180
30000 (lower level
of deductible
include 2,000, 5,000,
10,000 and 15,000).
or auto-conversion to
0 deductible
at age 55 can be
20,000 (lowest
deductible level,
other levels
are 50k, 75k
& 100k)
20,000 (lowest deductible
level for auto conversion
to 0 deductible at age 60).
If the next lowest
deductible level (5,000)
is chosen, then you lose
the option to auto convert
to 0 deductible at age 60.
The other deductible level
is 75,000
150,000 (fixed, deductible
levels follow Room &
Board rate, cannot
be chosen freely)
Co pay
for R&B
Not applicable
before age 55;
20% of eligible
benefits, capped
at RM 1k after age
Not applicable
because no option
for auto conversion
to 0 deductible.
Not applicable before
or after age 60, regardless
auto conversion is chosen.
Not applicable
because no option for
auto conversion to
0 deductible.
Out patient
cancer RM
Per AL & LL 1.5 million per
lifetime, shared w/
outpatient kidney
Per AL & LL Per AL & LL
Out patient
kidney dialysis
Per AL & LL 1.5 million per
lifetime, shared w/
outpatient cancer
Per AL & LL Per AL & LL
Out patient
stroke RM
No No No No
Out patient
dengue RM
No No No No
Out patient
20,000 per year ! No Outpatient Physiotherapy
Treatment per AL & LL
(within 90 days after
Out patient
co insure
No No No No
limit (AL)
150,000 No limit 1.0 million 1.5 million
Life time
limit (LL)
1.5 million No limit, but total
claim amount
exceeding Med Value
Point of RM 1 million
will be subject to
20% co-insurance
No limit No limit
No claim
n.a. 2% increase in the
initial Med Value
Point every 2 years,
if no claim, up to
Med Value point
being exceeded
10% increase in Initial AL
every 5 years of no claim,
up to 50% of Initial AL
Click HereClick HereClick HereClick Here
extend to
Singapore, Brunei n.a. n.a. n.a.
premium (RM)
1,200 1,200 2,786 1,200
Insurer Allianz Great Eastern Prudential Hong Leong


9) Best deductible medical card in Malaysia - which one?

Best deductible medical card in Malaysia - which one is it?

Not having a full medical card after retirement could potentially be deadlier than the silent killer – inflation, when it actually hits. I’ve talked to individuals in their fifties who admitted to me they overlooked of getting their own medical card when they were in employment. Then, just before the mandatory retirement, it struck them – nobody is going to cover his post retirement medical bills.

If you are reading this, then I don’t want this to happen to you. Yet, I know what you are thinking – you probably don’t want to get a redundant medical card while you are covered by your company.

If this is your concern, then Second Medical Card aka Deductible aka Top Up medical card is the best for you. See below

When you are employed before age 55:
It could well be a good complement to your company-provided group medical card.
For example, if your company medical card coverage is RM 30k/year, you could get a RM 30k deductible medical card, with minimum premium (RM 1,200). Which means, only RM 30k and above medical expenses will be covered by this second card. (by the way, the deductible amount is configurable from RM 2k up to RM 30k)

When you retire after age 55:
Allianz deductible medical card is clearly the best medical card range here because it is auto-convertible to a full medical card at retirement age – 55. This feature beats out all others without retirement conversion options.

What it means, when you reach age 55, this health insurance will convert to become a zero deductible card – which means any medical expenses can be charged under this card – at the time when your company medical insurance coverage ceases. This happens without needing you to prove your health condition at age 55. Besides, it also has:

  • Reasonable co-payment clause capped at RM 1,000
  • Coverage for outpatient stroke treatment and outpatient physiotherapy treatment
  • Coverage extends to Singapore & Brunei (reimbursement basis).

Cheap? Yes. Peace of mind when you retire? Absolutely.

Hong Leong Assurance is the second contender to the best deductible medical cards in Malaysia, but it is twice as expensive although it comes with 1 million annual limit and no lifetime limit.

It resolves one of the main issue with Allianz Mediaide - by extending age until 100 (vs Allianz 81).

It comes with these conditions though, with only 3 deductible levels (5k, 20k and 75k):

You need to choose RM 20,000 deductible level or higher (RM 75,000) for auto conversion to zero deductible at age 60.

If the lowest deductible level (RM 5,000) is chosen, then you lose the option to auto convert to zero deductible at age 60.

10) Understand basic medical card terminologies and why you must get the best health insurance for yourself

health insurance mm2hThe intricacies of the best medical insurance is not to be underestimated if you plan to retire in Malaysia for long term. Since health insurance, just like any other insurance, is essentially an unilateral contract, knowing the terms and conditions of your medical coverage is absolutely critical.


To prevent the hassle of dispute with the insurer on what it is not covered or reimbursable when you thought they are covered.

Otherwise, nasty situation like this may happen.

The other health insurance features you definitely want to take note on are:

  • Daily Room & Board rate – determines the type of hospital room you can choose to stay in without topping up the difference. It is very normal to go for a minimum RM 200 R&B nowadays, which could be a twin-sharing room. If you want basic single room or above, a R&B of RM 300 and above is recommended. Upgrading R&B rate higher than what you  are entitled for in your health insurance policy may trigger a certain co-payment clause in the insurance contract. This render you needing to share a certain percentage of the total medical bill with the insurer, aside from paying the difference in room & board rate.
  • Lifetime Limit (if any) – specifies the limited sum of medical expenses which can be exhausted throughout the duration of health insurance coverage.
  • Annual Limit (if any) – specifies the limited sum of medical expenses which can be exhausted within any 1 policy year as long as the health insurance is in-force.
  • As charged – covers hospitalization expenses which are deemed medically necessary, and as per reasonable and customary charges according to the schedule set by MMA (Malaysian Medical Association). If a medical procedure was being overcharged by hospital, then you need to top up the difference of amount for which the insurer doesn’t cover.
  • Deductible - an amount that you will have to pay for your medical treatment before your medical plan will begin to pay for you.For example:
    Deductible level of RM 5,000 means when Ali got admitted to hospital and the medical bill costs RM 9,000, Ali has to pay RM 5,000 first before his insurer pays the balance, up to the medical card annual or lifetime limit.
  • Co insurance - an amount, usually in percentage (10%, 20%) of the total medical bill which you have to fork out on your own, regardless of the medical bill amount.  The insurance company does not cover for this amount.

For example:

Co insurance of 10% means when Ali got admitted to hospital and the medical bill costs RM 9,000, Ali has to pay RM 900 while his insurer pays the remaining amount, up to the medical card annual or lifetime limit.

  • Last entry age – the last age where you can buy a medical insurance policy. Normally it could be at 60, 65 or 70.
  • Exclusions - illnesses or medical conditions that are not covered by a medical card or medical insurance. Common exclusions include pre-existing conditions, specified illness occurring during the first one hundred twenty (120) days of upon policy being in-force (hypertension, cardiovascular disease, diabetes mellitus, all tumors, cancers, cysts, nodules, polyps, stones of the urinary and biliary system, all ear, nose (including sinuses) and throat conditions, hernias, hemorrhoids, fistulae, hydrocele, varicocele, endometriosis including disease of the reproductive system, vertebro-spinal disorders (including disc) and knee conditions), cosmetic treatments, dental conditions, congenital abnormalities, pregnancy-related conditions, AIDS or sexually transmitted disease, self-inflicted injuries, drug addiction, mental or nervous disorders
  • Pre-existing Condition - illnesses that a policy holder has a reasonable knowledge of on or before the effective date of insurance. Policy holder may be considered to have a reasonable knowledge of a pre-existing conditions if he or she had received or is receiving treatment, medical advice, diagnosis...and/or there is a clear and distinct symptoms and/or the symptoms of an illness would have been apparent to a reasonable person.

Also, do you  agree that medical costs will carry one or more of the characteristics below:

  • Most unexpected
  • Most unavoidable
  • Possibly long term & recurring
  • Most impactful to retirement nest egg

How impactful, you asked?

For minor condition like cataract or appendicitis, the cost of such treatments may hardly dent your retirement nest egg. But what if major conditions like below hit you?

medical costs in malaysia

Medical costs have escalated around the world and this is no different in Malaysia. Medical inflation averages about 10% each year and is projected to rise due to advancement in medical technology.

11) The Procedures to Utilize a Medical Card

When you want to seek medical treatment due to illness/accident at private hospitals, you should try to go to a hospital that is covered by the medical card.

Hospitals that are covered by the medical card are also called Panel Hospital.

Of course, you still can get admitted to other hospitals, but you will then need to settle in full your medical bill upon discharge and then later file claim to reimburse the medical expenses from the insurance company.

Admitting to a panel hospital saves you these paperworks because the insurance company will pay directly the hospital provided a Letter of Guarantee is issued by the insurer to the hospital upon your admission.

Bear in mind hospital may still need to charge you some deposits upfront to cover for items not covered by your medical card.

In order to minimize any unnecessary delays, it is the norm to follow some pointers below as part of the claims process:

  • Before undergoing any non-emergency medical treatment, call the customer care helpline of your insurance company and confirm whether your doctor’s proposed treatment is covered in your medical insurance policy and whether your hospital of choice is panel hospital
  • Request your doctor or specialist to fill in and sign your claim form. He or she may charge a small administration fee which may not be covered by your medical card
  • If you are admitted to a non-panel hospital,  remember to submit a written notice to your insurance company as soon as possible, or within 30 days of the treatment period if you are diagnosed with a condition or illness that is claimable under your medical insurance policy
  • Attach all filled claims documents with the original bills and receipts, full doctor’s reports, physician’s cost summary of treatment and referral letter, if any.

Understand the Common Reasons your Medical Claims can get Rejected


12) Review of Smart Medi 2.0 Lonpac standalone medical card

(no longer available)

lonpac teh hong piowYou may not have heard of Lonpac Insurance but it is a wholly owned subsidiary of LPI Capital, a public listed company in KLSE since 1993.  It was registered as an approved insurer on 9 April 1963 under the Malaysian Insurance Act, 1963.

LPI Capital, as the associate company with common directors as Public Bank,  is helmed by the one and only Tan Sri Dr Teh Hong Piow as its Chairman.

By the way, I don't think I need to stress the importance of having a medical card even if you are employed and your employer provides for you. Look at cost of medical procedures here. 

A) Medical card that provides annual health screen tests

Most people want to fake an unnecessary 1 day hospital admission just to undergo health screening tests at hospitals. Truly, it is not recommended to do so because minor 'claims' like this will raise red flags in the eyes of your insurer when you need to upgrade your medical card benefits in the future. Not to mention it is unethical to do so - doctors who are doing this included.  Therefore, anyone who have done this before or are thinking of doing this, you don't have too because Smart Medi 2.0 gives you a complimentary comprehensive health screening test.

52 best medical card screening

We like the concept of prevention advocated by this medical card, especially when it also includes cancer marker tests.

52 best medical card cancer marker

B) A Medical card with built in cash allowance for private hospital

It is customary for a medical card to pay a daily allowance for confinement in government hospital. Cash allowance for confinement in private hospital is an add-on feature which costs extra premium costs. See what I mean below - a standard clause in any medical cards in Malaysia.medical card cash allowance

Smart Medi 2.0, on the other hand, provides RM 500 per day for hospitalization even in private hospitals; starting for 3rd days onwards.

best medical card hospital cash income

C) A Medical card with unlimited days a year, even in ICU

We don't hope this will ever happen, but if it does, you'll have no concern in this area. Here's how most medical cards benefits are structured when it comes to number of days in normal room & ICU.

medical card room ICU limit

This is how Smart Medi 2.0 benefit is structured.

best medical card unlimited days room

best medical card unlimited days ICU

D) A Medical card with high annual limit & no lifetime limit

No lifetime limit is nothing to shout about really since the past 2 years; AIA medical card products have been having this feature aeons ago.

The annual limit is the one that matters because it 'resets' every policy year.

Selected few medical card in the market now have NO annual limit while some already going into the path of offering High annual limit which almost corresponds to their lifetime limit, if any.

Therefore, an annual limit of RM 650,000 is above average.

best medical card no annual limit

best medical card annual limit

E) A Medical card with most, if not all hospitals

Check if any of the private hospitals are near your place of residence.

best medical card panel hospital

F) A Medical card with affordable annual premium

Standalone medical card is for those who are tight on budget. It starts out with a low premium.

However, bear in mind that this is a standalone or term medical card, whereby the annual premium is set to increase every 5 years age band, unlike medical rider. 

Watch below for the difference between a medical card rider and a term (standalone) medical card, or read it here -

What You Should Know When Buying Standalone Medical Card Vs. a Rider and Make the Right Decision

Furthermore, some standalone medical cards have conditional renewable clause whereby - if you are hit with a long term/critical illness, insurer will likely impose unfavorable terms & conditions like premium loading, coverage exclusion from the illness and even rejection at your next renewal cycle. Think of it like renewing your car insurance after a major accident.

On the other hand, rider medical card is confirmed to have "Guaranteed renewable" clause whereby as long as you pay for the policy on time, insurer is obliged to renew the policy (provided the lifetime claim limit, if any,  has not been exceeded).

For both types of medical cards, cost of insurance or insurance charges,  however, is not guaranteed. That means insurer can hike the insurance charges which may affect your premium directly or indirectly. This scenario normally requires approval from central bank and it affects every policy holders having that medical card (does not discriminate or single anyone out)

Now It’s Your Turn

Phew! We put A TON of work into this guide. So we hope you enjoyed it.

Now we’d like to hear what you have to say.

Which medical card feature that is the most important to you?

It is Annual Limit or Room & Board rate?

Or something else.

Let me know by leaving a comment below.

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CF Lieu is an independent financial adviser (IFA) with CFP qualification and licensed by the Securities Commission of Malaysia to conduct regulated financial planning activities and charge a professional fee for it.

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Your say?

    190 replies to "Best Medical Cards in Malaysia 2019: Latest (Complete) Compare Guide"

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    • Andy Hodiyah

      Hi CF,
      I am 63, with high blood pressure and high choleterol treated for 13 years, well controlled. I am coming to Malaysiaunder MM2H. Though people over 60 need not submit evdience of medical insurance for MM2H, I am thinking of getting a medical card.
      1. Does this mean I must get a ILP before I can buy a medical card? (I read your aadvice above not to get a standalone medical card).
      2. Is it likely that any insurer will sell me mecial coveraage even with my preexisting conditions EXCLUDED?

      • CF Lieu


        1. Yes, the medical card is package under an ILP
        2. Could come with exclusion or premium loading, or BOTH, depending on how severe is your high blood pressure/high cholesterol. Depends on underwriting. Without submitting an application, you wouldn’t know 🙂

        • Andy Hodiyah

          Thanks CF! Will engage your services when I settle in in PJ.

    • Pauline

      I’m currently holding Zurich FlexMed 2 PLUS – Plan 3 for Annual Limit of RM 175,000. I looking for more higher coverage as my mother have endometriosis & breast cancer. I’m 44 years old and smoker. Last year around Sept 18, I have done a gastroscopy and colonoscopy at Pantai Cheras which all result are normal. Beside that, I have done a neck ultrasound as the dr detect a nodule at my neck (result found few nodules) but the thyroid blood test is normal range. My question is should I declare my neck ultrasound which my thyroid blood test is normal? Secondly, which medical card is suitable for me as I prefer the higher coverage per annual and Unlimited life time limit. Pls advise me which insurance plan should I have as I think the coverage per annual of RM 17500 is too low for me. FYI, my monthly premium is RM 400. Thank you.

      • CF Lieu

        Yes Pauline, usually you will be imposed exclusion with the presence of nodule at neck. Your best option now is to have a high deductible medical card to cover for the shortfall in the annual limit.

    • An outstanding share! I have just forwarded this onto a friend who was doing a little homework on this.
      And he actually bought me lunch because I found it
      for him… lol. So allow me to reword this…. Thank YOU
      for the meal!! But yeah, thanx for spending the time
      to talk about this subject here on your website.

    • jason

      1. “Hong Leong Assurance is the second contender to the best deductible medical cards in Malaysia, but it is twice as expensive although it comes with 1 million annual limit and no lifetime limit.”
      But when looking at the table, no limit belongs to Great Eastern.
      Which is which?

      2. For a deductable, Allianz seems good but there is a very low annual limit. So in the future when we convert the plan, would this limit be too low? shouldnt we get a deductable that can convert without an annual limit?

    • Mona Chung

      Hi Mr. Lieu,

      I am looking a medical insurance plan for my brother who resides in Kuala Lumpur. Can you please provide me with your contact information and email address so that he can contact you for information about medical insurance coverage.

      Thank you.

      • CF Lieu

        Mona, we’ve replied you via email.

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    • KwangSoo

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    • maris

      Hi CF, great article for newbies like me. I’m in the midst of looking for a medical insurance card for me and my spouse. I have a few questions i hope you can help explain.

      1. I’m confused about the no claim bonus. If compare Allianz and AIA does it mean that after 10 years assuming no claims, AIA AL will increase to RM1.91m while Allianz AL maintain at RM1m? And Same for R&B AIA will increase to RM746 while Allianz will only increase to RM399?
      2. If taking insurance with high AL like RM1m, how important is it to have AL no claim bonus?
      3. For Allianz co-pay R&B upgrade, does 20% apply to the price difference for the upgraded room or total R&B cost?
      4. Is there any difference between taking individual plan vs family plan?
      5. What is the cheapest age to take medical insurance for my <1 year old son? Is it true that young children premium are more expensive than 18-21 year old?
      6. If a person has stopped smoking for a few years, is it considered smoker or non-smoker premium?

      Appreciate your reply. Thanks in advance 🙂

      • lee choon ping

        Allianz do not hv life time limit and they do hv claim bouns for R&B

    • farah

      hi Mr Lieu,

      i have gastric/maybe asid reflux. I have been taken medication from private hospital for a year now however i never been hospitalised or diagnosed with those. Is this consider a pre existing condition. If so, is there any plan that covers this disablity?

      • CF Lieu

        Yes, Farah. Likely will kena exclusion regardless of any insurer

    • stiMblue

      Wow, is a very good comparison, but the info is not 100% correct, hope u can advise ur client correctly 🙂

    • Chee

      Hi, Mr Liew, I’m looking for medical card ..age 27,single,non-smoker with hyperthyroidism issue..Any insurance company that will not exclude this sickness? Thank you.

      • Joanne

        Hi Chee. Try Hong Leong Assurance. I used to help one client. Managed to get covered.

    • francis

      Ho can you say Alliance standalone medical card is better. Have you looked at AXA Affin

    • Chan

      Hi, can I have a quote from you as well?

    • Tan Woei Tyng

      Hi. I’m looking for a good and cheap medical insurance for my son who is 2 years and 10 months now. Could u pls send me the best quotation? Thanks.

    • james

      Hi Mr Lieu,

      How about term life insurance,can you recommend which company offer the best & affordable term life insurance available in Malaysia?

      I have a medical insurance / investment linked plan.quite comprehensive but low sum assured. couldn’t afford the high premium if i wanna upgrade the sum assured.
      So i am thinking to get a term life insurance for better sum assured at lower price.can accompany with my medical card.what is your opinion regarding this,appreciate if u can share your thoughts,perhaps improvise my plans.thanks.

      • CF Lieu

        Term insurance pricing does not differ much among insurers, and certainly the T&C of coverage are pretty standard. Whichever convenient for you, just take that.

    • Priiya Nandhini H

      Hi Lieu,

      I’m 28years old female. Single, non smoker and no health issues to be concerned of.. Will appreciate your advice on the type of card to subscribe to.. Tq

      • CF Lieu

        Anything goes! You can go for the lowest cost medical card

    • Adrian

      Hi, can the medical card be bought standalone or is a rider?

      • CF Lieu

        Mostly rider, standalone only few options

    • Ting

      Hi Lieu

    • Kelly

      Hi I am 30 yrs old single lady. Would like to purchase medical card, hope can talk to you personally.

      • CF Lieu

        Kelly, pls check your email.

    • Ng Choon hooi

      Hi, I am looking for a good and cheap medical card for myself and my daughter. Could you please advise? Details as below:
      Me: Age 47, non smoker, healthy
      Daughter: 13, student

      BTW, any company offers family package for medical card?

      Thanks very much

      • CF Lieu

        Ng, please proceed to HERE to get your question answered.

    • Shirley Semion

      Can you give me the quotation for a rider medical insurance under allianze?
      Age 37
      Non smoking

      • CF Lieu

        Sure, please head over to HERE

      • Siow Hooi Leng

        Hi, Thanks for your informative sharing. However I read the Allianz medical brochure, it stated that policy holder will have to pay 20% co-payment (Plan 200) once total yearly claim had exceed RM100K. This is the biggest concern of me that not taken Allianz card. Because RM100K is relatively low when come to dread disease treatment, and I will have to pay 20% which it could be significantly high base on nowadays sky high medical charges. Could you please help to advise on this if my perception is wrong. Thank you.

        • CF Lieu

          Siow, the 20% conditional co-payment clause only kicks in if the Life Assured elects to or is referred by the attending Physician to be treated outside Malaysia AND the total amount of claims for a Policy Year is more than 100k (for Plan 200).
          These 2 conditions both need to be present.
          Furthermore, the 20% is on the claim amount exceeding 100k (for Plan 200), not on the ENTIRE claim amount.
          Lastly, this Conditional Co-Payment is not applicable for medical treatment received by the Life Assured in Malaysia.

    • prefernottodisclosed


      I am going to turn 26 by August and I have not attached to any insurance plan except medical insurance by company.

      I worked just a year, no health condition to be concern, a single female, non smoker no drink alcohol etc, could you please advice on insurance plan?

      Is medical card standalone and I need to purchase different plan for saving, critical illness, and medical card etc?

      Or any other better suggestion based on my profile?

      Thanks in advance

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    • Ms Stingy

      Hi Lieu, would like to buy a medical card – investment link for my parent age at 60. any suggestion? Tq

      • CF Lieu

        Ms, what is your budget for a start? To short list only the options which fit your budget

        • Ms Stingy

          RM1000 for both, possible? im thinking the Lonpac SmartMedi 2.0 too if premium difference much

          • CF Lieu

            RM 1000 yearly or monthly you mean?

    • Lingling

      Hi, Mr . Lieu. I would like to buy medical insurance for my 4 months daughter. Any suggestion?

      • CF Lieu

        Hi Lingling, is there any pre-existing condition for your 4 months old baby? Congrats, by the way!

    • Yen

      Hi Mr. Lieu,
      I hope you could help me to choose the best medical insurance plan for my 18 months old boy where my biggest concern is the medical card. The main purpose of buying him an insurance is to protect him at his age now even in the future, from any childhood diseases to adulthood illnesses which required vast treatment cost. I’m in dilemma between Allianz with the advantage of outpatient CA Rx which specifically states, in the quotation, to include consultation, examination tests and take home drugs for outpatient treatments or AIA with its additional attractive coverage on top of cancer treatment: Organ/Bone marrow transplant (receiver only). My budget is around RM200.

      One more thing, I am currently covered by company insurance. However, I would like to consider taking up a deductible medical insurance as well. Which would you recommend? I am 32 years old, female, non-smoker.

      Lastly, do you have any idea on the company reputation or customer service rating? This is utmost important because regardless how comprehensive and cheap is one plan, if the service is not up to standard, after all, you gain ZERO benefit from that insurance company.

      • CF Lieu

        Chen, we replied to your questions just now. Please check your email.

    • Jessie

      Hi. Very interested in the lonpac smart medi 2.0 medical card. Please email me. Thanks

    • cany

      I’m looking for a medi card for my hubby. He is aged 39, non-smoker, obesity. No any medi card previously.
      Any plans recommended? And also premium too.

      • CF Lieu

        Cany, have already emailed you.

        • Tira

          Hi i’m looking for the best medical card for my boyfriend and i. He is 24, a smoker, no medical coverage by the company he works for, and a rider. I am 22, a student, non smoker, no medical coverage, and i drive too. Our budget is around <=100. May i know which one is the best one ?

    • Jaya

      Hi looking for medical card policy for my hubby 50years, me 43 and my 2 kids 14 and 9years. Kids with Education benefits, medical card which covers outpatient fee too.

      • CF Lieu

        Jaya, have already emailed you.

    • Noni

      Hello ChingFoo,

      My husband is applying for MM2H and expected that the result will be out soon. I am therefore looking for the most appropriate health insurance for my family of four (my husband and I are above 55 years old, and we have two teenagers). Our situation and criteria of selection for coverage are somewhat similar to Imrana. I am interested in getting your advice, please. Grateful if you could send it to my private email.

      Btw, we are still covered under company health insurance (a Swiss insurance company), but the coverage will end in a couple of weeks. Would transferring the coverage to another health insurance be beneficial? If so, how?

      As we travel overseas frequently, do you think it would be better to consider an international health coverage? Or a local one is sufficient?

      Thank you in advance for your time and reply.

      • CF Lieu

        Noni, just sent you a direct email. Please check. Thanks

    • Lavina

      whoah this weblog is great i like reading your articles.
      Stay uup the great work! You understand, lots of individuals are searching round for this information, you could aid
      them greatly.

      • CF Lieu

        Thank you for your kinds words Lavina.

    • Sharely

      Hi CF,

      If I want to buy a medical card for my son who only 22 months with additional education fund together, Is there any recommendation insurance company provided this kind of insurance? Any suggestion from you? Thank you very much for your advice in advance.


      • ChingFoo Lieu

        Sharely, every insurance company provides this type of plan. The question is – which one is the best for you, fitting your requirements and budget?

        • Sharely

          CF, thanks for your replies. I got solutions for this. One more question, if I plan to buy another 500k life insurance under my husband name, but he refuse to buy it as he already have a medical card with 100k life link, disability care 100k, critical care 100k,accident shield 100k,disability cash 10k, medbooster plan 150 and waiver extra. Do you suggest me to buy that 500k life insurance if he is not around anymore? That 100k enough for future use? FYI – we have 1 kid currently and AL is 1,000,000 with unlimited LL. Thanks for your reply.

          • ChingFoo Lieu

            Do you need 500k to settle debts under your husband name if he dies? I think you are confusing yourself with the purpose of life insurance and medical insurance.

            • Sharely

              Don’t need actually. Yeah, I have a little bit confusing about both insurance, are you might to brief clearly?

            • CF Lieu

              Hi Sharely, please proceed to http://askcf.com/compare-quotes/ thanks

    • Imrana

      Hello Mr. Lieu,

      I am a foreigner and recently obtained MM2H, hence will be living in Malaysia now. This means I need a health insurance and prefer a standalone (not rider nor deductible). Would you have a comparative table as shown above on riders but for standalones ? I am 50 years old and need to apply for an insurance for myself, wife and daughter. At 55 a rider is not so interesting anymore as premiums are quite high already.
      I have looked into several insurance plans from different companies, and realize each have different pros & cons.
      In the end, I have a selected Standalone and non deductible Lonpac Medisecure Centurial Plan 8, but I would like to see if you would have a better suggestion please.

      – Type : STANDALONE
      – Cover up to age : 90 or higher
      – Daily room & board rate RM : 300 or higher
      – Daily cash allowance in private or public hospitals RM : 200
      – Death & TPD amount (RM) : 20,000 or higher.
      – Lifetime limit : None
      – Annual limit per disability : None preferably
      – Annual limit RM : 200,000 or higher
      – Free annual health screen tests : Is a plus.
      – Renewal terms : Guaranteed renewal unconditional
      – Max R&B/ICU intensive care unit Days per year or Days per disability : None preferably (as charged but within annual limit is fine)
      – Intensive care / Ambulance Fee / Surgeon fees / Anesthetists fees : As charged
      – Pre & Post Hospitalization days per year : 60/60 or higher
      – Co insurance : No
      – Co payment for room & board : No or less possible
      – Outpatient cancer treatment & Outpatient kidney dialysis : As charged but within annual limit is fine, separate package for these welcome.
      – Outpatient stroke RM : Seems quite uncommon so open to suggestions
      – Outpatient dengue treatment RM : As charged but within annual limit.
      – Outpatient alternative treatment RM : As charged but within annual limit.
      – Outpatient co insurance Home Nursing Care
      – No claim in the year (discount) : 10% or more every 3 years sounds good -OR- 15% cash back on premium is even better.
      – Cashless : Yes
      – Coverage extend to : WORLDWIDE for 90 days in case of accident or sudden serious illness and based reasonable & customary prices
      – WATING PERIOD : Immediate if accident, else 1 month (excluding specified illness = 4 months)
      – DENTAL & EYES covered : Yes in case of accident
      – FUNERAL EXPENSES RM : 3,000 or higher
      – Discounts for family (spouse, children) RM : -200 spouse or higher & -50 per child or higher
      – ANNUAL PREMIUM (RM) FOR 1 HEAD next birthday 51 years old Male RM : 2,078 or less
      – Annual premium FAMILY (DAD 51 MOM 52 + 1 CHILD 12 YEARS) RM : 4,947 or less
      Projection 20 years :
      – Standalone Annual premium FAMILY (based on current price list & excluding inflation) : DAD 61, MOM 62, CHILD 22 RM : 8,570 or less
      – Annual premium FAMILY PARENTS ONLY AT 71 & 72 YEARS OLD RM (based on current price list & excluding inflation) : 13,048 or less

      Let me know if you have something more interesting so I can proceed with official request.

      Also I was wondering if it is compulsory to apply via an agent or if one can apply directly and get a cheaper rate, since agents represents a cost of 15% on the premium just to fill in a few papers.
      Perhaps however a good agent serves you well afterwards when you get sick (?). Please advise.

      Finally I have been benefitting from a corporate life insurance with AIG for the past 15 years (abroad). Does it serve me in any way to be able to show a certificate at this point, now that I have left the company and the coverage has ceased ?


      • ChingFoo Lieu

        Hi Imrana, you just broke the record for the longest comment in this post. So congratulations! 🙂

        Anyway, when it comes to insurance, the reason the premium is cheap must be due to certain reasons. This is actuarial science, so we can’t really beat actuarists. When you think you get a better end of the deal, think again and you will realize you miss something.

        In your case, the annual limit of 200k is way too low compared to current market standard.
        A decent medical insurance would have anything close 1 mil annual limit.

        Secondly, standalone medical card is cheap…at the start. It’s premium rate increases every 5 years age band. I look at Plan 8 of the plan you mentioned, and do you realize you’d have paid a total of RM 144k until age 80?

        At your age, Male 51 years old, a typical rider type medical card would costs 4,500 to 5,000 per year. Let’s just take a median number – 4,800. Yes, it is 2.5x higher than a standalone medical card now but remember the premium for a rider medical card, if designed properly, will stay flat throughout the next 30 years.

        Basic maths = 4800 x 30 years = 144k. This worked out about the same total premium paid compared to standalone.

        That’s the power of actuarial science. See what I mean?

        The question now is, when you are at age 76, will it feel painful to pay 4800/year or 8,548/year? The answer is obvious.

        The only time a standalone medical card make sense and worth it is that when you are

      • Young, lack of budget but will upgrade when your income improves (not applicable to you)
      • You only expect to live for a short number of years before kicking the bucket
      • You expect to be in Malaysia for a short number of years before moving back to your home country or another country
  • Imrana

    Hi ChingFoo,
    Sorry for my previous loooong message 🙂
    And thanks for your detailed reply.
    Now here are a few facts based on pure maths / financials …
    I agree a rider is not “wasted” money in the sense that part of it remains available to the susbcriber (to be cashed out or used for premiums payment), and also the premium amount remains the same in time and is not/less subject to inflation or insurer premiums revision every 5 years or so.
    However my budget is 5 to 6,000 RM and if I count a family budget (myself 51 + wife 52 and daughter 12) I could simply NOT find a decent rider on the market for less then 12K per year. Standalone lonpac walk-in (no agent) premium cost for all 3 is 5,295.
    So here are the maths …
    1) 12K x 30 years = 360K.
    2) Standalone using age range premium table x 30 years = 325K. Adding 10% inflation/revision (probably conservative) means 356K.
    In the meantime I am able to save and put aside 5 to 7K per year.
    My standalone premium will only reach the 12K rider premium level in approx 18 years.
    400 R&B per day is decent and my concern is indeed the annual limit as 260K in 9 years might not be enough.
    So bottom line … if you do have a rider for family ages 51/52/12 at 5 to 7K max please let me know. I need to subscribe immediately for my MM2H.

    • ChingFoo Lieu

      Imrana, please check a private message sent to your gmail, in reply to your requests. Thanks

    • francis

      I cant get it that the advisor is advising to pay 4800 every year. And then question whether it is painful to pay 4800 or 8548 at age 76. At age 76 probably the person could be already dead years ago, and would not have paid as much as the sum total of 4800 annually. Also, the balance of 4800 and whatever lower value that is paid at age 50s can accumulate FD interest at the bank. What a advice

  • Kumar al suparmany

    Tolonng ck insuran untok i bulan berapa 8.1.1981

  • Ainie

    when we get retired, most of the company will not cover the medical card for us anymore. From there on, which medical card is the best suit for retiree?

    • ChingFoo Lieu

      Well Ainie, the best suited medical card for retiree is the one which fits your budget. Start with an allocated budget and then source for the best ones which fits into your budget here >

    • http://askcf.com/compare-quotes/
  • May Thong

    Hi Ching Foo,

    I am looking for cheaper and good coverage for my family.
    My husband (aged 40) have been paying Prudential for the following :-

    Plan 1 Prulink
    RM 333 monthly covers RM 150,000 Life and RM 150,000 36 illness. RM100,000 accident.
    Room is RM 200,
    RM 75,000 annual medical
    RM 750,000 lifetime limit up to 75 yeas

    Plan 2 Prulink Million
    RM 690 monthly covers Rm500,000 life, RM500,000 36 illness

    Plan 3 Prulink One
    RM 292 covers life RM400,000

    Is there any other products that offers lower premium but higher coverage similar to the current 3 plans??