Why high-flyers and professionals chose to engage CF Lieu when there are other choices out there

Real people, real stories…and a Taste of Tailored-to-your-Needs, Independent Advisory

I’ve had the extreme pleasure of working with an amazing group of clients since 2011.

While every client has a unique personality and story, the people we work with also tend to have very strong similarities.

Here’s a look at the typical clients we are currently servicing:

  • Our clients are married with kids, in their late 30’s until late 50’s.
  • Our clients consider themselves to be “conservative”. That means they are much more inclined to protect what they have while generating a decent enough return to live off of without having to take an extra amount of risk.
  • Our clients are busy professionals in their industry, may work overseas or constantly travelling, and hence like the flexibility of being able to work with us remotely – via email/Whatsapp/video conferencing
  • Our clients do not watch all day, every day, and let daily swings in the market affect their long term financial plan.
  • Our clients realize that there is more to life than money. They take pride in spending time with their families, feeling more fulfilled & purposeful in what they are doing, and living each day to the fullest.

In case that isn’t clear, here’s a typical profile of what our clients do not look like:

  • Our clients do not call us wanting to buy some penny stock that their co-worker told them about over lunch.
  • Our clients do not consider market news to be sound financial advice.
  • Our clients do not let one bad day in the market derail them from their long term financial goals.


My best clients from all over Malaysia stepped up to vouch for the value and clarity of my fee-based advisory to them.

Ready to achieve the same like them?

“You can’t go back and change the beginning, but you can start where you are and change the ending”

Client’s Testimonials

I liked your approach of advising without financial jargons, just plain english, something I can relate.” “Fees are affordable, and most importantly, from neutral perspective.” “From medical perspective, you are prescribing medicine that you are actually eating.

Dr Hans Lim, 34 (Penang) Married with 2 children, General Practitioner

I really appreciate Ching Foo – he is very detailed – Always gives a lot of thoughts to me, always trigger my thinking so we can make the advisory more comprehensive…I really think he stands from Customer Standpoint

Hong, Ling Seng, 43 (Penang), Married with 2 children 
Senior Engineering Director @ a Multinational company

After your advice, I know what I should do…and know whether I am on the right path towards my goals or not

Captain Sum Wei-Lymm, 26 (Penang), Commercial Pilot

Valuable – Empathetic – Feels like talking to a friend

Reading Tony Robbins book – Money-Master the Game led me to seeking out an independent, fiduciary adviser. That’s how I came about engaging Lieu without any external referral or recommendation.

After an intense 3 months engagement period, Lieu had helped me to demystify a lot of intertwined things at the moment when my business and personal life started to take off.

Things I thought were extremely complicated but he managed to break them down into very simple, bite-size chunks which I could truly understand.

What I really appreciate about Lieu is that he effortlessly combines the logical and emotional aspect of managing money & investing when it comes to the How’s and Why’s

He deftly uses great analogies, and at the end of my 1on1 advisory sessions with him, I feel I derived a lot more value than what I initially expected.

Not to mention, Lieu possesses high level of empathy that made me felt understood – my needs, wants, objectives and situation.

The personalized coaching-consulting approach really worked well for me and I felt like I’m talking to a friend.

I’d recommend Lieu for independent advisory if you want your expectations to be exceeded.

Paul Yung, CEO at PM International Malaysia
Biz owner (Fitline Malaysia), Malaysia’s Top 100 Most Influential Young Entrepreneur 2017

Clarity – Confidence – Conviction – Relatable

The entire course of CF Lieu’s advisory sessions had been a quantum leap for me in having much higher clarity on my financial standings. I can now focus on the matters that truly move the needle and actions which are really aligned to my financial goals.

With clarity, I feel more confident in how much I can spend, how much I can leverage safely still…while still keeping the end goals in mind instead of keep running in circles.

Equipped with higher confidence going forward, I now have more conviction to commit & execute the strategies you recommended. The roadmapping process has revealed to me that I can still have a sustainable retirement portfolio in place 40-years from now without compromising current lifestyle.

I like the fact that CF Lieu is truly relatable as an adviser – you didn’t use any alienating jargons or complex explanations. Yet, you still able to get your point across in a practical & deft manner.

The Exploration and Reflection coaching process was another thing I appreciate much. Never once did I feel cornered throughout our engagement process. In more ways than one, Lieu helped me discovered and surfaced the answers to a web of inter-related questions I had ~ answers which I probably already have within myself but weren’t obvious before. 

Ms Azian Ahmad (Kuala Lumpur)
Biz owner & former regional Head of Human Resource Operations , Shell Business Operations

The advisory sessions are conducted in no rush have been extremely helpful and have clarified a huge amounts of points which I wasn’t aware prior.

I now feel much better equipped to make the right decision being guided step by step by CF Lieu.

Of course the decision will be entirely mine but having the expertise of an expert from Malaysia who clearly understand the law, the rules , the practices if extremely valuable.

See Pierre Case Study Here

Pierre Perusset, General Manager – The Ritz-Carlton Hong Kong

Lieu is obviously an expert in this area.

He was quick in offering answers & alternatives to the various questions & issues I raised.

An eye opener as I was pleasantly surprised with a lot of new insights Lieu shared with me.

(testimonial given in CF Lieu LinkedIn)

Tan Sun Yau, CFO, IBM Malaysia (1978 – 2007)

I’ve been engaging CF Lieu for the past couple of months and have so far had 3 sessions with him. I found CF possesses strong financial knowledge to give sound advice. Often people including myself will ask: “Is such financial service worth the money spent? Or are they just too expensive and a waste of money?”

My experience with CF has assured me that it is penny well spent.

Why? The answer is simple.

My realization is that if I pay CF Lieu RM1,000 today, his advice is able to help me invest smarter to gain RM10,000 in the near future. If I pay CF another RM1,000, his advice is able to help me avoid pitfalls that could cause me to lose RM100,000 one day through foolish investment and greed.

Sometimes CF tells me things that I already know. But…there’s a big BUT here…There is a big difference between knowing something and doing something about it. So when advice comes from a credible Financial Advisor like CF, it significantly reinforces my earlier beliefs and more importantly, makes me ACT on doing the right thing.

I found CF has been a rather independent financial advisor. Impartial in his advice.

Most financial planner’s interest will be to get as much of your life long savings to invest with them. Or to show you maximum returns of your investment so you continue to invest more with them.

So far I appreciate CF’s careful approach and advice. He is able to balance risk vs returns for varying risk profiles of his clients. In this investment game, one can be so blinded with quick high returns, and lose 50% the next day. CF is able to instill the right discipline and advice so that we can still be a prudent and safe long term investor. Thanks for your wisdom and for continuously making a positive difference in people’s financial life!

Khoo Choo Beng, General Manager (Business Excellence) – Sarawak Shell

I’d vouch for him (CF Lieu) if you are looking for independent financial advisory.

As any mid-forty years old would tell you, I am in a similar situation where I need to consolidate and get my financial matters in order as retirement nears.

I have my own set of estimated figures, but I need a 2nd set of eyes to give me 2nd opinions if I overlooked anything.

As a ‘virgin’ in engaging an independent adviser, I was naturally skeptical back in 2014 when I first approached Lieu. But I jumped in anyway, so to speak, and Lieu was able to meet what I’ve expected from him.

I am not a person who easily sing people praises, but Lieu did deliver his stuff in terms of giving objective advice in the areas I was searching answers for.

It’s been years since I am his client and I’d vouch for him if you are looking for independent financial advisory.

Nharong Somchit, General Manager at Cargill Tropical Palm

Certainly recommend him (CF Lieu) to busy professionals who need independent and sound financial planning advice

Although my husband and I are trained in finance, we have been very busy with work and caring for our young children in recent years, therefore we engaged Lieu to handle our investment portfolio.

Lieu has been professional, knowledgeable, efficient and reliable. We like that we can communicate effectively over online meetings, saving even more time for our family.

I have also engaged him to compare medical insurance options in Malaysia. The information he gathered is objective, insightful and detailed.

I would certainly recommend him to busy professionals who need independent and sound financial planning advice.

Mrs. Carol Teoh (Singapore and Kuala Lumpur)
An educator who was previously a Chartered Financial Consultant in Singapore

Initially when we engaged a Lieu, we expected him to go like- “do this, don’t do that” or tell us – “this is what you must do to achieve this milestones and that goals that we want”.

What we experienced is different. Here’s why.

Lieu did not dictate what we should or should not do.

Instead, he educated & empowered us to make financial decisions on our own term going forward, taking his advice only if it make sense or aligned to our goals at the time we need to make the decisions.

In retrospect, we ended up appreciating such approach more because that means we will not be crippled by his advice or recommendations.

That being said, when it comes to the technicality of finances, Lieu had demystified the complexities in our personal financial situation, plus and gave us such insightful perspectives so we could see the bigger picture. It’s not only about the How’s, but the Why’s as well, minus the jargons. Light at the end of the tunnel, as they say.

Further, he assisted us to uncover some issues we overlooked, then provided actionable solution to the issues via relatable real life examples.

The beauty of the many conversations throughout the 1on1 sessions? They were very fluid and interactive, yet concise and straight to the point.

Rajiv Rai & Kulvinder Kaur
Digital Marketing Specialist & O & G Compliance Manager, KL

I’d vouch for CF Lieu’s client-centric-ness and independent approach to advisory.

After 1on1 sessions with him, we are happy to say that, despite being an experienced business persons for 30+ years, CF Lieu has helped us understand the right approach to sustainable long term investing, which is different from the approach to running a business.

They say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, so we had reservations when we first approached CF Lieu for investment advisory. My wife and I gave him the benefit of the doubt without much expectations.

We like the way he explained the focus on capital preservation and cash flow investing; that is a breath of fresh air compared to what we’ve encountered over the years.

Truly, myself and wife know bits & pieces on investing here and there, but it’s not until we gone thru more than 10 hours of 1on1 session with him that we are able connect the dots and form a clearer picture on how to manage our retirement investing going forward.

Mr & Mrs Lo (60+) Retired businessman/woman, Penang

Money is not just numbers. Our relationship with money is emotional, and in today’s information age, it can feel directionless. With the abundance of information available today, it was difficult for us to distinguish the noise from what truly matters, and to know the best approach to saving and investing early; our 1-on-1 consultations with CF Lieu offered us exactly that.

Lieu is knowledgeable and articulate; he is non-judgmental yet honest.

He taught us our financial options as young professionals, how to evaluate our options, how to set goals, and how to execute our plans in ways that align with our values.

And in order to effectively offer his expert perspectives that helped us reframe our relationship with money, Lieu put in the effort to truly get to know us as people. Never once did he make us feel inadequate about what we did or what we did not yet know.

Combined with his friendliness and fun analogies, we highly recommend Lieu to anyone—regardless of age—who is looking for a trustworthy financial advisor.

Lydia Cheah, 23 (Selangor), Software Engineer

I feel Lieu truly listens intently to a client’s pain points and objective, before dispensing neutral advice, opinions and insights.

Truly a genuine advisor not a salesman.

You appear to be blunt and direct in your YouTube personality, but 1on1 sessions with you made me felt the warmth of a friend who put things in perspective in my best interest, not to mention made me feeling enlightened.

Really worth the advisory fees; in fact, I am actively encouraging my family members to engage Lieu for their own financial/retirement planning.

John Ng Yee Meng, 56 (Selangor), Retired Insurance Professional

Lieu was able to understand what I want and articulate them better than I can – then solved them

Lieu has given me a level of clarify I’ve never thought possible for my insurance policies – but most importantly, his 1on1 advisory helped me to significantly reduce my financial commitment so that I can focus on what that really matters to achieve my early ‘retirement’ and self-sufficiency goal.

I was skeptical at first, but by the end of the five 1on1 sessions with him, I was delighted – it simply exceeded my expectations.

Nazneem Hashim, 29 (KL/Labuan), First female helicopter pilot in Malaysia

Lieu took the effort to put himself into my shoes, truly showed me the light at the end of the tunnel to improve my current financial standing. He was bold in setting the right expectation upfront without any sleazy sales pitch.

I’ve always been self taught and self-read when it comes to managing my personal finances, so before I engaged CF Lieu…I’ve never use the services of a financial adviser before…I don’t even know anyone who had.

Naturally, I was skeptical and are concerned about if I’m gonna get scammed or I’ll be getting shallow advice which I already knew know about.

However, after spending more than 12+ hours of advisory session with CF, I can say I really appreciate his practical, honest and empathetic approach.

At the end of my advisory session with CF, I gain higher confidence and peace of mind. I now have improved clarity to further capitalize on the things that I’ve done right so far, and also the exact actionable strategies I could implement to do maximize my early retirement goals moving forward.

Iris De Souza, Advertising Exec, Business Communication, KL

The only regret I have when I engaging CF Lieu is NOT seeking his advice earlier pertaining to my family insurance matters.

Lieu has delivered precisely the the answers I am seeking to solve the insurance issues I had for more than 1 year, which I can’t seem to get straight answers from insurance agents.

The advisory sessions had been exceedingly useful in clearing all my doubts on the nitty-gritty stuff and showed me the exact approach to pay less while getting increase coverage.

I am satisfied and extremely thankful to Lieu – the advisory fees is indeed well spent.

Dr Nik Marzuki Bin Mohammad
Anesthesiologist, KPJ Klang Specialist Hospital

Achieved 3x hard savings for my personal & business finances

I appreciate Lieu’s down-to-earth and casual approach. He did tax planning, insurance advisory and retirement roadmapping for me. I can say, I easily achieved 3x hard savings and ROI (return on investment) by engaging him 1 on 1 – that’s just in the first year!

Brandon Loh (36), Independent Film Director, KL

Injected much clarity to my post-retirement financial plan!

I have followed CF’s valuable sharing in this blog since its early days. But it was not until I engaged him 1-to-1 as my “retirement adviser” that I could really see the value of independent advice he could deliver.
I consider myself financially savvy and comfortably retired than most – yet I think I need a lil’ help from an independent adviser who could advise me from different angles to manage my retirement nest egg – so like they say – I don’t run out of money before running out of life!
CF injected much clarity in helping me with this area with his patience and dedication. I have no qualms in recommending CF to my relatives and friends who need independent financial advisory.

Kuldip Singh, 60 (Melaka) Retired, Ex Senior Manager at multiple MNCs

kuldip wasap testimonial

Showed us what true fee-based financial planning is about

The immediate positive outcome from it – we thought we had a conventional non-transferable MLTA for our first KL property purchase but then we discovered it is actually a personal investment-linked policy. The banker from which we took the mortgage was supposed to send us the insurance policy, but didn’t – until we asked.
We probably saved RM 4,000 to RM 5,000 insurance premiums a year from needlessly buying another insurance policy when we bought a second property in JB – if we were to not know this until CF highlighted it to us. Throughout our engagement, CF patiently answered even the most unintelligent questions from us without contempt.
And a very refreshing non-product pushing consultative approach, to say the least!
For example, he respected our decision focus on investing in property for now, although we are made aware by CF that our portfolio should consist of diversified liquid assets as well. A licensed financial adviser we would highly recommend to people not from the finance sector but trying to set their finances straight

See Sam & Stephanie Case Study Here

Samuel Wong, 31 & Dr Stephanie Tan, 27 (Johor Bahru)
Business Owner & Dental Surgeon

Was skeptical, but realized the approach fits me perfectly

Lieu gave me the most detailed analysis I could ever expect from a financial adviser on why I should restructure my existing insurance policies. As many parents out there, I probably know I am under-insured, but not sure how much and how I could cover this coverage shortfall without incurring additional policy premium costs. Lieu showed me how this could be done, and we subsequently executed the strategy.

Lieu also optimize my loan repayments which I overlooked. If left unattended, I was made to realize that this could indirectly lead to my paying excessive interests to my financiers unnecessarily. Another positively impactful improvement to wrap up year 2015.

Last but not least, Lieu laid down a reasonably probable retirement and child education roadmap for us – the level of detail put into this is incredible. This serves as a compass for me and wife on how to how to manage internal and external factors affecting our retirement plan in the next 10 years.

Francis Ong (44) Manager, Honeywell Penang

Worth the professional fees, easy to work with

Working with CF has really been a breath of fresh air. He has been most professional and efficient in all their services rendered. The advisory approach by CF was structured and no fluff– he simplified it without missing the important points, yet not too much information to digest for a non-financial background person. CF is really easy to work with and is prepared to give me + my wife time to discuss ideas, address concerns and solve problems. I can safely say we have never experienced such comprehensive, integrated advisory approach, and we’ve since set our standards high.

See John Paul Case Study Here

John Paul Wang SS, 33 (Kulim, Kedah) Operations Manager, Intel

Clarity and Results

The most useful part of the advisory process was that on how you educate me on optimizing my spending on maximizing coverage at the lowest cost. Saved more than RM 6,000 a year for the next 17 years, and that’s not taking into account investing this amount and compounded annually. I like the common sense you advice on things and the details of it – even though I tend to forget but I still like the details you explained because I am a detailed person.

See Saiful Case Study Here

Saiful Amry Mahat, 39 (KL) Head of HR Services, APAC at Givaudan

CF Lieu helped me to conduct a thorough tax planning for my private practice and investment portfolio. He came to me at the right timing of my career and, in turn I engaged him for fees-based advisory. I never would have thought a CFP can do advanced company & property tax planning, so I really credit CF for a a fee-based advisory nicely done – giving me and my wife much clarity on the overall big picture.

The approach

CF gave me ample of time to clear my doubts, me being not coming from financial background, albeit being an analytical person. The process is like this – After coming out with the first drafts of the tax planning advisory reports, which CF will send to me to digest, then we will have discussions to clarify/fine-tune/amend the sections where required. The response time is good; CF is contactable and the follow-ups meet my expectation.


The advisory fees are not cheap – that’s what I feel when we started. However, I’d say it is certainly affordable. Only after I experienced the approach CF delivered the end result, I can vouch it is certainly worth the professional fees. Evidently, there are aspects in my investment properties portfolio which needs to be fined-tuned. Without going into details, these “fine-tunes” saves me money in the long run which is way more than the fees charged. Also, cost savings tips and tricks I’d would not have known if I didn’t go thru the advisory process. I can vouch for CF in delivering quality advisory work to clients.

Dr Thinakaran Malapan, 40 (Ipoh), married with 2 children
Gynecologist with Tropicana Medical Center

For the longest time, I haven’t been able to get straight answers from the many financial intermediaries there, plus, sometimes, my husband and I don’t even know the right questions to ask.

Lieu had been a great help in answering a lot of the overwhelming financial questions in our mind which keeps us from making decisive conclusions on many financial moves we want to make. He listens intently and at times, were able to anticipate what we want to ask before we actually ask it.

We appreciate his lively approach in advisory which not only delivers actionable steps to follow, but also keep us focused through and through.

It has been a great experience for us engaging him and we’d recommend him highly.

Jennie Chin Pui Ling, Kajang, Selangor
Completion Project Engineer at Schlumberger

I engaged Lieu all the way from Singapore at the moment where I was almost blindsided by an insurance agent. Lieu’s advice has ‘saved’ me in the nick of time for me to fix the matter I overlooked.

As an analytical professional lacking time and practical exposure in the many aspect of personal finance, I often times feel I can’t connect the dots. However, Lieu’s process-oriented advisory approach has given me utmost clarity I need to untangle a web of complication, giving me the confidence to move forward with actionable strategy.

Also, I actually casually ‘verified’ his recommendations with the Finance director friend and he concurred that Lieu’s advice does make sense and hold water.

It has been a great experience for me engaging him and I’d vouch for his client-centric approach.

Joe Koon, 36 (Malaysian)
Front Line Leader (Team Manager) at Abbott Singapore

The delivery of the 1on1 investment advisory I had with Lieu is easy enough to understand. I am able to immediately take the understanding and apply it to whatever situation I am faced with. I don’t look at investment the same way before anymore. I have much higher clarity on why certain things occur in the investing landscape, relate it back to my personal circumstances before making informed decisions.

Carolyn Foo – Chief of Staff, Asia Pacific at Paypal

CF Lieu has been instrumental in structuring a workable children education funding roadmap for my 2 toddlers.

I need to strike a balance between sufficient financial protection during my most productive years without overpaying for insurance, while reasonably save + invest towards the goal of funding kids education fees with high certainty.

…achieve all of the above without negatively affect lifestyle me & husband enjoy (we like to travel as a family)

The approach I experienced has been client-centric & transparent – aligned my budget and requirements. Am now more aware of the real financial planning – it’s process-oriented, not product focused.

Also, the 1on1 sessions had been crucial in saving me tens of thousands effortlessly, in the next 10-20 years.

Leong Ying Xuan – Staff Engineer, RF Regulatory Affairs at WSAudiology Singapore

I achieved mid 4 figures annual hard monetary savings when following Lieu’s advice when I engaged him to restructure my insurance policies as I was planning for retirement. Consultation fee well worth it.

Thiarajan Sankaramoorthy, Kajang – Assistant Manager, AEON Stores

Lieu’s financial coaching approach helped me rethink & instill that elusive sense of progress, direction and achievement in my personal finances. 

He has also helped me tremendously in my business tax planning going forward, which I reckon, without his actionable advice, I don’t think I’d be able to sort things out in 10 years.

Very worthwhile investment in advisory fees compared to the value and clarity I have gotten out from the intensive 1on1 sessions.

Suriaddiin, KL – Motion Graphic Designer, Mindvalley

Problem faced: An insurance policy that was unfairly imposed with both loading and exclusion (due to a recovered medical condition)

Solved: CF helped me to strategize a new insurance application that eventually got approved without any loading (premium penalty) or exclusion.

My response below says it all:

Ryan Yeap (Penang) Project Manager III at Smith & Nephew

This is CRAZY! I won’t be able to understand [investment articles] before I attend your 1on1 (consultation) session.

Kenny Koh SS (Johor Bahru) Owner-Director, Kensington Strata Management

Very good, relevant & enjoyable! Gave me Idea yang Bernas…you are like the Douglas Lim in financial sector

ADI NORAZWAN (Melaka) Penolong Pengarah Ukur (Seksyen Ukuran Hakmilik Tanah), Jabatan Ukur & Pemetaan Malaysia