Who cares about 'personal finance' anyway?

Isn't it true, you just want to:

-Not worry about money

-Be in control of your money

-Outdo your peers

-NOT wait 20 years to see result

-Get actionable information for your personal situation

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"CF's holistic wealth management knowledge is insane. If you want BOTH the technicality of finance plus the MINDSET to money, you need to read his stuff – he’s the Unicorn among a sea of donkey financial planners"

"Enlightening. Blunt. Direct. Life-Changing!"

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"Mind blown. This is NOT knowledge, this is Transformation"

"Crushed my limiting beliefs, then rebuilt it from ground up!"

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Step 4: Get to know me: My work & credibility

Who is this guy?

CF Lieu is a licensed, independent financial adviser (IFA) who:

  • could be the worst sales person in the financial industry
  • because he can't do any sales talks or pushy sales pitches
  • but instead, only knows how to talk facts, data and figures with you

Which is why he does things differently from his peers, see below:

CPE Workshops for Fund Management Companies

example: Permodalan Nasional Bhd

CE Workshops for Financial Institutions

example: Maybank

CPE Workshops for Investment Banks

example: RHB Investment Bank

Top in Malaysia - Certified Financial Planner (CFP)

Merit award (2013)

Interview by Focus Malaysia

Media appearance in business journals

Continuing Professional Education (CPE) course for financial associations (FPAM)

Topics: Retirement & investment, attended by staff from financial institutions

Seminar for professional accountancy associations (CPA Australia)

Topics: retirement management & SME business succession

But seriously, how is CF Lieu different?

"Going against the grain of the financial planning industry, my Independence Sets me apart from other so-called "Financial Planners"


I have a firmly rooted belief that financial advice should be given without bias or a desire to earn investment commissions and transaction fees. Advice should be advice—not sales.

I make my advice transparent, conflict-free and in your best interests at all times. I am dedicated to sitting on the same side of the table as you. Any fees you pay to are fees for advice—that is it. Unlike big “name brand” advisers or firms, I am not driven to generate profits for shareholders by selling proprietary solutions that generate the most revenue.

I advocate entirely for you. While many honest people work within the financial services industry, they work within a system that is set up in order for the house to win, not the clients. It’s not an evil system – just one created to grow the assets of corporations, not individual investors.

However, now there is an alternative – one that has been created to serve the investor without conflict. It is called an independent financial adviser (IFA). If there is one single step you can take today to solidify your financial position, it’s to align yourself with a credible & skilled IFA in Malaysia.

The fact is, everyone can call himself Financial Planner/Adviser nowadays, but only an IFA like CF Lieu, licensed by Securities Commission Malaysia can advise you in an impartial manner and be compensated professionally in the form of advisory fees.

"What financial planning is really about..."

  • Gain Clarity via Consolidated "Big Picture" Analysis
  • Make Smarter and Informed Financial Decisions
  • Evaluate the Cause & Effect of a Financial Decision on the Future
  • Catch & Fix Financial Leakages or Blind spots before they Snowball
  • Helps us Learn from the Past & Make a Difference in the Present

We Advise You on every areas in personal finances,  without any product pushing

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