This book will challenge what you thought you know about money & investing


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✔️”Enlightening. Blunt. Direct. Life-Changing!”

✔️​”Retirement planning on Steroids!”

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Frankly, nobody cares about ‘personal finance’ or ‘financial literacy’. You just want to:

✔️ Worry Less or not at all about money

✔️ Be in control of your finances

✔️ Outdo your peers financially

✔️ Get Actionable Knowledge for yourself

✔️ Not wait 20 years to see result

Now, how can we

I can't find enough time or expertise to plan for my finances

  • I want to Save Precious Time so I can focus on my job/biz
  • Show me how to Strike a Balance so I can fund my child education adequately with jeopardizing my retirement nest egg
  • Tell me whether what I’m currently doing is enough to Retire when I Want
  • Chart a probable Retirement Roadmap for me so I don’t run of money before running out of life
  • Put together a Sustainable Income Replacement Plan based on my lifestyle and preference
  • Advise me on the Cause and Effect of financial decisions I’m gonna make today
  • Help me Catch and Fix Financial Blind-spots before they snowball out of control
  • Put a Stop to Financial Leakages which compound over time and derail my finances
  • Guide me to Reduce Financial Mistakes by leveraging experience from people who’ve ‘been there, done that’

You're in such situation?

I need independent non biased second opinion from a professional

  • My investments are underperforming, what to do next?
  • I need to restructure my portfolio, what’s the better/best way?
  • Is what I have and am current doing good enough or can do better?
  • Am I ahead or behind than other people of my age and profile?
  • Am I over/under insured and/or overpaying for insurance?
  • Anything I overlooked on my own finances/planning?
  • How to best optimize my retrenchment benefit?
  • Is there any low-hanging fruit I am not aware of, to accelerate towards my financial goal?
  • Help me consolidate my assets and liabilities to achieve my financial life goals faster

You have these questions boggling your mind?

I'm stuck trying to get actionable financial advice

  • I want proper consultancy, not some sales talk or products pitches
  • I don’t understand financial jargons & how they relate to each other
  • I’m not able to make informed decisions due to information overload
  • I am confused, frustrated & overwhelmed with what’s out there
  • I don’t know where or how to start
  • I’m not good with numbers, ringgit and cents – help me!
  • I want to grow & optimize wealth with high certainty, ignoring external noises
  • How to best optimize return, with lowest risk in a volatile market?

Does this sound like what you're feeling?

Who is this guy​?

CF Lieu is a licensed, independent financial adviser (IFA)

  • Could be the worst sales person in the financial industry
  • Because he can’t do any sales talks or pushy sales pitches
  • But instead, only knows how to talk facts, data and figures with you

What Have to Say

CF Lieu's Credibility & Authority in Corporate Space


CPE Workshops for Fund Management Companies​

Example: Permodalan Nasional Bhd​


CE Workshops for Financial Institutions

Example: Maybank


CPE Workshops for Investment Banks

Example: RHB Investment Bank


Top in Malaysia - Certified Financial Planner (CFP)

Merit award (2013)


Interview by Focus Malaysia

Media appearance in business journals


Continuing Professional Education (CPE) course for financial associations (FPAM)

Topics: Retirement & investment, attended by staff from financial institutions


Seminar for professional accountancy associations (CPA Australia)

Topics: retirement management & SME business succession

Pro bono awareness talk

Multi national companies like Motorola Solutions Penang

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"You can't go back and change the beginning, but you can start where you are and change the ending"

What financial planning is really about?

  • Gain Clarity via Consolidated “Big Picture” Analysis
  • Make Smarter and Informed Financial Decisions
  • Evaluate the Cause & Effect of a Financial Decision on the Future
  • Catch & Fix Financial Leakages or Blind spots before they Snowball
  • Helps us Learn from the Past & Make a Difference in the Present

We advise you on every areas in personal finances, without any product pushing.

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