This Book Will Overturn What You Thought You Know About Money & Investing


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‘The No BS Guide to do what you’re good at, live the life you deserve & enjoy the freedom you desire’

Frankly, nobody cares about ‘Financial Literacy’. You just want to:

 ✔️ Worry Less about money

 ✔️ Be in Control of your finances

 ✔️ Outdo your Peers financially

 ✔️ Get Actionable Knowledge

 ✔️ Not Wait 20 years to see result

How Can We Help You?

Are any of your questions shown below?

I Cannot Find Enough Time Or Expertise to Plan for My Finances

  • I want to Save Precious Time so I can focus on my job/biz
  • Show me how to Strike a Balance so I can fund my child education adequately with jeopardizing my retirement nest egg
  • Tell me whether what I’m currently doing is enough to Retire when I Want
  • Help me chart a probable Retirement Roadmap for me so I don’t run of money before running out of life
  • Help me put together a Sustainable Income Replacement Plan based on my lifestyle and preference
  • Advise me on the Cause and Effect of financial decisions I’m gonna make today
  • Help me put a Stop to Financial Leakages which compound over time and derail my finances

I Need Independent Non Biased Second Opinion from a Professional

  • My investments are underperforming, what to do next?
  • I need to restructure my portfolio, what’s the better way?
  • Is what I have and am currently doing good enough?
  • Am I ahead or behind than other people of my age and profile?
  • Am I over/under insured and/or overpaying for insurance?
  • Anything I overlooked on my own finances/planning?
  • How to best optimize my retrenchment benefit?
  • Is there any low-hanging fruit I am not aware of, to accelerate towards my financial life goals?
  • Guide me to Reduce Financial Mistakes by leveraging experience from people who’ve ‘been there, done that’

I am Feeling Stuck Trying to Get Actionable Financial Advice & Knowledge

  • I want proper consultancy, not some sales talk or products pitches
  • I don’t understand financial jargons & how they relate to each other
  • I’m not able to make informed decisions due to information overload
  • I am confused, frustrated & overwhelmed with what’s out there
  • I don’t know how to start
  • I’m not good with numbers, ringgit and cents – help me!
  • I want to grow & optimize wealth with high certainty, ignoring external noises
  • How to best optimize return, with lowest risk in a volatile market?
  • Help me Catch and Fix Financial Blind-spots before they snowball out of control


CF Lieu is a licensed financial adviser (IFA)

  • Could be the worst ‘sales person’ in the financial industry
  • Because he can’t do any sales talks or pushy sales pitches
  • But instead, only knows how to talk facts & data with you


What 100+ Of Our 1on1 Clients Said

I like the fact that CF Lieu is truly relatable as an adviser – you didn’t use any alienating jargon or complex explanations. Yet, you still able to get your point across in a practical & deft manner

The Exploration and Reflection coaching process was another thing I appreciate much

Never once did I feel cornered throughout our engagement process. In more ways than one, Lieu helped me discovered and surfaced the answers to a web of inter-related questions I had ~ answers which I probably already have within myself but weren’t obvious before

Azian Ahmad (KL)

Biz owner & former regional Head of Human Resource Operations, Shell Business Operations MY

What I really appreciate about Lieu is that he effortlessly combines the logical & emotional aspect of managing money & investing when it comes to the How’s and Why’s

He deftly uses great analogies, and at the end of my 1on1 advisory sessions with him, I feel I derived a lot more value than what I initially expected.

Lieu possesses a high level of empathy that made me felt understood – my needs, wants, objectives and situation.

Paul Yung (KL)

Biz owner (Fitline Malaysia), Malaysia’s Top 100 Most Influential Young Entrepreneur 2017

For the longest time, I haven’t been able to get straight answers from the many financial intermediaries there.

Lieu had been a great help in answering a lot of the overwhelming financial questions in our mind which keeps us from taking decisive actions.

He listens intently and were able to anticipate what we want to ask before we actually ask it.

His lively approach in advisory not only delivers actionable steps to follow but also keeps us focused through and through.

Jennie Chin (Kajang)

Completion Project Engineer at Schlumberger


CF Lieu’s Credibility & Authority in Corporate Space

CPE Workshops for Fund Management Companies​

Fund houses like Permodalan Nasional Bhd​ (PNB)

CE Workshops for Financial Institutions

Banks like Maybank

CPE Workshops for Investment Banks

Example such as RHB Investment Bank


Financial Workshops for Malaysia Medical Association

CPE course for financial associations (FPAM)

Topics: Retirement & investment

Pro bono awareness talk

Multi national companies like Motorola Penang

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