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See if you are feeling one or more of the below?

I Cannot Find Enough Time Or Expertise to Manage my Finances

  • I want to Save Precious Time so I can focus on my job/biz
  • Show me how to Strike a Balance so I can fund my child education adequately without jeopardizing my retirement nest egg
  • Tell me whether what I’m currently doing is enough to Retire when I Want
  • Help me chart a probable Retirement Roadmap for me so I don’t run out of money before running out of life
  • Help me put together a Sustainable Income Replacement Plan based on my lifestyle and preference
  • Advise me on the Cause and Effect of financial decisions I’m going to make now
  • Help me Stop Financial Leakages that compound over time and derail my finances

I Need Independent Non Biased Second Opinion from a Professional

  • My investments are underperforming compared to the market, what to do next?
  • I need to restructure my portfolio, but how?
  • Is what I have and am currently doing good enough?
  • Am I ahead or behind other people of my age and profile?
  • Am I over/underinsured and/or overpaying for insurance?
  • How to best optimize my retrenchment benefit?
  • Is there any low-hanging fruit I am not aware of, to accelerate towards my financial life goals?
  • Guide me to Reduce Financial Mistakes by leveraging experience from people who’ve ‘been there, done that’

I Feel Stuck Trying to Get Actionable Financial Advice & Knowledge

  • I want proper consultancy, not some sales talk or products pitches
  • I don’t understand financial jargons & how they relate to each other
  • I’m not able to make informed decisions due to information overload
  • I am confused, frustrated & overwhelmed with what’s out there
  • I don’t know how to start investing
  • I’m not good with numbers, ringgit and cents – help me!
  • I want to grow & optimize wealth with high certainty, ignoring external noises
  • How to best optimize return, with the lowest risk in a volatile market?
  • Help me Catch and Fix Financial Blind-spots before they snowball out of control

Financial Advisory Framework Explained (how we address the matters above)

Step 1: Identify your Priorities & Scope of Advice

We need to speak to you to precisely pinpoint your pain point(s) & desired outcome(s) from the advisory you are seeking. This is the fact-finding stage where expectations are being set as we propose how we will conduct the advisory session(s) for you to address the matters you need to resolve.

Step 2: Gather Necessary Information from you

Depending on your scope of advice, this could be in the form of your current investment portfolio statements (investment advisory), details of your existing insurance policies (insurance restructuring advisory), income & spending and asset & liabilities (retirement road-mapping advisory) or tax filings & income statements (tax planning advisory for business owner).

Step 3: Audit & Analyze your Information

We review the information provided, crunch the numbers and do a comprehensive ‘situational analysis’ to correlate the root cause of the issue(s) you are seeing & feeling. We prepare recommendations by putting ourselves in your shoes.

Step 4: Recommend & Explain your Options

During the 1on1 advisory sessions, we explain our findings and go through with you the options you have to address the matters at hand. We advise you on the pros & cons of each options, at the same time getting your feedback to fine tune the solution(s) that is in your best interest.

Step 5: Make & Implement the Best Decision

We may carry out the recommendations or serve as your coach, coordinating the process with you and other professionals such as investment managers or accountants. We may also handle the interaction with solution providers.
Certain scopes of advisory can be a dynamic on-going process that requires continuous monitoring. When needed, we review the actions implemented periodically, to take into account of changes in income, asset values, business or family circumstances.

What Clients Said post 1on1 with CF Lieu Financial Advisor

Licensed Financial Advisor | Financial Planner Malaysia - CF Lieu CFP by CF Lieu - Certified Financial Planner Malaysia
Sunil Rajamony
Director, Accounting Shared Services APAC, Huntsman Corporation

Investing & Insurance

New perspectives and information that I never knew or considered, with direct and easy to understand explanations.

Lieu is very humble and respectful of client’s viewpoint despite him having a rich knowledge in the financial planning space!

Licensed Financial Advisor | Financial Planner Malaysia - CF Lieu CFP by CF Lieu - Certified Financial Planner Malaysia
Carolyn Foo
Chief of Staff, Asia Pacific at Paypal

Investment Strategy

I don’t look at investment the same way before anymore, having I have much higher clarity on why certain things occur in the investing landscape, relate it back to my personal circumstances before making informed decisions.

Licensed Financial Advisor | Financial Planner Malaysia - CF Lieu CFP by CF Lieu - Certified Financial Planner Malaysia
Kuldip Singh
Retired, Former Senior Manager at multiple Melaka MNCs

Retirement Sustainability

Injected much valuable clarity in my retirement nest egg management, with much patience and dedication.

I have no qualms in recommending CF to my relatives and friends who need independent financial advisory.

Licensed Financial Advisor | Financial Planner Malaysia - CF Lieu CFP by CF Lieu - Certified Financial Planner Malaysia
Azian Ahmad
Head Of Human Resources at Lazada
Biz owner & former regional Head of Human Resource Operations , Shell Business Operations

Retirement Sustainability

The road mapping process has shown me that I can still have a sustainable retirement portfolio in place 40-years from now without compromising current lifestyle.

You didn’t use any alienating jargons or complex explanations. Yet, you still able to get your point across.

In more ways than one, you helped me discovered and surfaced the answers to a web of inter-related questions I had ~ answers which I probably already have within myself but weren’t obvious before.

Licensed Financial Advisor | Financial Planner Malaysia - CF Lieu CFP by CF Lieu - Certified Financial Planner Malaysia
Paul Yung
CEO & Owner at PM International, Malaysia’s Top 100 Most Influential Young Entrepreneur 2017

Financial Advisory

Helped me to demystify a lot of intertwined things I thought were extremely complicated but he managed to break them down into very simple, bite-size, actionable chunks that I could truly understand.

What I really appreciate is that he effortlessly combines the logical and emotional aspect of managing money & investing. Lieu made me felt understood and I felt like I’m talking to a friend.

I’d highly recommend Lieu for unbiased advice if you want your expectations to be exceeded.

Licensed Financial Advisor | Financial Planner Malaysia - CF Lieu CFP by CF Lieu - Certified Financial Planner Malaysia
Khoo Choo Beng
General Manager (Business Excellence) – Sarawak Shell

Investment Strategy

There is a big difference between knowing something and doing something about it. So when impartial advice comes from a credible Financial Advisor like CF, it significantly reinforces my earlier beliefs and more importantly, makes me ACT on doing the right thing.

CF is able to instill the right discipline and advice so that we can still be a prudent and safe long term investor. Thanks for your wisdom and for continuously making a positive difference in people’s financial life!

CF Lieu | Malaysia's #1 Independent Certified Financial Advisor & Financial Planner

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