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Who is this guy?

CF Lieu is a licensed, independent financial adviser (IFA)

  • could be the worst sales person in the financial industry
  • because he can't do any sales talks or pushy sales pitches
  • but instead, only knows how to talk facts, data and figures with you

What 100+ of Our Clients Have to Say

  • Hong, Ling Seng, 45 (Penang) Hong, Ling Seng, 45 (Penang) Senior Engineering Director @ Abott Laboratories
    I really appreciate Ching Foo - he is very detailed ...Always gives a lot of thoughts to me, always trigger my thinking so we can make the advisory more comprehensive... I really think he stands from Customer Standpoint
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  • Dr Lim Wei Han, 36 (Penang) Dr Lim Wei Han, 36 (Penang) Owner/General Practitioner @ Clinic Permai Bukit Mertajam
    I liked your approach of advising without financial jargons, just plain English, something I can relate. Fees are affordable, and most importantly, from neutral perspective. From medical perspective, you are prescribing medicine that you are actually eating.
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  • Leong, Ying Xuan, 35 (Penang) Leong, Ying Xuan, 35 (Penang) Senior Engineer @ Motorola Solutions
    CF Lieu has been instrumental in structuring a workable children education funding roadmap for my 2 toddlers I need to strike a balance between sufficient financial protection during my most productive years without overpaying for insurance, while reasonably save + invest towards the goal of funding kids education fees with high certainty. …achieve all of the above without negatively affect lifestyle me & husband enjoy (we like to travel as a family)
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  • Mrs. Carol Teoh (Singapore and KL) Mrs. Carol Teoh (Singapore and KL) an educator who was previously a Chartered Financial Consultant in SG
    Lieu has been professional, knowledgeable, efficient and reliable. We like that we can communicate effectively over online meetings, saving even more time for our family. Although my husband and I are trained in finance, we have been very busy with work and caring for our young children in recent years, therefore we engaged Lieu to handle our investment portfolio.
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  • David Len (KL & Singapore) David Len (KL & Singapore) APAC IT Legal Senior Director, DHL
    CF Lieu helped me gained higher Clarity on my current financial position. Consequently, I am able to see various retirement scenarios and their tolerance levels - this enable me to better plan for my retirement. I am not a numbers person, so I really like your layman approach while getting the message across - you simplified things in a simple & easy to understand way.
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  • Nharong Somchit, 50 (KL) Nharong Somchit, 50 (KL) General Manager at a Multinational Plantation Company
    As a ‘virgin’ in engaging an independent adviser, I was naturally skeptical back in 2014 when I first approached Lieu. But I jumped in anyway, so to speak, and Lieu was able to meet what I’ve expected from him. I am not a person who easily sing people praises, but Lieu did deliver his stuff in terms of giving objective advice in the areas I was searching answers for.
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  • Brandon Loh, 38 (KL) Brandon Loh, 38 (KL) Independent Film Director
    I appreciate Lieu’s down-to-earth and casual approach. He did tax planning, insurance advisory and retirement roadmapping for me. I can say, I easily achieved 3x hard savings and ROI (return on investment) by engaging him 1 on 1 – that’s just in the first year!
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  • Kuldip Singh, 60+ (KL & Melaka) Kuldip Singh, 60+ (KL & Melaka) Retired, Ex Senior Manager at multiple MNCs
    I consider myself financially savvy and comfortably retired than most – yet I think I need a lil’ help from an independent adviser who could advise me from different angles to manage my retirement nest egg – so like they say – I don’t run out of money before running out of life! CF injected much clarity in helping me with this area with his patience and dedication. I have no qualms in recommending CF to my relatives and friends who need independent financial advisory
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  • Francis Ong, 40 (Penang) Francis Ong, 40 (Penang) Manager, Honeywell Aviation Avionics
    Lieu optimized my loan repayments which I overlooked. If left unattended, I was made to realize that this could indirectly lead to my paying excessive interests to my financiers unnecessarily. Also, Lieu laid down a reasonably probable retirement and child education roadmap for us – the level of detail put into this is incredible. This serves as a compass for me and wife on how to how to manage internal and external factors affecting our retirement plan in the next 10 years
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  • John Paul Wang SS, 36 (Penang) John Paul Wang SS, 36 (Penang) Operations Manager, Intel Microelectronics
    The advisory approach by CF was structured and no fluff– he simplified it without missing the important points, yet not too much information to digest for a non-financial background person. CF is really easy to work with and is prepared to give me + my wife time to discuss ideas, address concerns and solve problems. I can safely say we have never experienced such comprehensive, integrated advisory approach, and we’ve since set our standards high.
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  • Saiful Amry Mahat, 42 (KL) Saiful Amry Mahat, 42 (KL) Human Resource Manager @ Multinational Company
    The most useful part of the advisory process was that on how you educate me on optimizing my spending on maximizing coverage at the lowest cost. Saved more than RM 6,000 a year for the next 17 years, and that’s not taking into account investing this amount and compounded annually. I like the common sense you advice on things and the details of it – even though I tend to forget but I still like the details you explained because I am a detailed person.
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  • Mr & Mrs Lo (60+), Kulim, Kedah Mr & Mrs Lo (60+), Kulim, Kedah Retired businessman/woman
    After 1on1 sessions with him, we are happy to say that, despite being an experienced business persons for 30+ years, CF Lieu has helped us understand the right approach to sustainable long term investing, which is different from the approach to running a business. We like the way he explained the focus on capital preservation and cash flow investing; that is a breath of fresh air compared to what we’ve encountered over the years. Truly, myself and wife know bits & pieces on investing here and there, but it’s not until we gone thru more than 10 hours of 1on1 session with him that we are able connect the dots and form a clearer picture on how to manage our retirement investing going forward.
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  • Dr Thinakaran Malapan, 40 (Ipoh) Dr Thinakaran Malapan, 40 (Ipoh) Gynecologist with Tropicana Medical Center
    CF Lieu helped me to conduct a thorough tax planning for my private practice and investment portfolio. He came to me at the right timing of my career and, in turn I engaged him for fees-based advisory. I never would have thought a CFP can do advanced company & property tax planning, so I really credit CF for a a fee-based advisory nicely done – giving me and my wife much clarity on the overall big picture.
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  • Captain Sum Wei Lymm, 28 (Penang) Captain Sum Wei Lymm, 28 (Penang) Pilot, Air Asia
    After your advice, I am able to put a stop in overpaying for my insurance coverage. And I know now whether I am on the right path towards my goals or not
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  • Nazneem Hashim, 29 (KL/Labuan) Nazneem Hashim, 29 (KL/Labuan) First female helicopter pilot in M'sia
    Lieu has given me a level of clarify I've never thought possible for my insurance policies - but most importantly, his 1on1 advisory helped me to significantly reduce my financial commitment so that I can focus on what that really matters to achieve my early 'retirement' and self-sufficiency goal. 
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These corporate organizations have also hired CF Lieu to conduct workshops

CPE Workshops for Fund Management Companies

example: Permodalan Nasional Bhd

CE Workshops for Financial Institutions

example: Maybank

CPE Workshops for Investment Banks

example: RHB Investment Bank

Top in Malaysia - Certified Financial Planner (CFP)

Merit award (2013)

Interview by Focus Malaysia

Media appearance in business journals

Continuing Professional Education (CPE) course for financial associations (FPAM)

Topics: Retirement & investment, attended by staff from financial institutions

Seminar for professional accountancy associations (CPA Australia)

Topics: retirement management & SME business succession

Step 4: More value to you: Bite-size money tips

"You can't go back and change the beginning, but you can start where you are and change the ending"

"What financial planning is really about..."

  • Gain Clarity via Consolidated "Big Picture" Analysis
  • Make Smarter and Informed Financial Decisions
  • Evaluate the Cause & Effect of a Financial Decision on the Future
  • Catch & Fix Financial Leakages or Blind spots before they Snowball
  • Helps us Learn from the Past & Make a Difference in the Present

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