investment advisory tailored to your risk tolerance & Financial objectives

You want your idling money to work harder for you, like getting higher than fixed deposit returns.

But like most people, you have little to no idea what suitable options to consider.

You are also busy with work and do not have the luxury of time to do your own research.

However, you know it is time to get serious.

You want to put together a Sustainable Income Replacement Plan based on your lifestyle and preference – be it from stocks, funds, real estate properties, or a mixture of everything.

How to diversify? How much into each asset class? How to allocate inside and outside the country? How much returns to expect? For how long? Should I also keep it in foreign currencies?

These are mind-boggling questions that you need answers before you feel comfortable deploying your money to work.

You tried to gain clarity from banks and financial agents but all you get so far are sales talks and products they want to sell you.

So here comes the dilemma.

You are not going to invest blindly without knowing what exactly you are getting to.

Naturally, you fear losing your hard-earned money if you were to make silly mistakes or beginner-level blunders.

Yet, the reality of losing purchasing power in a highly inflationary economic landscape is very real.

You wonder how can you get transparent advice without the sales talks and the ‘conflict of interests’ that are common in the financial industry.

Answer: Yes you can. Because you are here.

Advisory Outcome: You Gain Clarity on Investing Locally & Globally

Our clients similar to you 👇

Testimonials by CF Lieu - Certified Financial Planner Malaysia

“I am an accountant with decent financial knowledge but sessions with CF Lieu provided me with a new perspective and in some cases, details and information that I never knew or considered.

For me, the consultancy session provided a lot of value, especially with his direct and easy-to-understand explanations. He is very humble and respectful of the client’s viewpoint despite him having a rich knowledge in the financial planning space!”

Sunil Rajamony, GBS Global & Regional APAC Hub Leader and Director Accounting Shared Services APAC, at Huntsman Corporation

investment advisory tailored to your risk tolerance & Financial objectives by CF Lieu - Certified Financial Planner Malaysia

Right Mindset in Investing, Not Shortcuts

I think everyone, should really go through proper 1on1 investing mentoring sessions like this instead of the usual financial product sales session.

I get a clear picture of the result I can expect based on my investing objectives in 10–20 years later.

Most importantly, to have a proper mindset & way in investing. Never go for shortcut or unsustainable get-rich-quick scheme, money game.

ps: the personal finance videos you put out on FB & YouTube are hilarious!

Keith Khor, Founder of Tuition Hero & Intelligent Consultancy
Malaysia’s Top 100 Most Influential Young Entrepreneur 2023

Testimonials by CF Lieu - Certified Financial Planner Malaysia

My dream is to achieve financial independence. I’m sure I’m not the only one.

For years, I’ve been managing my investment portfolio by myself in order to achieve my dreams, and I feel that I’ve finally run into a wall in terms of how much I can optimise my portfolio, due to my own limitations in terms of knowledge and time.

This is when I started to look around for help and stumbled across Lieu’s website. I read the many positive testimonials and watched his YouTube videos, and was convinced enough and decided to reach out to him to seek help in optimizing my investment portfolio.

I was not disappointed. Throughout the fact-finding and follow-up sessions, I can sense that Lieu was genuine. This was very important to me, as I wasn’t looking for another salesman.

He helped me understand the building blocks of investment and helped me to understand my current investment portfolio at a deeper level.
He explained things in easy terminologies and used funny analogies, which made things easy to understand.
Afterward, he would also provide the ‘best and worst case answer sheet’, which provides an alternative solution to my problem.
This was actual actionable and useful advice, and not just another generic advice that we can just get on the internet.
So not only did he teach me how to fish, but he also cooked and served me the fish.
And just to make sure I was okay, Lieu even scheduled an additional session with me at no additional cost to ensure I understood everything that he taught me.

In the end, we achieved the objectives that we set out to achieve, and I am happy that I chose Lieu as my financial consultant. I also like to think that I’ve made a new friend along the way.

Thank you Lieu for everything.

Yusma Bazleigh M Yusoff, Senior Geoscientist at PETRONAS

investment advisory tailored to your risk tolerance & Financial objectives by CF Lieu - Certified Financial Planner Malaysia

“Never thought the actual financial advisory is so detailed!
Very different from the online investment groups I encountered with continuous upselling, sales gimmicks and hidden costs.

As a professional myself, I personally feel the analysis effort you did and time dedicated to advising me 1on1 is well-worth it.
Definitely has helped me plugged some financial leakages and further optimized my finances”

Dr Ann Teoh, Consultant Obstetrician & Gynaecologist

Testimonials by CF Lieu - Certified Financial Planner Malaysia

The clarity I got from Lieu’s 1on1 advisory sessions hit me like a boulder! Going forward, I now know how to ask The Right Questions whenever I engage with Financial Intermediaries.

That being said, I truly appreciate Lieu’s very clear & relatable explanation, using analogies that I am familiar with. Especially on understanding the fundamentals of different investment asset classes before jumping into multiple investment platforms – and what to look out for, even when I am short of time, the unskippable MUST-KNOWs.

Big realization – when it comes to insurance & investment, Move Fast & Break things do NOT work; it is indeed very costly to fix or reverse a non-ideal financial decision.

But like they said – better late than never!

Vivien L, Senior Marketing Manager, Intelligent Money S/B

Testimonials by CF Lieu - Certified Financial Planner Malaysia

Lieu is obviously an expert in this area.

He was quick to offer answers & alternatives to the various questions & issues I raised.

An eye-opener as I was pleasantly surprised with a lot of new insights Lieu shared with me.

(testimonial given in CF Lieu LinkedIn)

Tan Sun Yau, CFO, IBM Malaysia (1978 – 2007)

Testimonials by CF Lieu - Certified Financial Planner Malaysia

I’ve been engaging CF Lieu for the past couple of months and have so far had 3 sessions with him. I found CF possesses strong financial knowledge to give sound advice. Often people including myself will ask: “Is such financial service worth the money spent? Or are they just too expensive and a waste of money?”

My experience with CF has assured me that it is a penny well spent.

My realization is that if I pay CF Lieu RM1,000 today, his advice is able to help me invest smarter to gain RM10,000 in the near future. If I pay CF another RM1,000, his advice is able to help me avoid pitfalls that could cause me to lose RM100,000 one day through foolish investment and greed.

Evidently, just one-hour advisory session with CF has saved me 10 years of 5 figures recurring charges from the mistake of buying a banking product in Singapore!

Sometimes CF tells me things that I already know. But…there’s a big BUT here…There is a big difference between knowing something and doing something about it. So when advice comes from a credible Financial Advisor like CF, it significantly reinforces my earlier beliefs and more importantly, makes me ACT on doing the right thing.

I found CF has been a rather independent financial advisor. Impartial in his advice.

Most financial planners’ interest will be to get as much of your lifelong savings to invest with them. Or to show you the maximum returns of your investment so you continue to invest more with them.

So far I appreciate CF’s careful approach and advice. He is able to balance risk vs returns for varying risk profiles of his clients. In this investment game, one can be so blinded with quick high returns, and lose 50% the next day. CF is able to instill the right discipline and advice so that we can still be a prudent and safe long-term investor. Thanks for your wisdom and for continuously making a positive difference in people’s financial lives!

Khoo Choo Beng, General Manager (Business Excellence) – Sarawak Shell

I feel at ease talking to you, CF. When I talk to you, I don’t feel scared.
Yes, you are the expert, I am the client but you don’t explain like you know everything while I know nothing. You get your message delivered on the spot, and if I’m not sure, you’ll explain more clearly.

If you ask me to give you points, I’ll give you straight away 100 💯 marks

Tangaraj Murugiah, 57 (China) – General Manager @ Foshan Sancico Printing & Packaging

Testimonials by CF Lieu - Certified Financial Planner Malaysia

I’d vouch for CF Lieu’s client-centricness and independent approach to advisory.

After 1on1 sessions with him, we are happy to say that, despite being an experienced business persons for 30+ years, CF Lieu has helped us understand the right approach to sustainable long-term investing, which is different from the approach to running a business.

They say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, so we had reservations when we first approached CF Lieu for investment advisory. My wife and I gave him the benefit of the doubt without much expectation.

We like the way he explained the focus on capital preservation and cash flow investing; that is a breath of fresh air compared to what we’ve encountered over the years.

Truly, myself and wife know bits & pieces on investing here and there, but it was not until we had gone through more than 10 hours of 1on1 sessions with him that we were able to connect the dots and form a clearer picture on how to manage our retirement investing going forward.

Mr & Mrs Lo (60+) Retired businessman/woman, Penang

Testimonials by CF Lieu - Certified Financial Planner Malaysia

We confessed that we first came to Lieu with amateur grasp of the investing world, but walked away with total shift of mindset and perception.

We are very factual persons, and believe there is no point in putting our funds to work into something we don’t fully comfortably understand.

Lieu fills the knowledge gap nicely with his highly relatable yet simple explanations, citing real-time data and events. A very fruitful course of 1on1 consultation sessions over 3 months!

Jim Chih & Eponine Chaw, IT Professionals, Selangor

Testimonials by CF Lieu - Certified Financial Planner Malaysia

The delivery of the 1on1 investment advisory I had with Lieu is easy enough to understand. I am able to immediately take the understanding and apply it to whatever situation I am faced with. I don’t look at investment the same way before anymore.

I have much higher clarity on why certain things occur in the investing landscape, and relate it back to my personal circumstances before making informed decisions.

Carolyn Foo – Chief of Staff, Asia Pacific at Paypal

investment advisory tailored to your risk tolerance & Financial objectives by CF Lieu - Certified Financial Planner Malaysia

A 4 figure consultation fees resulted into 6 figure savings, for me, the 1on1 sessions are well-worth it.

I have also gotten so much clearer picture on how to invest, what to focus on and the portfolio allocation strategy detailed breakdown.

Would recommend my friends who are close to retirement to contact you.

Kho Wan Foong – Early-Retired Engineer (KL)

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