Retirement Planning, Nest-Egg Building, Sustaining and Withdrawal Strategy

Our clients approach us to audit their personal finances so that they do not miss out on anything important before taking that big step in their life or career.

Whether they have accumulated a sizeable enough nest egg to sustain until age 80 or 90 – the kind of question that keeps you up at night and needs a second opinion or even validation from a third-party professional.

Some clients we have also first started looking for independent financial advice after receiving a substantial sum of money from Voluntary Separation Scheme (VSS) or having sold their businesses.

Or, you just want to know if what you are already doing now is optimized enough to achieve your financial goals at a certain age.

Because you are possibly at your peak earning season in your career, and you want to maximize what you have to achieve your financial goals sooner rather than later.

After all, Confidence is internal. Security is external.

Confidence: your ability to know and understand your strengths, weaknesses, and limitations to live a better life.

Security: your ability to use external resources to keep, maintain, and secure something you hold valuable.

You want both, nonetheless.

Can you relate?

Advisory Outcome: You Feel Confident & Secure – to retire (early) or take a career break with a clearly laid-out roadmap, taking into account your desired lifestyle, expected income sources, and potential healthcare needs

Our clients similar to you 👇

Testimonials by CF Lieu - Certified Financial Planner Malaysia

Clarity – Confidence – Conviction – Relatable

The entire course of CF Lieu’s advisory sessions had been a quantum leap for me in having much higher clarity on my financial standings. I can now focus on the matters that truly move the needle and actions that are really aligned with my financial goals.

With clarity, I feel more confident in how much I can spend, and how much I can leverage safely still…while still keeping the end goals in mind instead of running in circles.

Equipped with higher confidence going forward, I now have more conviction to commit & execute the strategies you recommended. The road mapping process has revealed to me that I can still have a sustainable retirement portfolio in place 40 years from now without compromising my current lifestyle.

I like the fact that CF Lieu is truly relatable as an adviser – you didn’t use any alienating jargon or complex explanations. Yet, you are still able to get your point across in a practical & deft manner.

The Exploration and Reflection coaching process was another thing I appreciated much. Never once did I feel cornered throughout our engagement process. In more ways than one, Lieu helped me discover and surface the answers to a web of interrelated questions I had ~ answers that I probably already have within myself but weren’t obvious before. 

Azian Ahmad, Head Of Human Resources at Lazada
Biz owner & former regional Head of Human Resource Operations , Shell Business Operations

Retirement Planning, Nest-Egg Building, Sustaining and Withdrawal Strategy by CF Lieu - Certified Financial Planner Malaysia

I’ve done a bit of this number crunching for a while, but I think the important thing for me was, have I missed something obvious in there?

What I wanted to really get out of this was that peace of mind post retirement, to be clear that there was nothing hidden in the background or whatever that I’d missed or misunderstood

The advisory sessions have with me delivered exactly that, so I’m very pleased with the good conversations we have.

And then the way you explain it, again, is very simple, very clear. It gives me a good insight into what I should be doing, what my options are, and taking it forward from there.

So, from a lay person, I appreciate that it’s very easy to get my head around the technical stuff. I’m equally pleased that it was very impartial; you just explained to me my options with no pressure.

Adrian Moody, Head of SHE, Asia – Synthomer, Johor Bahru

Testimonials by CF Lieu - Certified Financial Planner Malaysia

Lieu took the effort to put himself into my shoes, truly showed me the light at the end of the tunnel to improve my current financial standing. He was bold in setting the right expectation upfront without any sleazy sales pitch.

I’ve always been self taught and self-read when it comes to managing my personal finances, so before I engaged CF Lieu…I’ve never use the services of a financial adviser before…I don’t even know anyone who had.

Naturally, I was skeptical and are concerned about if I’m gonna get scammed or I’ll be getting shallow advice which I already knew know about.

However, after spending more than 12+ hours of advisory session with CF, I can say I really appreciate his practical, honest and empathetic approach.

At the end of my advisory session with CF, I gain higher confidence and peace of mind. I now have improved clarity to further capitalize on the things that I’ve done right so far, and also the exact actionable strategies I could implement to do maximize my early retirement goals moving forward.

Iris De Souza, Advertising Exec, Business Communication, KL

Retirement Planning, Nest-Egg Building, Sustaining and Withdrawal Strategy by CF Lieu - Certified Financial Planner Malaysia

So glad we chose you to advice us!
Your communication style, how you organize things, and how you answer our questions with numbers have been very helpful in aligning both of us on the same goals but with different approaches to money management. 💯 marks on that!

We also feel you have done more than we initially anticipated from the 1on1 consultation.

At the same time, we appreciate you are not constantly up-selling. For us, that is very professional.
In fact, have gladly recommended you to some of our friends.

Jawish & Syakirin, Engineering Professionals, KL

Testimonials by CF Lieu - Certified Financial Planner Malaysia

I feel Lieu truly listens intently to a client’s pain points and objectives, before dispensing neutral advice, opinions, and insights.

Truly a genuine advisor not a salesman.

You appear to be blunt and direct in your YouTube personality, but 1on1 sessions with you made me felt the warmth of a friend who put things in perspective in my best interest, not to mention made me feel enlightened.

Really worth the advisory fees; in fact, I am actively encouraging my family members to engage Lieu for their own financial/retirement planning.

John Ng Yee Meng, 56 (Selangor), Retired Insurance Professional

Retirement Planning, Nest-Egg Building, Sustaining and Withdrawal Strategy by CF Lieu - Certified Financial Planner Malaysia

Testimonials by CF Lieu - Certified Financial Planner Malaysia

Injected much clarity to my post-retirement financial plan!

I have followed CF’s valuable sharing in this blog since its early days. But it was not until I engaged him 1-to-1 as my “retirement adviser” that I could really see the value of independent advice he could deliver.

I consider myself financially savvy and comfortably retired than most – yet I think I need a lil’ help from an independent adviser who could advise me from different angles to manage my retirement nest egg – so like they say – I don’t run out of money before running out of life!

CF injected much clarity in helping me with this area with his patience and dedication. I have no qualms in recommending CF to my relatives and friends who need independent financial advisory.

Kuldip Singh, 60 (Melaka) Retired, Ex Senior Manager at multiple MNCs

I really appreciate Ching Foo – he is very detailed – Always gives a lot of thoughts to me, and always trigger my thinking so we can make the advisory more comprehensive…I really think he stands from a Customer Standpoint

Hong, Ling Seng, Director of Manufacturing at Smith+Nephew, Penang

Testimonials by CF Lieu - Certified Financial Planner Malaysia

I’d vouch for him (CF Lieu) if you are looking for an independent financial advisory.

As any mid-forty-year-old would tell you, I am in a similar situation where I need to consolidate and get my financial matters in order as retirement nears.

I have my own set of estimated figures, but I need a 2nd set of eyes to give me 2nd opinions if I overlooked anything.

As a ‘virgin’ in engaging an independent adviser, I was naturally skeptical back in 2014 when I first approached Lieu. But I jumped in anyway, so to speak, and Lieu was able to meet what I’d expected from him.

I am not a person who easily sing people’s praises, but Lieu did deliver his stuff in terms of giving objective advice in the areas I was searching for answers for.

It’s been years since I became his client and I’d vouch for him if you are looking for independent financial advisory.

Nharong Somchit, Retired General Manager at Cargill Tropical Palm

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