Personal finance planning: 8 + 1 Things to do to Pay Less Tax

Personal finance planning is not only about being frugal and investing your money.

It is also about tax planning.

Spending money will also yield you return – but a different investment return, the intangible type. In no particular order, they include – knowledge, wisdom, health, edutainment and the achieving the highest self-actualization stage in Maslow’s hierarchy of needs.

What if I tell you that by spending money, you also get to save some money in return? Or maybe even get paid a nominal sum for doing so!


Here are the 8 ways to achieve instant results –


Alternatively, read my full article at, the top personal finance blog, website and resources for Malaysians.

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8 thoughts on “Personal finance planning: 8 + 1 Things to do to Pay Less Tax”

  1. About the mentioned of free money or tax relief, its not free money, its your own hard-earned money that the government going to take away if you don’t justify it. Tax relief is a made up distorted phrase. The reality is Justified-Spending-On-Myself-So-Government-Take-Less. You don’t paid taxes, you should see it as government takes away your money but psysho you into thinking that you owe them money.

    1. Yes, I totally agree with you. I don’t think any citizen in any country feels delighted to pay tax, but the fact is, there’s no escaping it (hence the saying – Only 2 things certain in life – death & taxes). So the tone of the video is to take this tax thingy in a more light-hearted way – after all, taxation is indeed a boring subject to talk about.

      Cheers, and have a good week ahead – LCF

  2. Make more

    RM1,000 relief is not really sufficient the cost of raising a new born. You need to spend more than that, hence from tax reduction perspective not so good idea..haha..

    Another point is that you cannot make 10 babies in a single year. 😀 haha

    1. Hey Kris, you are absolutely Right! Raising a child and allocating money for child’s education yea?

      Glad I got you LOL’ed. Cheers! LCF

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