Be calculative of your unit trust investment return

Say, you invest $ P in the best unit trust exactly for 1 year. You read that your unit trust profited by A % per annum the same year.Digest this…Your profit is A LOT LESS than A%

Be calculative of your unit trust investment return by CF Lieu - Certified Financial Planner Malaysia

The Agent
His value to you
The middle+sales person bringing your money into the fund. Most highly paid in terms of sales charge and service. He better be providing damn good service in terms of:

· Solid and honest advice on the best investment option available
· Condition of your money in the fund any given time

He gets X% of your $ P.

The Company
His value to you
Providing you the opportunity to invest in diversification in terms of asset class and industries.
They get Y% of your $ P.

The Managers

His value to you
Make more money for you, ensure you don’t lose money in bad times, and earn above average in good times.
He gets a hidden and RECURRING Z% of your $ P.
Your actual return, B% = A% – (X + Y + Z)%Now, B% should be

a) more than 0% (duh)

b) more than 3% per year (FD rate)

…or else, forget about redeeming it within a year! You should let is sit and simmer for at least another year or so to do better to at least break even AND cover the upfront costs!

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