To Delay is Human but to Will is Divine – Interview with Peter Lee Part 2

I really pray and hope people open up their mind. If people say – “I don’t want to do it” or “Not interested” without even listening, remember it’s NOT for me. I tell them – “Let’s be fair to yourself and your family. If you don’t like what you hear – you can then walk away. You listen also free, you walk away also free of charge, so what’s the downside of listening? Would it do any harm to you?”

Peter Lee to will is divineThe above is what Peter Lee would tell you if your problem is close-mindedness when it comes to estate planning. This is the part where I like most.

In this Part 2, Peter Lee and I further discussed about:

  • What is the most satisfying moment as an estate planner?
  • Why most people put on hold when it comes to estate planning?
  • Why there is “more than meets the eyes” in estate planning for most families
  • His upcoming book in the form of drama(?) on how difficult it is getting Letter of Administration compared to Grant of Probate, 2 families issue, etc. 

Peter Lee’s final words – DO NOT DELAY anymore!

Click here for Part 1 of interview with Peter Lee – author of To Delay is Human, to Will is Divine.

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