Why Do You Need a Life Insurance?

Why Do You Need a Life Insurance? by CF Lieu - Certified Financial Planner Malaysia

The Latin term “memento mori” has always been used as a reminder for death. It literally means “remember you will die.” European scholars in the late seventeenth and eighteenth centuries used to place a skull on their desks to remind them that death is inevitable. In fact, death is a gloomy subject that we seldom ponder about. We have all shelved the undying truth that we all must die in the back of our minds, in an attempt to lead a normal life. Day in, day out, we move uncontrollably closer to our death. Whether we come to this conclusion due to natural or unnatural causes, death takes us all by surprise. This is logical given how the idea of our sure demise can never be a basis for a healthy life. That being said, we are all guilty of taking life a little for granted and not being psychologically or financially prepared for the day on which we will kick the bucket. Speaking of finances, it is always wise to secure those financially dependent on you, especially in times of adversity. And this is the role of life insurance policies. In fact, life insurance policies are essential. They act as a safety net to catch your loved ones when they’re falling.

When choosing an insurer, looking for trustworthy ones is no small feat. There are countless insurers, but few have the integrity and empathy required to tailor a package for you. And, with many choices available, comparing for an affordable life cover from Insurance Hero can help you significantly to reach the right decision. If you are a partner or the parent of dependent children, it’s practically mandatory. But you may also need life insurance if you are a former spouse of somebody, a romantic partner, a dependent parents’ son, a dependent adult sibling, a worker, a business owner or partner. You can consider the use of life insurance as a proactive financial asset.

Tax deductions

For life insurance policy holders, come two major tax perks: a tax-free death benefit and tax excluded cash flow. If your total wealth is still substantial, you may only opt into a life insurance policy when you are passing your estate to your wife or child just to escape inheritance tax. For the majority of cases, death compensations are tax-free, so if you established your insurance plan skillfully, you can stop the federal government from biting through a rather large chunk of your money.

These tax benefits of life insurance are mainly more of a sub-advantage for most individuals. Your heirs typically don’t have to make up for tariffs laid on the money your policy reimburses them. Secondly, when you choose a cash value scheme, any profit your balance receives can expand without you having to declare it on your income. In most situations, individuals who want to use their cash value may also withdraw it from this system tax-free.

Financial security

Everybody realizes that you are never going to be fully prepared for life is going to bring your way, and life insurance acts like the financial cushion your family can lean on, in the case of death. The death benefit compensation may be used by your inheritors to pay whatever bills they wish, even if you explicitly acquire final life insurance expenses. Many life insurance policies give you some versatility. Universal life insurance, for example, lets you set the rates to send out the death benefit as desired. And if you choose a term life policy with a redemption clause, you may be able to stretch your life insurance to cover indefinitely. You are allowed to take some of your life insurance policy while you’re still living only if you’ve developed a terminal disease, and when it comes to intensive chemotherapy treatments, this versatile choice will literally be a matter of life and death.


Why Do You Need a Life Insurance? by CF Lieu - Certified Financial Planner Malaysia

Many people exaggerate the price of life insurance policy by up to triple of the actual price. Millennials actually think it’s such an expensive investment to buy an insured life policy, which is logical given how they can barely survive in the first place. In fact, the term life policy is cheaper than the whole. Younger, healthy individuals have lower costs than older people with existing health conditions. You could still have cheaper options if you are searching for a life-saving policy for older people or, especially, people with existing health issues.

Insurance companies and individual brokers usually just stick to one type of policy and cater exclusively to the people interested in their policies, in an attempt to make a name for them. For starters, certain businesses forgive former smokers. For diabetic people, others could offer low prices. If your rate for life insurance is too large, look around. You could probably find a lower interest rate elsewhere for similar benefits.

Insurance is a massive buy and will remain with you through many decades. If you already have an existing policy, take into account that your financial adviser should review it. This can be because of the fact that more insurance can be really beneficial. This is particularly true if in the past several years your life’s situation had gotten more complex or if the old policy has lapsed. Don’t presume an existing life insurance policy from your job is enough.

Almost all of the policies of life offered by business owners encompass your pay multiplied by three. Even if that can seem like a respectable amount, what would happen in case you left them, voluntarily or involuntarily? You’d be left without insurance unexpectedly. Eventually, when you grow older, the insurance slowly becomes more costly. In fact, prices for a 40-year-old can be nearly 2 times higher than for a 35-year-old. Remember not to delay buying a policy for benefits because the premium can only increase as you age.

Like so much of the wealth management field, life coverage can at first sound confusing and daunting. Seek financial support and don’t be afraid to ask tough questions to a specialist. This is a big ticket item which can substantially influence your family and friends. Life insurance protects your loved ones from financial hardship induced by your death. Most of us are mindful of the urgency of a life insurance policy; however, some people continue to wait for an event to push them to purchase it, which would potentially harm them or their families. Don’t wait till it’s too late.

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