The Art of Trading NFTs and making money in 2022

On a blockchain, there are non-fungible tokens called NFTs. You can use these one-of-a-kind digital assets to represent anything. Like other cryptocurrencies, NFTs can be purchased, sold, or traded and kept in a digital wallet.

They are sought-after by collectors because they are unique and not easy to duplicate. NFTs can represent anything, including video game items and digital art.

The gaming industry is where the use of NFTs are most frequent. Players can profit from their preferred games by buying, selling, or trading in-game assets on secondary markets.

How to sell NFTs

Depending on the platform you choose, NFTs are typically sold on marketplaces using a variety of procedures. You’ll post your work to the market, convert it to NFT, and then wait for it to sell. It resembles Amazon or Etsy a lot. What you should do next if you already possess a portfolio of digital works for which you have the copyright is as follows:

  1. Select a market.

There are numerous marketplaces from which you can select. Mintable, Axie, Raible Marketplace, super rare, and OpenSea are a few of these. Look over these marketplaces quickly, then pick the one that best fits your content.

  1. Minting of NFTs

The NFT must be “minted” as your next action. Minting an NFT involves converting a digital file into a cryptocurrency collectible or digital asset on the Ethereum blockchain. Although this may seem complicated, most marketplaces—if not all—will offer a step-by-step tutorial for minting your NFT directly on the site.

  1. Link a wallet

After choosing the market, you must connect your financed bitcoin wallet. Then, submit your digital file and follow the steps on the marketplace of your choice. Each platform will operate differently and provide you the option of either making a single sale of the product or receiving royalties.

A few guidelines below will guide you if you’re looking for ways to make money with NFT games. You can make money from NFT games using any of these strategies. To get started, pick one or more that correspond to your interests and skill set.

  1. Selling in-games

Selling in-game stuff is one of the simplest methods to earn money with NFT games. You can open a store within the game and on a third-party marketplace.

Make a list of the things you wish to sell and decide on prices before you do anything else. Then, advertise your store to draw customers. You can use forums, social media, or other online groups to connect with potential clients.

Excellent customer service is essential when selling in-game goods. Offer reasonable costs, respond to queries and concerns, and keep your promises.

  1. Renting out NFTS

One approach to making passive money is to rent out your NFTs, particularly those that are very well-liked. For instance, in some card trading games, users can borrow NFT cards to improve their chances of winning. As intended, smart contracts control the terms of the agreement between the two parties involved. As a result, NFT users frequently have the option to select the length of their rental agreement and the NFT leasing rate.

  1. Selling of game artwork

Selling game art, such as graphics, graphic imaging, and other creations, is one way for artists to earn money.

Make a gallery of your work to get started. Then, start sending your game-related artwork to magazines or publishing it online. Additionally, you can sell your artwork on NFTS marketplaces, conferences, and other occasions.

  1. Earn from fashion NFTs

NFTs address authenticity issues and, as a result, guard against potential forgeries just like artwork does. By producing a digital special edition of their clothing that includes a collection of storied celebrity things or design signatures, clothing and fashion corporations have begun to capitalize on the NFT trend. By creating an NFT platform for clothing and accessories, fashion and clothing companies can profit from NFT development. It enables people to benefit indefinitely from NFTs in a safe and secure environment.

  1. Offer consultation services

If you are an expert in the gaming sector, you can charge for advisory services to make money. Your responsibility will be to offer advice on game creation or assist businesses in creating marketing plans for the gaming industry.

To begin, put together a showcase of your prior work and publish it online. Contact any businesses that may be interested in hiring your services next. Online job boards are another place to check for job opportunities.


It’s crucial to keep in mind that, although selling NFTs may look simple, it might not be. Contingent on when you decide to sell your material, the fees associated with minting it and selling it on the market and using Ethereum may be quite costly. The fluctuation of this new market can make trading NFTs uncertain.

The most effective NFT strategy will vary depending on the individual. If you or your micro-enterprises have extra cash, you may want to buy any asset that will appreciate over time and sell it at a profit. The best course for content creators would be leveraging NFT as a different means of generating income.