You won’t believe how easy it is to Tame Materialism

We’ve all been there – yes? I am referring to temptations to progressively higher levels of materialism. And if you’ve earned and lived for quite a while, admit it deep down inside that acquiring stuff doesn’t make you happier in the long run. In fact, sometimes you feel guilty especially when loads of cash are involved in one single purchase.

But just what keep us happy? Most of us know it’s all about a highly valuable life. However, society dictates a highly valuable life entails bigger houses, bigger cars, luxury good, etc.


In fact, it’s just human to get envy at other people’s possessions. Like you know someone who is migrating to Australia, and you go WOW! Grasses are always appearing greener on the other side it seems. But have we taken enough effort and time to nurture the grasses in our own garden too before making that remark?

Resistance is futile – like they say. But we could “tame” it by taking a step back in our actions. Just exactly what I mean?

Watch the 7 minutes video below.

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