Cost for College – Planning for Child Education using Endowment Policy?

Cost for College – a major milestone to achieve for many parents.

For some, this milestone of fully covering the total college costs is harder to achieve when it comes to courses like medicine at reputable colleges overseas.

Also bearing in mind that the cost for college is on a steep up trend year over year.

So what are the strategies to achieve this milestone? My sharing below:

Create Now, Save Later
I read a reader contributed article (Personally Speaking by Hazel Leong) in Personal MoneySept issue, on why she felt that generic endowment insurance plan is insufficient to meet her child’s college costs requirement in 20 years.The key takeaway here: Guaranteed lump sum rate of return in 2 decades time is even less than the current risk-free rate of return for Fixed Deposit of 3.15 percent.

Cost for College - Planning for Child Education using Endowment Policy? by CF Lieu - Certified Financial Planner Malaysia
In Excel, use the formula: Rate(20,4800,0,-120000) and you get 2%.
And she further illustrates that an engineering degree currently costs about RM 150,000, with the assumption that the cost for college doubles every 10 years.
I do not know how she came up with RM 150,000; but it could not be anywhere in Malaysia’s local public or private institutions. An engineering degree at Multimedia University, my Alma mater, is currently tagged at RM 50,000. Therefore, let’s take this as baseline for calculation below. Overseas education are really, the privilege of the rich, and they are not any man on the street like the rest of us. Moreover, there are factors such as exchange rate fluctuation which we could not anticipate in the future, so let’s be realistic and keep things simple.
Cost for College - Planning for Child Education using Endowment Policy? by CF Lieu - Certified Financial Planner Malaysia
*assume the cost for college doubles every decade
Second key takeaway here: Endowment plan payout in 20 years can only fulfill one third of your child’s college cost plus living expenses in the same timeline.

Now, the contributor advocates properties investment but I am not going into details of her plan here although it is very ideal if you have the cash for at least 10% down payment of the properties value, plus other closing college costs.  Whatever the investment vehicle, everyone has their own preference. Just be prudent to balance the risk versus return.

Anyway, below are my estimation of the investment needed now to cover education cost of RM 370k.

Cost for College - Planning for Child Education using Endowment Policy? by CF Lieu - Certified Financial Planner Malaysia

Save  Now, Create Later

If anyone starts to allocate RM 10k today into investment vehicle of your choice with moderate return of 6 percent per annum, with yearly top up of RM 9.6k, he or she will be able to cover his/her child cost for college in 20 years.
RM 9.6k per year translates to setting aside RM 800 per month, with father and mother each contributing RM 400. Do-able right?
And you still have surplus of RM 14k, which can be used as down payment for your child’s first car when he or she starts working after graduating.
Bear in mind this is only for one child. What if…
a) You have more than one child?
b) You child desire to study medicine, and he/she is capable of – you don’t want to kill their dreams right?
Securing a scholarship though, is an added bonus. But I will only using EPF Account 2 for children college costs as last resort, because it will surely jeopardize my retirement plan.

The Downside of Active Self Investment

There is no insurance element in it, unlike endowment plan. The insurance component of endowment plan will provide the insured amount compensation to the proposer (parent) in the event of death or total permanent disability of the child. I do not think this is critical. On the other hand, if the proposer passes away/permanently disabled/suffers from any of the 36 critical illlness, the policy will sponsor the child until maturity.
To mitigate the risk of parent not able to provide financially to their child, any parent should be sufficiently insured. Like my previous CFP facilitator mentioned, if you love your family, and being the primary income earner, you should buy more insurance for yourself, NOT for your spouse/children.
Disclaimer: I am not an insurance agent.
Who am I?
An independent financial planner and an advocate of financial literacy 🙂

3 thoughts on “Cost for College – Planning for Child Education using Endowment Policy?”

  1. My friends are buying properties and stocks instead for their young children 😛

    Endowments schemes are being pushed strongly because the commission is very lucrative. There is also kind of plan that where you put certain x amount of $$ for y number of years, then after y number of years, you get a fixed amount of $$$ hereafter..

    IN MOST cases, these scheme are giving so so low returns 2%-3%, only the marketing side makes it pretty at first glance.


  2. Exactly. I wonder how endowment plan sell nowadays, I guess that's really for the uninformed.
    I agree that even with conservative return of 5-6%, with financial discipline, over a long timeline, sufficient education fund for children can be accumulated. In reality, the real return is normally higher than this – even a performing balanced fund can achieve 10-12% per annum

  3. With only 2% return, I will just drop the endowment idea. It is better i use the money to add into my EPF savings and get a higher return ~5% per annum (a very conservative choice, if you dont really know how to invests).

    The rest, just remember to buy MRTA for your house to ensure your family have a shelter, and also buy term insurance (so that is cheaper) for yourself as a bread winner.


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