Signs of 2008 economic recession approaching?

BCI for Q2 2011

BCI for Q2, just before the plunge in Q3 2008. See the similarities?

Let’s keep an eye for the Q3 BCI to be released soon by MIER. 

Another signs for those who are working in US MNCs – companies are conserving cash flows since the start of Q3 this year, and some have even frozen hiring activities unless with strong justifications.

Time to cash in your paper gain from the stock market. Fasten your seatbelts for the wild ride ahead people!

3 thoughts on “Signs of 2008 economic recession approaching?”

  1. Warren Buffet kept on reminding the US media that there will be no double-dip recession. Whereas another legendary speculator, George Soros is stating there is a big chance on that happening.

    I guess the recession will come first as what Champdog mentioned, the MNC in Malaysia is always conservative and hence their freeze is one of the small signs recession is coming.

  2. I have the same feeling too. Most MNC that I know are hiring freeze except for those just newly startup company.

  3. technically I have to agree with you. I was one of those who hates to admit double recession may actually come. However, I am still holding tight but watch very closely for 'cut lost' if needed. May Warren Buffet and I survive this challenge . . .

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