How I save 70.9% on a printer (you can do this too) and 4 things to learn from this

Picture this:

The normal price of an item you want costs RM 784

But you finally were able to get it at a fraction of the cost.

Which is RM 228.

A saving of 70.9% or RM 556.

This was what I’ve been through in May 2017.

Wanna know how I did this?

Is this worth your time?

If yes, read below:

Background of the story:

After my home laser printer of 4 years went kaput, I need a replacement.

I had a good experience with Fuji Xerox, therefore, I want to stick with this brand.

Here’s the list of features I need

  • Black & white (laser)
  • Duplex printing (automatic handling of double sided printing)
  • I do not need to plug the printer USB port into my laptop everytime I need to print something


At the first glance, this model FX DocuPrint P265dw fits my requirements – comes with Network (LAN) and Wifi features.

Note: having Wifi features means I can connect the printer to home/office network, and that will enable me to print ‘wirelessly’ to the printer even if I am inside the toilet.

Recommended retail price = 784


Exploring other options :

Another model, FX DocuPrint P255d comes with similar features as P265dw, only without the Wifi support.

Listed price = 446

43% savings or 338 savings (compared to 784)


But because of the absence of Wifi, I need to connect a LAN (network) cable from the printer to my Unifi router so it becomes a network printer.

That would achieve the same outcome as ‘being able to print from my laptop inside my toilet’.

But can I optimize it futher?

So the engineer in me (note: I am an electronics/computer/RF engineer by training) started to take over.

Here’s WHY I see I can probably ‘stretch it further’

Because there’s another similar model FX DocuPrint P225 db, which comes WITHOUT LAN or Wifi features.

Listed price = 317

28.9% or another 129 hard savings (compared to 446) if I somehow can get this printer, without LAN or Wifi features, to work like a network printer ….

…so that I can still print any sh*t from my laptop wirelessly while sh*tting in the toilet.​​​​​​​


And this is what happened next…

I need to connect the printer USB port to the Unifi router (normally only comes with LAN ports).

How is that possible? you may ask

And that is when …lo and behold!…I discovered my Unifi router comes with 1 USB port

That means a physical USB connection from the printer to the Unifi router is not a problem.

But how do make this work as network printer when it is not meant to be a network printer (no LAN or Wifi features, you see)

The answer: Configure the printer as Print Server

Here’s step-by-step instructions to configure a printer as Print Server in Windows

And here’s my network printer connected to Unifi router

P255 db network printer

P255 db print server USB

So long story short, this is how I use mindpower to save over RM 500+

I could have just bought the full features printer model (RM 784) without giving it much thought.

But, don’t you agree…

…sometimes, it is not about the Ringgit and Cents alone.

It is about the satisfaction of being able to resolve everyday issues with your brain.

Even if you are not an engineer, the desire to find out more and ask – ‘can I do better’ should always be inside us.

I didn’t initially know about Print Server or how to configure a printer (with no Network/Wifi support) to turn it into a Network Printer.

But I wanted to find out if there is a way.

But I just consulted everyone’s good friend – Google.

And bingo!

Truth be told, it’s the same approach I use to solve client’s financial planning related issues – day in and day out.

One more thing…

But I have yet to answer how I get the printer at RM 228 (from Fuji Xerox recommended retail price at 317)?

Did I haggle like mad?


I spotted a deal at Lazada


fuji xerox p255 DB 228

This model normally retails at RM 300+ but for some reason, one vendor retails it at RM 228, and it comes with a lot of good reviews.


fuji xerox p255db promo

>> Click >> Done.

Here’s how I could have stretched it further….

By using Cash Rebate Credit Card, like one from CIMB which gives 5% off every e-commerce/online spend.

RM 228 – 5% off = RM 217

Here are the lessons from this story


4 things, the first two are within your control, the last two are beyond your control:

#1 Determine clearly what you need – your non-negotiable goals (in this case, mine was – ‘to print wireless from my laptop even if I am in the toilet’)

#2 Evaluate what you have – in my case, if my Unifi router does not have an USB port, my strategy won’t work

#3 Guess-timate the best timing  – in my case, I know the retail price for the printer I bought was at least RM 300+, to get it at RM 228 was a steal, and this offer probably won’t be available forever

#4 Leverage on what you have – if you already have a rebate-type credit card,then use it to get another 5% off, in this case, I didn’t

This entire decision and thought process is a way of life, and I am not even talking about being frugal. That’s not the point.

The point is, the thought process should be – think at least another layer down although the answer to something might be obvious…

In my case, the first layer seems to getting a printer with LAN/Wifi but no…

,,,because of what I have (Unifi router with USB port), a plain USB printer configured as a Print Server does the trick just fine.

It could save you from spending unnecessarily.

Or getting into financial problem which return to bite us in the future.

Here’s an analogy when it comes to planning your finances


#1 I need to send my kids to UK/Australia to study (the truth is –  it might be anywhere as close as Singapore because over in Singapore, you too have world-class universities, but probably not as expensive as sending to UK/Aus. )

#2 Evaluate what you have (is your education funding really sufficient by that time, considering the weakening Ringgit and your job security or business)

#3 When should you start? When your kids are in secondary school? Or as soon as they are born?

#4 Are you using the right tool or vehicle to accumulate towards an overseas kids education funding and at the same time hedge against currency fluctuation for the next 10 years?

So, have you had similar experience where using your brainpower and lil’ more effort actually saves you quite a lot of moolah?

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  1. Zulkarnain Zainuddin

    I like the analogy you use to save money.
    I’m in the middle of considering a medical card vs savings plan for my kids 16yrs 12, 9 and 4.

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