How Secure is your Retirement Money with EPF?

Very secure. At least, that’s what I thought for so many years. My old man said so, your financial or retirement advisor said so and of course, the government told us so.

It’s no secret that when the fund managers behind this top five pension fund sneezes, the stock market moves, literally.

And you probably wonder why ask such question all of a sudden. It paid us 5.8 percent dividend in 2010, and then increases it to 6.0 percent in 2011, an all time high figure for the past 10 years. What is there to worry about?

The fact is, there are 2 things brewing inside EPF this year. Probably not something to panic about, but definitely something we should be aware of.

Here’s my latest write-up at

This Concerns your EPF Retirement Money – Must Read


2 thoughts on “How Secure is your Retirement Money with EPF?”

  1. Based on what you have written on KC website what would you think is best course of action to secure our EPF fund for retirement given there is restrictions for withdrawal. Assume withdrawal for Housing has been done. Should we withdraw from A/c 1 to invest in unit trust, however i understand there are only limited funds we are able to invest in, as EPF allows only unit trust with no less than 20% overseas portfolio in the UT fund we invest using EPF money. Please advise

    1. Yes, in fact, I did just that. Best if you are invest in UT using online platform like Fundsupermart (0.88% charges only for all funds offered by it until 31st May 2012) or if you are a UTC, even better, invest your own money – all these means super low upfront charges. You don’t need to wonder what funds you can invest – just check here from time to time –
      And no, the 20% rule is just a guideline. Fund mandate change over time. Example, one of the fund I invest in using my own EPF, OSK UOB Kidsave trust, has change its mandate to invest up to 30% of its NAV in foreign markets.

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