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Here’s a property investment blog which I have been following closely of late –

The author is a banker by profession, and an economist by training. The blog contains excellent no-holds barred write-ups on property investment. The content is straightforward in a way that any man on the street can understand.

I like the strategy of the author because he based his investment decisions on common sense. Common sense as in for long term sustainability, steady rental yield /growth and capital appreciation trumps over short term price speculation. No one will be forever that lucky to buy low and sell high.

The author advocates commercial properties now, especially shop lots in shopping malls. It’s a couch potato portfolio with three benefits – rental growth, hassle free and long tenure of tenancy compared to residential properties. Any investor with commercial properties in his portfolio is a class on its own.

I particularly like his 4 “80 percent rule”. They are:

  1. 80 percent rental: at least 80 percent of mortgage repayment covered by the tenant
  2. 80 percent completed properties: completed properties is the best as it allows you to secure tenancy which can offset your monthly mortgage (see rule 1). Important so that cash flow not affected, especially for income earner. Or I will see if the developer absorbs the interest during construction period
  3. 80 percent tenancy more than 2 years: hard for residential properties; commercial is easy
  4. 80 percent commercial properties: hard to achieve when you first started; the author was invested in residential properties before switching to commercial aggressively this year

So that’s it folks, one good blog to share. His mantra in properties investment is : “Buy and Wait”, not wait and buy. I don’t know about you, but I will be a close follower from now on.

You might be interested in knowing more about Investing commercial properties in Malaysia here.

6 thoughts on “Property Investment blog”

  1. Nice blog. This is a very good blog on real estate Investment. I would like to thank you for all the information you give. Its really important to choose the best real estate Investment. So thanks for the information you give.

  2. Ya, I follow his blog too. Very informative. He really make his fortune from property in Sabah.

    Actually, if i am not mistaken, he is a sarawakian but reside in sabah.

  3. Yea Kris, although I am from Sandakan like ChampDog. KK cost of living is really high, no joke. Chicken rice is RM 5-6 per plate!
    Glad your site is clean kampunginvestor!

  4. kampunginvestor

    Indeed a good site for those property investors. I was searching high and low for his site as i have lost his link when i format my computer.

    Thanks for share as i have found back a good domain for property! 😉

  5. He is a fellow Sabahan like you 😛

    Sabah property is the most expensive per-square feet in Malaysia beating KL & Sabah. Because of low wages and high property prices, there is alot of people renting and the yield can be attractive if you get the right location. 🙂

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