Close up session with Private Fund Manager – Company P Chief Investment Officer

Just last week, the firm I am with, Fin Freedom invited the Chief Investment Officer of  Company P, Mr Ang Kok Heng, all the way from KL, to present a 1.5 hours by-invitation-only private session with clients at Fin Freedom HQ in Penang. The session was filled to the brim – I was there with my clients, along with my peers. When it comes to learning about investment, there is no stopping point, yes? It is a good to get into the minds of these private fund managers whenever possible – to see how they see things. I do my own DIY investing in stocks and REITs, but I also do have my portfolio managed fully by Company P. It’s very interesting to see what they buy and sell, and when and WHY.

Company P manages cash investment portfolio for investors (minimum RM 50k) known as PMA or mini-PMA (Private Managed Account), aside from being an approved fund manager for Malaysia’s mandatory retirement fund (for member’s investment withdrawal). This is a more exotic option other than the usual unit trust investment.

Warning – image intensive post below.

Recent Trends of Bursa

  • Foreign buying subsided (rally in KLSE for the past few months due to net foreign buy, whereas there’s net sell by retail and local institutional investors due to election fear)
  • Consolidation of big caps stock
  • Oil and gas surged on improved outlook
  • Property/construction stocks surged led by Iskandar development
  • Penny stocks were played by retail investors
  • Risk appetite increased on improved market sentiment

Phillip Capital 2013 trends Bursa

Presenting the major gainers/losers

Gainers include Dayang, Prestariang, HuaYang while losers include Parkson

Phillip Capital top performers

Top 10 Holdings of PMA – Maybank and Malaysian Building Society Berhad…and the rest you got to ask me 🙂

Phillip Capital Top 10 holdings

PMA performance – some salient points

  • Oil and gas sector = major gainer
  • Major decisions – bought MAS-OR, took placement of Matrix Concept, sold Genting and telco, reduced Public bank

Phillip Capital performance

Mercer Investment Independent Survey – how Phillip Capital compares to its peers

…in terms of 1 Year Return (Rank 3), 3 Years Return (Rank 4) and 5 Years Return (Rank 3)

Other contenders include Aberdeen Asset Management and Kenanga Investors Bhd.

Returns are net of all fees

Phillip Capital ranking Mercer surveys

Fund Manager strategy according to Mercer Independent Survey

In Low Risk, High Return Quadrant

Phillip Capital - high return low risk

Yearly Return of PMA versus KLCI from 2008 crisis to date – all in one slide! Again, return shown is Net of all fees.

Phillip Capital stocks performance versus KLCI

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Or watch related video how to participate in the investment scheme

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    1. Hi Jason, comparing the fees will complicate things. That’s why Mercer independent research benchmark are returns NET of all fees.

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