Outsmarting banks and making informed decisions as a smart consumer

Symbiosis. That is the best term to describe the relationship between banks and us, the consumer. For the uninformed, Google the term or flip your secondary school Science or Biology textbooks, haha. Who can live without bank services nowadays right? We are talking about car loan and home loan here, the very basics. Don’t get me started about credit card or personal loan. However, there always seem to be an eternal tug-of-war, or conflict of interest, if you may, between bankers and us.

Bankers are not evil, just that they need to make the most revenue to achieve their targets, which means our money is at jeopardy if we aren’t financially literate enough filter all those products that are being offered to us. Here’s a short video on my thoughts on this, and how to make use of the information available around us to “get the best bang out of our money“.

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2 thoughts on “Outsmarting banks and making informed decisions as a smart consumer”

  1. The best way to learn about finance is to take action and just do it. Just make sure the mistakes you made while young is not too big. And another good way is to find a good mentor!

    1. Yes Kris, agreed too. Hands-on experience with calculated risks. True Mentors are really not easy to find nowadays.

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