Review of MY E.G. Services Bhd roadtax renewal services

MyEG is a convenient service  for Malaysian to renew driving license, motor insurance and road tax. I gave it a try after the queue management system assigned  me this at JPJ (Road Transport Department) office Batu Ubun, Penang.

The screenshot here is self explanatory. Not productive at all to wait for 2 hours. It prompted me to look for an easier way to achieve the same result. Your time is worth a lot more than waiting at JPJ. Read my previous post related to this logic – Outsourcing and your hourly rate.

Review of MY E.G. Services Bhd roadtax renewal services by CF Lieu - Certified Financial Planner Malaysia

Anyway, here’s how the road tax renewal portal looks like. Once you key in your plate number, it will link to JPJ database in real time and give you status of your road tax and insurance.

Review of MY E.G. Services Bhd roadtax renewal services by CF Lieu - Certified Financial Planner Malaysia

The charges is RM 10, RM 2 for transaction fees and RM 8 for delivery charges outside of Klang Valley. However, it is not delivered directly from its HQ at PJ; it’s delivered from branch instead.

What is being over delivered, my own experience

  1. The speed. I got my road tax in my [snail]mailbox in 24 hours. According to FAQ, 2-3 working days is normally expected for Peninsular Malaysia.
  2. The package comes with water proof parcel.

Review of MY E.G. Services Bhd roadtax renewal services by CF Lieu - Certified Financial Planner Malaysia

What is being under delivered, my own experience

First, read this,  taken from its FAQ section:


b. Biometrics thumbprint will be conducted upon ALL DELIVERIES by MyEG Services Logistics Officers to verify and record the details of the person receiving the road tax disc.

c. In the event the MyKAD is faulty or cannot be read, our Logistics Officers will take a snapshot of the MyKAD to ensure there is no dispute on who accepts the road tax.

Yes, it is safe and secure. The online Road Tax Renewal through MyEG Services Berhad’s website has been audited, verified and approved by Jabatan Pengangkutan Jalan and Government. The Government has given the mandate for MyEG Services to provide the online renewal services.


However, for my case, it was just being “dumped” into my mailbox without any identification. The assigned delivery personnel did not even bother to call me. I did ask beforehand on what will happen if the recipient is not present at the delivery address. My EG customer service staff replied as such:



You do not need to worry because our Logistic Officer will call you before deliver the road tax for address confirmation.

Thank you & Regards,
Siti Shafiqah Binti Sharom

MYEG Help DeskLot 8.02, Level 8, 1 First Avenue,
Persiaran Bandar Utama,
Bandar Utama,
47800 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.


Therefore, I lodged a complaint on the delivery services I experienced, and got the following “reply”, which is as good as a no-reply:


Dear LCF,

We are sorry on the confusion of info during road tax delivery arrangement,the necessary action have been taken to resolved that matter & your feedback on our services is highly appreciated. Sorry for any inconvenience caused, Thank you for using MYEG SERVICES BHD,

Regards,Mohd hakim ahmad

Logistic department


Have you had your own share of experience of MyEG? Share it here.

8 thoughts on “Review of MY E.G. Services Bhd roadtax renewal services”

  1. Today the myeg guy came to deliver a road tax sticker to my home address. Normally for my other road tax deliveries, the delivery guy will take a picture of my driving licence. Today the delivery guy asked for my ic and on top of that wanted my thumb print on a device he brought with him. I felt very uncomfortable giving him my ic and putting my thumb print on the device he brought because there are so many scams around nowadays. What should i do to get my road tax.

  2. The road tax should be taken 2 days (Klang Valley).
    i been waiting since 13/5, but now is 19/5, still not receiving any message or call for ANY logistics call.
    Thus, live chat and phone also cant call in even no response at all.

    Pls help to responce by return. tq
    MAX 5731

      1. Hi I’m waiting for my parcel too. Can I know did you received yours or not. If yes, how long did they take?

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