Me? A columnist in Money Compass English edition?

Today, I want you to pick the “wrong answer” in this multiple choice question.

Where’s the question?

There is none. Just use your logical thinking.

Ok here goes.

A) KC Lau, bestseller author (Top Money Tips for Malaysians), founder of and Money Automation System – first ever online personal finance course for Malaysians

B) Evanna Phoon, RockWills International Group, CEO & founder of, first online will writing service for Malaysians

C) CF Lieu, Engineer

D) Ken Chee, CEO & co-founder of 8 Investment Pte Ltd, self-made millionaire and master trainer of Millionaire Investor Program, Asia


The answer is obvious, right? You pick option C.

That’s me. The odd one out.

Yet, I am one of the columnists for Money Compass English edition, along with the many heavyweights in the finance industry.

See if you agree – below. I am definitely the light weight one.

Money Compass Columnists Aug 2012

I know – I definitely stick out like a sore thumb.

Anyway, here’s a screenshot of my article. A few more articles to come in, so stay tuned!

English Money Compass Aug2012

I am forever thankful to Amy Seok, Money Compass Principal Consultant, for the opportunity, and of course, KC for the initiative 🙂

I’ve come a long way since starting to document my personal finance learning, about a year ago.

If what I documented also assist you in improving your financial literacy, drop me a mail okay? I’d love to connect with you.

And if you have not done so, get my free ebook and subscription to exclusive updates by entering your name and email here.

p/s- Ok, for the record, I did co-founded with KC and of course, am an Associate Member of Financial Planning Association of Malaysia (FPAM). That lessens the “oddness”. 🙂

And get a copy of Money Compass, your premier wealth management magazine,  at your local newstand now (my favourite is from Thanks for your support, dear readers.


Koon Yew Yin, Malaysia’s super investor and respected philanthropist said this (first sentences!) in The BFM Breakfast Grille, back in April 2012 during an interview on value investing, together with Prof Glen Arnold.

With due respect to professor, I am only an engineer. I can’t hardly read balance sheet, neither talk about cash flow.

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