Immediate Personal Finance Lessons for all working class people

What can you learn from a self-made millionaire about financial sense?

A Lot. Especially when he is a high school teacher.

High school teacher is not a glamour profession, and certainly not the kind you would associate with when it comes to becoming a millionaire. The rest of us may have more (traditionally) high paying job than a school teacher, yet we are not remotely close to having a million of net worth. Why is that? Are you curious on how he did it on a school teacher’s salary? Then I suggest you listen to his wisdom.

By the way, Andrew is just in his early forties, and no, he didn’t strike a lottery or inherit any windfall from anyone.

Here’s the full version of the interview with the Millionaire Teacher: Andrew Hallam, the author of the book with the same title: The Nine Rules of Wealth you should have learned in School.

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Prudent Personal Finance Tips to Note

2.20: If you just started working, here are 3 things you should do immediately on the path to financial independence.

7.30: Why you cannot resist the urge to spend for instant gratification when you have money.

11.40: Why talking about money is such a taboo subject in many families.

13.45: Spending unnecessarily is habit ingrained in most culture – but Andrew has a way to alter its perspective.

24.00: How meeting just one right person could transform you into a millionaire.

27.00: How wealth accumulation actually motivates him to do charitable work.

30.50: Would a millionaire consider a financial advisor for consultation of any financial matters? What kind?

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