My Attempt at Winning RM 5,000 while being a Maybank2u Star

Hey my loyal readers, please ignore this post if you are busy. Why? Because this is just my last minute attempt at winning RM 5,000 (and possibly a shot at an Asus Nexus 7 tablet) participating in Maybank2u Facebook App Contest, aka Maybank2u Star contest.┬áThis ends today, 31st Dec 2012 – yes you got that right, it has been running since 1 Nov 2012, oh crap.

Now you may be asking – what is this about?

It’s simple. They are asking you to submit a photo of you via their Facebook app here – and just tell your own Maybank2u story in your own ad. Specifically, – “How has Maybank2u Saved You?” You write a 80 max chars headline, plus a 350 max description, your name, profession and age. Preview the add before you hit the SUBMIT button, and then key in some more details like your I/C number and contact number, and walla…your masterpiece is live for the world to see.

Here’s how I made fun of myself in the submission via Maybank2u Facebook app.

Maybank Saved Me

Submit your own add here now if you got 10 minutes to spare. I mean, today, before 2013!

Here’s KennySia version. I think mine’s better, but of course I think he got paid upfront for the post. Mine don’t get paid. Anyway, Yay or Nay? ­čÖé

KennySia Maybank2u

But it’s 100%┬ásubstance┬áregarding what I put in the ad. It’s no joke, am not just “bodek-ing” Maybank for me to win the prize. ┬áHere’s the concrete evidence.

Maybank2u fraud notice

And here’s a brief summary of what happened.

One fine day, Maybank call center call me to verify if I did one credit card transaction via Amazon US on a certain date.

I wasn’t in front of my PC that time so I replied I’d call back after being advised to do so.

Frankly, I was a bit suspicious of the call was really from Maybank.

Anyway, I checked my Maybank2u transaction history. Nothing suspicious, although I did buy from Amazon US a few weeks before that.

So I didn’t call back Maybank customer service number.

A few days later, I received a letter via Pos Express urging me to call them back for this matter.

Ok, at least I know this is legit.

However, the supposedly fraudulent transaction still didn’t appear in my Maybank2u history. So, no big deal.

And life got into the way, and in preparation for my wedding dinner cum ceremony, this slipped my mind.

And then I got a second, similar letter from Maybank.

So, I called back. And telling them I didn’t buy anything from Amazon US using my credit card on that date.

Ok, so they then went ahead to cancel my card, and told me a replacement card will be available at my branch of choice (Queensbay Mall Penang) a few (I forgotten) working days. I was okay with it.

I think I went to check my card arrival (because I was in QBM) just-in-case it arrives early, cause I had not received any snail mail notification informing me of the card arrival yet.

It already arrived. So end of story.

The only logical explanation I could come up with this incident is that Maybank pro actively detects out-of-ordinary transactions via some complex algorithm in their system. Sound too simple-minded? I thought so. So, what alternative hypothesis you can come up with?

baskin robbins treat points maybank

Anyway, that’s my unique incident after being with Maybank for….countless of years since my university days. The only credit card I got are Maybank cards since 2005, yea, they are probably not what most people would deem the best in terms of petrol rebates, etc but hey, personally, it don’t really matter to me (shoot me for being naive on this ­čÖé )

(I got 2 Visas and 1 Master. The Visas are literally free for life, while the Master, well, so far I never failed at my attempt to ask Maybank to waive the annual fees without using my Treat Points.)

But I tell you what it is good for.

Baskin Robbins.

Hate the 31st queue at Baskin Robbins?

I NEVER ever queued for the 31st half price discount. I detest it more than you.

I go to BR on any day except 31st and exchanged my Treat Points for it instead.

Happy New Year to ALL!

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