Maximize potential returns by investing Retirement Fund in Stocks

(Last Updated On: 18/07/2019)

I am sure everybody knows you can invest your Mandatory Retirement Fund Account 1 money into unit trust. What a lot of people don’t know is that you can also invest in shares via an approved asset manager. You either do this DIY (total control) or hands-off approach (letting the asset manager discretionary buy or sell stocks for you). Of course, stocks carry higher risk than unit trust, but with the right stocks (REIT counters, anyone?) coupled with the right knowledge/mindset in value investing, you could be enjoying sustainable dividends plus awesome capital gain.

This video below explains the following:

  1. What is the “dead money” you possess, and ways you could “reanimate the dead?” Credits to KCLau and Peter Lim
  2. Who is the approved asset manager who can do his for you?
  3. How is the performance at the date of this recording?
  4. Why this could be suitable for you if one have no time to invest on your own or you are a financially savvy person eager to have more control in growing your retirement fund
  5. What are the risks involved and how to manage it?
  6. Showing you live – the platform used and my current portfolio – uncensored
  7. What is the minimum amount of initial investment and how to evaluate if you are eligible to participate

Fin Freedom, the firm I am with, is the business partner of  Company P. You can go through me to participate in this scheme.

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EPF Phillip Capital retirement fund investment

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    Just saw your video. Can I have more details please? Thanks.

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  6. Hi, may I have the video password too? I have sent request in another posting of yours regarding Phillips as well.


  7. Hi, pls share the password for video, tq.

  8. Hi LCF,
    I’m very interested in this investment and would like to know more. I would be grateful if you can share the password. Thanks a lot

  9. Hi Kang Eng, sure. Dropped you a mail.

  10. Thanks for the video p/w. i am interested and may i know the plan in details?

  11. Hi Ching Foo,

    Interesting. Would like to know more, esp. the charges by Phillips.

    Please get in touch.

    Kang eng.

  12. Hi,
    Interested n have sufficient fund in a/c 1 for the purpose.
    Pls send me password to watch ur private video 1st.

  13. Thank you Bernard. Just sent you a private email. Cheers

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    A fellow from SDK beckons. Bumped into your web and congrats to be doing what you’re doing now. Would like to watch your video.


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  16. Hi Jen, let’s talk via email. Can you drop me an email via my contact form above?

  17. Hi LCF,

    What is the fees charged by Philip Capital to get them to invest on behalf?

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  18. Yea, KS the market is getting more “exotic” nowadays compared to 10 years ago. 10% a year compounded is indeed excellent for that long of a period!

  19. Yes Zack, got to have like 80k or above

  20. Hi LCF,

    Thanks for the sharing. Just to clarify, if let say I have RM31K in my Acc 1, it’s insufficient to enroll into this scheme right?

  21. Very insterested . Please contact me

  22. I did not have the opportunity of participating in the investment of stocks via the EPF scheme. However I did participate in the investments of Unit Trusts via the EPF scheme.

    This allowed me to “reanimate the dead money” – as you so very well put it – and enabled me over a period of some 15 years to generate a return in excess of 10% per annum. I will definitely propose to all interested parties to use this opportunity to earn a better return for their “dead money”.

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