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When I talked to Jared Lim, the head honcho at,  I am absolutely sure LoanStreet can dramatically simplify your mortgage loan application process. And best of all, it is free to use. Think of it as your mortgage loan broker, but you don’t need to pay a single cent. LoanStreet as a mortgage broker,  only gets paid by the banks if your home loan get approved.

In this live demonstration, I assume  the role of an idiot, and Jared explained in detail, the whole process of comparing & applying for loans via LoanStreet. This whole process not only takes the hassle out of home loan surveying, it also saves bankers a lot of headache because the leads generated are pre-qualified by a team of LoanStreet customer service consultants.  One thing to note is that the consultation session by LoanStreet customer service personnel is impartial – as in, they are not tied to any banks.

On top of that, there are a few nifty tools relating to mortgage loan, most notable being the entry cost calculator. This calculator computes the amount you need for the lawyer fees, stamp duties, SPA fees, etc specially tailored for Malaysians.

During this session, Jared also answered one of my reader’s question on MRTA and MLTA. Helen, if you are watching this, hope this helps.

Side note: This is the illustration of Jared’s explanation of MRTA sum-assured “curve”. Credits to Horlic Lim.

MRTA vs MLTA the curve

See the interview below for LoanStreet’s unique service and its entire customer experience, whether you are a first time home buyer or a seasoned property investor.

*Please bear with the  echo during the recording.

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