How to Invest Silver in Malaysia

Do you know how to invest in silver in Malaysia? I don’t know about you, but I surely don’t. That’s why I decided to call up Daniel Foo from Silver in Malaysia and garnered some wisdom from him, with some history and science lessons thrown in.

Before investing in any financial instrument, I reckon the best way to read about it and conduct due diligence. Having said that, perhaps the one resource anyone should read before diving into silver investment is this.

During this chat, I learned that:

1. Silver is fungible? You asked, “Fung-what?”

2. Silver is actually even scarcer than gold – You asked – “How?”

3. Silver price manipulation in the market by financial institutions – You ask –  “How not to be taken advantage of?”

To listen to our chat podcast…

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I am always into getting to know the person behind a product or website, if possible, before making my decisions. I hope this interview will help you in a way.