Interview with a Cancer Survivor – YH Ng Episode 1

Retired, financially independent and having achieved all life goals – that’s what YH (Yek  Hoi) Ng has in his life since he was 53 years old. Like everyone else, he is looking forward to another phase in life where he can enjoy doing what he loves without making money making a priority.  But then again at 60, something unexpected happen – and YH has to take a pause after a medical check up in Feb 2013 indicated that he had cancer. Just like when he, like everyone else, thought such condition won’t hit you. No family history, nothing, nadda.

How would you take it if  you are diagnosed with a Stage 3 cancer today? How about your family? We want not only to see our children grow up, but also to watch them get married and have their families. Isn’t that the wish of every parents? We all know of this phrase – “life is short” but it is when things like this hits up, the stark reality of how short our lives can be really starts to sink in.

Some background – I started to know YH about 1.5 years ago – he was one of the first 10 members who joined my program. Then we met in person later this year when he was recovering, and by the time of this recording, he’s all “clear”!

In this interview YH will share with us:

  • What is the mindset to embark on what he called this as a new “diversion” of a life journey
  • How he treat this as a project, and strategize a War Plan (see below)
  • How he realized cancer is more common than we think (proof – we at least know someone in our 2nd or 3rd degree network circle who had cancer)
  • What he did that 99% of the cancer patients did not do – and how this could be a major factor in his recovery
  • What he did a lot more to battle cancer besides relying solely on chemotherapy
  • How he prepare emotionally, spiritually and financially
  • Why insurance company declared him “dead” many years
  • How to absorb and exude positive energy that helps in his recovery

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YH  WAR Plan

YH War Plan – click for Larger View


Closing comment from YH in this Part 1:

Miracle will only happen if you work for it. Choose your friends who are positive and thrive in a positive environment

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  1. Yes, YH is awesome indeed. His determination to overcome all adversities is a key mark that everyone must have and follow. I guess there is a Part 2 to come. I look forward to it eagerly.

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