What do insurance policies for women cover?

There is this article in Personal Money March 2013 on protection against women-specific diseases. And since I got married last December, with peers around me or whose wife are planning for baby soon, I started to look for these lady insurance in my platform. A good friend and his wife had a discussion with me on this during one house warming last week. At Fin Freedom, we have and can compare products from various providers in the market, thus saving you a lot of time. The video below serves as a guide on what I think a wise lady should be asking and considering before taking any lady insurance. For any comments or queries you know I can be contacted directly via the same email if you are subscribed to my exclusive email list (right of my sidebar)

In short, lady plan, in my opinion is good to have, but not must have. Use it as a complement to your basic coverage. Reason is, you got to be covered with the very basic death, total permanent disability, critical illness and medical policy first before this becomes your priority. They are not exactly cheap. It will be most applicable if you or your wife just got married and planning to have baby soon. With the right coverage, you would have a nominal sum protection for maternity-related illness, but this must be bought earlier as there is a 1 year waiting period.

Lady plan LCF

In this video, we’ll drill deep down into the benefits and features; it is worth getting a copy of this month’s Personal Money as well.

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