Humble Beginnings: 3 Success Stories That Still Inspire Today

Success is something we are all after, despite having very different definitions on what it exactly means. For some, to be successful is to have millions of dollars, driving fancy cars and living in luxurious houses. For others, it’s having a stable job and a nice house that keeps you and your family warm in the cold winter nights. Regardless of how you view success, being a better version of ourselves and leading better lives is something we all aspire to do. Unfortunately, the journey is seldom easy, and it is filled with roadblocks. Sometimes, quitting feels like the only right decision. It is in times like these that you should turn to your role models for inspiration because you can rest assured that they didn’t have it easy. 

These are some success stories that are still inspiring today. 

  1. Walt Disney 

There probably aren’t many people out there who don’t know “Disney.” We know them for their blockbuster superhero films or the majestic theme parks and other worlds created to amuse and entertain adults and children alike. Yet, not many people know the story of the genius behind those worlds that we have grown to love so much. Walt Disney’s journey was anything but easy. He was actually fired from his job in a newspaper as an animator because he “wasn’t creative enough.” He could’ve thrown in the towel then, but Disney didn’t. This was the turning point in his life, and it was the start of something majestic. 

Disney started creating characters, and one of those was Mickey Mouse, which landed him a fortune. Everybody knows this cartoon character, and kids around the world love him and his adventures. The rest, as they say, is history. He went on to establish one of the biggest companies in the world, and he won more Oscars for his contributions to the art world than anyone –– 22. He became one of the most successful people to have ever lived, and his success story is still inspiring to this very day! 

  1. Tiger Woods 

Golf fans will already know who Tiger Woods is. He is arguably the greatest golfer of all time, and his success in the sport has been quite impressive for decades. Yet, Woods hasn’t always had it easy throughout the years. Still, the Net Worth of Tiger Woods is valued in millions, and his story is one we should all learn from. Despite being the youngest winner to ever claim the Master title in 1997, his career still had its fair share of ups and downs. It was plagued by personal problems and worst of all, several injuries that could have retired almost any other player. He had several injuries due to a persistent back injury which saw him sidelined quite a few times. Yet, Woods never gave up, and in one of the best comebacks in the history of sports, at 43 years of age, he won the Master title in 2019. His victory came as a surprise to a lot of people, but Woods proved what champions are made from and claimed another title in his very impressive career. 

  1. J. K. Rowling 

Millions of fans around the world know that name by heart. Rowling is the author of the beloved fantasy series, Harry Potter, which sold millions of copies around the world. The books were also adapted into one of the most successful movie franchises in the history of cinema that took the fans around a magical world. But before all that happened, Rowling had quite a rough start. She had faced a ton of rejections. She kept trying to have her books published, but she was constantly rejected. In fact, 12 different publishers rejected her series –– you can imagine how bummed they must be right now. Yet, Rowling never gave up and continued the pursuit of her dreams, despite having basically no money. The rest after that is history. Her book was finally picked up by a publisher and she soon wrote several other ones in the series, we have all grown to love so much. It is hard to picture what millions of lives would have been like if Rowling shelved her book after the first half a dozen rejections! 

If these stories teach one lesson, it is that you should never give up. Some of the most successful people in the world had really humble beginnings, and their journeys were full of challenges that could have broken other people. This is why you can turn to their stories when you’re feeling down to draw inspiration and keep going forward. 

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