Dissecting IGB REIT IPO Prospectus Part 2

IGB REIT IPO retail offering has been delayed from its original date of 23 August 2012, pending Securities Commission final approval on its prospectus.

However, this does not deter us from conducting due diligence based on the earlier draft of the prospectus, in terms of IGB REIT’s strength, weakness, opportunities and threats.

As promised, for loyal reader who have been asking for Part 2, here it is. Also, it includes demonstration on how to apply for this IPO via online banking like Maybank2u or CIMBClicks. The methods should be applicable for other banks which participate in IGB REIT IPO offering.

Mid Valley City REIT

If you missed the first part, watch this video –  Dissecting IGB REIT IPO Prospectus Part 1

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Update 27 August 2012:  IGB REIT IPO application starts today, until 4 Sept 2012 (Closing)

Information in this video should not be taken as offer/advice to buy or sell securities. I may own or have positions in securities mentioned, and may time to time, add on or dispose of such securities.

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    1. LCF

      Haha nice Kris! Thanks for the tips!

  1. jacky

    Just subscribed. Hope it success.

    1. LCF

      Me too. All the best Jacky!

  2. NG

    really..so good….in propectures have any detail about it? when i know is change to reit?

  3. NG

    hi LCF….may i ask? Now currently i am holding KAASETS share…what should i do? Is it automative transfer to IGB REIT? In propectures , which part have details about it? Please help…thx//

    1. LCF

      Hi Ng, congratulations! You should stay put – don’t need to do anything. As an existing shareholder of Kris Assets, you’ll receive cash distribution on top of 5.24 shares of every KASSETS share you currently own.

  4. Zoe

    Hi LCF,

    Thanks for such a great sharing in Part 1 and Part 2.

    I’m a Maybank2u user but as of today, the IPO application for IGB REIT is still not available. As you mentioned the IPO application should be available by today? Does it mean it is not available for Maybank? Where else is it available then?


    1. LCF

      Hi Zoe, you are most welcome. I’ll give it a day for it to appear in the system.
      Internet participating financial institutions are Affin Bank, CIMB, Maybank , Public Bank and RHB Bank.

      Hope this helps. Check back often! 🙂

      1. Zoe

        Thanks LCF.

        Yes, indeed it has appeared now. I’ve tried to apply it, so far all my IPO applications are not successful. Let’s see for this one.

        Again, thanks a lot for your sharing and keep it going! 🙂

  5. Jason

    Hi LCF, how about public bank apply method?

    1. LCF

      Hi Jason, I don’t have Public Bank so I can’t show you how. But if you explore the menus of your PBank interface, something under Investment, it should be somewhere there. Good luck!

      1. LKS

        Hi Jason,
        As requested by CF, here is what you need to do to register and use Public Bank Online to apply for IPOs.
        After signing on to PBeBank, on the menus listed on the left, select “E-Share Applicaton” and then “CDS Maintenance”, follow the screens to add your CDS number and name.
        Once this is done, you can go back to the “E-Share Application” option and the IPO available for application will be shown. Just input the required data to apply for te IPO.
        If you need any further help, you can always contact the PBeBank customer service centre.
        Hope this helps.

        1. LCF

          Awesome KS. You have my thanks!

  6. jacky

    Awesome! Going to subscribe this IPO. Thanks CF!

    1. LCF

      You are most welcome Jacky 🙂

  7. JW

    Great job! just liked your fb page. keep it up!!

    1. LCF

      Thanks for the support JW! Check back often 🙂

      1. JW

        Btw, where can I get the Prospectus in 1 pdf file? the link at SC website is broken. CIMB gives the prospectus in multiple files

        1. LCF

          As you stated, JW, the SC website is the only one I found so far. If it’s broken, then CIMB one should be the latest.

          1. JW

            right, thanks mate.

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