Dissecting IGB REIT IPO Prospectus Part 1

IGB REIT IPO – there are so much hype and anticipation surrounding it for the past 6 months.

Two days ago, the registrable prospectus of IGB REIT has been submitted to Securities Commission. This gives the public and potential investors a sneak peak into the business & fundamentals of Midvalley Megamall and the Gardens Mall.

You can download the prospectus here (13 MB).

442 pages of a prospectus might sound daunting, but if you a short of time, there are only several key things to look for – and this video will extract crucial metrics every investors should be aware of before putting your money in.

Mid Valley City REIT

Date for Retail Offering (IPO): 23 August 2012
Date of listing on Main Market, KLSE: 19 Sept 2012
Retail IPO price: RM 1.25

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Remarks from SC: Information contained in the prospectus might change until the final registered prospectus. As such, final investment decisions should be based on registered prospectus.

Update 26 Aug 2012: Dissecting IGB REIT IPO Prospectus Part 2 – Click Here

Information in this video should not be taken as offer/advice to buy or sell securities. I may own or have positions in securities mentioned, and may time to time, add on or dispose of such securities.

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