Dissecting IGB REIT IPO Prospectus Part 1

IGB REIT IPO – there are so much hype and anticipation surrounding it for the past 6 months.

Two days ago, the registrable prospectus of IGB REIT has been submitted to Securities Commission. This gives the public and potential investors a sneak peak into the business & fundamentals of Midvalley Megamall and the Gardens Mall.

You can download the prospectus here (13 MB).

442 pages of a prospectus might sound daunting, but if you a short of time, there are only several key things to look for – and this video will extract crucial metrics every investors should be aware of before putting your money in.

Mid Valley City REIT

Date for Retail Offering (IPO): 23 August 2012
Date of listing on Main Market, KLSE: 19 Sept 2012
Retail IPO price: RM 1.25

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Remarks from SC: Information contained in the prospectus might change until the final registered prospectus. As such, final investment decisions should be based on registered prospectus.

Update 26 Aug 2012: Dissecting IGB REIT IPO Prospectus Part 2 – Click Here

Information in this video should not be taken as offer/advice to buy or sell securities. I may own or have positions in securities mentioned, and may time to time, add on or dispose of such securities.

16 thoughts on “Dissecting IGB REIT IPO Prospectus Part 1”

  1. I have just submitted my application through CIMBClicks minutes ago but it’s still not available on Maybank2U. So if it’s delayed then why CIMBClicks offers it???

    Btw can we applied multiple times through different banks or each person (by IC or CDS account?) is allowed for 1 application??


    1. I know what you are thinking – it’s like lucky draw right? More submission, higher chances 🙂 But I am afraid you can’t have multiple applications – it is an offence under the law.

  2. cf, do I need to go cimb or hong leong bank for subscribe this ipo? public bank/maybank cannot? because I cannot see eshare-application in anyway…

    1. Hi Jacky, it is not available yet as eIPO because the retail offering date has been delayed to 28 Aug because SC is checking something on its prospectus. Reliable source from Sin Chew.

  3. POSTPONED-[MEDIA INVITE] Press Conference On The Launch Of IGB REIT’s Prospectus
    Wednesday 22/08/2012

    CIMB regret to inform that the press conference on the launch of IGB Real Estate Investment Trust’s (REIT) prospectus scheduled on Thurday 23 August 2012 has been POSTPONED until further notice, due to unforeseen circumstances.

    CIMB apologise for any inconvenience caused.


    Name : Audra Ooi
    Mobile : 016-483 2433
    Email : audra.ooi@cimb.com


    What happends?

    1. Hi Ng, I contacted Audra directly. The delay is not caused by CIMB, but rather, it is pending further inspection on certain part of the prospectus by Securities Commission.

  4. Hi, I wonder if we can buy from Maybank2u.com? I can’t find the IPO offering there when I log in this morning.

    1. Yeap, should be able to. Not yet available it seems. I checked CIMB too. Closing date is 30 Aug though, so I’ll give it another day or two to appear in the eIPO system.

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