IGB REIT IPO – Application Failed, Now What?

If you didn’t get IGB REIT IPO, should you buy the stock when it goes listing then? Probably at a price which is higher than RM 1.25/share?

Check your chances below and if your IPO money already got refunded, soon.  😀

Anyway, if you want to buy when it goes listing, what reasons would you base your decision on?


Here’s what I think from OSK Research report – 2 things, one – potential in increasing & consistent rental income. Second – valuation. Think it as you were a big shot property investor 🙂

Additional info on the REIT manager below from OSK Research:

Retail-focused REIT managers with track record. IGB REIT Management SB, the REIT manager, will adopt an investment policy of having a diversified portfolio of income-generating real estate primarily used for retail purposes in Malaysia, overseas as well as other related assets. The REIT manager comprises a team with an established track record, spearheaded by Tan Sri Robert Tan Chung Meng, the Group Managing Director, who has over 20 years of experience in the property industry and holds directorships in Wah Seong Corporation and Tan & Tan Developments. He has been involved in various development projects since joining the IGB Group 1995. In particular, he has been instrumental in the success of MidValley City and its two prized shopping malls, as he was involved in all stages of their development projects since inception. Tan Sri Tan is also supported by his key management team with experience ranging from eight to 20 years in the relevant fields.

Also see IGB REIT 2012 Infographics

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