IGB REIT IPO 2012 Infographics

I am glad that the simplified version of IGB REIT IPO prospectus, in video form, has received so much gratitude and good response from readers.

As you might have already known, I am neither a financial analyst nor an investment banker; but you don’t need to be one to value-invest prudently by doing due diligence reading annual reports/prospectus.

However, one interesting point is that I received 3 versions of the same questions from readers:

 “If let say I already put my OSK CDS account in Maybank to apply for IPO, can I put this same OSK CDS account in my CIMB bank as well to apply for IPO?” by Chow Yoong Wah, via Facebook

“Application on the same bank can only be done once. What about same CDS account with different bank? ” by Zac Tay via Facebook

“Btw can we applied multiple times through different banks or each person (by IC or CDS account?) is allowed for 1 application?” by 杉木 via Comments

Interesting, isn’t it?  The enthusiasm to apply for IGB REIT IPO is over the brim. That’s probably IGB REIT is not just any other REIT or stocks – its assets is something everyone can relate to – Midvalley and the Gardens Mall.

I know what you are thinking – it’s like lucky draw right? More submission, higher chances :)

Let me know what you understand by this, below. That should answer your queries.

IPO application FAQ

Source: Malaysian Issuing House

If you missed them previously, here are the links:

Dissecting IGB REIT IPO Prospectus Part 1

Dissecting IGB REIT IPO Prospectus Part 2

And finally, here’s something more visual for everyone

IGB REIT Infographics

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