Five Things to Look For When Hiring a Life Insurance Advisor

Life insurance is one of the most critical services you are likely to purchase in your lifetime. It is a deeply personal thing, one that puts you in a vulnerable position as you figure out the best way to provide for your family should something happen. Thinking out loud about death and your family’s financial state of affairs is a difficult thing to do, and as a result, you will want to find the best life insurance advisor possible. Someone with a deep understanding of your needs and sensitivities.

If you are looking into life insurance policies and realize you need someone’s advice, then the following list will help you understand what to be on the lookout for.


This one is obvious, but it should be mentioned right from the top since there are – unfortunately- quite a few snake oil salesmen out there. A good insurance advisor or agent will know their way around all the products available on the market and will be able to tell you which plan best meets your needs.

They should also demonstrate a good understanding of technical know-how, and understand the ins and outs of tax law and the legal implications of different services. Especially with how they fit according to your own specific financial situation. Don’t trust anyone who is able to sell you on the policy, but is unwilling to or can’t answer your most basic questions about the bigger picture.

Willingness to try things out

Finding a good insurance advisor should be similar to trying on a new pair of shoes. As the experts from point out, you should be able to shop around for the best advice and find an agent who understands this. Since most agents work on commission, the prominent ones with the big names will not only understand your concerns, but would encourage you to look for the best service and deal.

So much of the work that goes into being with an insurance agent is not only about skills, but also “fit”: you want to be on the lookout for someone who understands you and your specific situation, and would, therefore, have excellent communication skills. Some people just don’t “vibe” well together, and it should be ok for you to search for someone else.

A people person

You most definitely want an advisor who puts the needs of clients first and isn’t only out for the commission. A good insurance agent will listen carefully to you, your fears and concerns, and sell you on their trust more than anything. This is ostensibly the hardest part of the job – but if you find someone with these important, yet underrated soft skills, then don’t let them go. That means they are an excellent fit for you.

Customer service is also crucial to the job, so if you find someone who makes themselves readily available to clients via phone calls and emails, then that is a good sign. Insurance agents are notorious for leaving clients in the lurch once they have secured their commission, so try your best to avoid these types.

Furthermore – and this has been a subtext for most of this article – you want someone who knows how to handle sensitivities. Don’t latch onto an agent who is blunt or aggressive. The best ones are always tactful and can communicate financial anxieties with compassion.


A good insurance agent will quickly demonstrate a willingness to advocate on your behalf and will be persistent in taking care of you and your family’s needs. He or she will also be honest and upfront with you regarding the business, and should not take your trust for granted. Insurance is a tricky business with many legal consequences if done improperly. So, you want a good agent who will be reliable and is ultimately trustworthy.


Finally, you should be on the lookout for an insurance agent who is willing to offer you a good bargain for certain services or products. Customers will want to shop around and get deals on insurance plans, and a good agent should be ready to offer them.

Life insurance is a growing industry, and there are now many agents on the market, working both freelancers or representatives of major agencies. You should take the time to find the best one for you before hiring them, and ensure that they fully understand your situation and needs. It’s important that he or she will not take you for granted as a client, and will do their best to offer you the best service possible.

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