First Investment Stories from Personal Finance Experts Episode Six

Personal finance experts in this episode combined entrepreneurship with value investing to supercharge their money growth.

Ken is the CEO and co-founder of 8 Investment Pte Ltd, a company that focuses on equity investments and education. He was also awarded the Spirit of Enterprise Award by the President of Singapore in 2005 and a self-made millionaire at the young age of 34.
My first investment was Singapore Stock Exchange (SGX) back in early 2003. My average buying price was around $1.60, invested about $20k and went to sleep. I have held it until early 2007 and sold it about $7.50-$8.

Ken CheeThe capital appreciation was 468.75% achieving compounding return of 47.14% annually without reinvesting the dividends collected over 4 years. Most importa
ntly, I collected a total dividends of $0.97 per share during the 4 years invested represented 60% dividend yield of my original investment, averaging 15% yearly while sleeping! More than enough to offset Singapore core inflation of 3%.With the inclusion of my dividends return, my compounding annual growth rate is 51.82% (CAGR) from 2003-2007.
Love Pure Passive Income and Value Investing rock! 🙂


Kevin of InvestItWisely.  Invest It Wisely is about evaluating the choices that each of us face everyday. It’s about investing your time, your money, and your energy wisely, in order to achieve your goals. The end goal is maximizing your life expectation, and exploring the ways to get there.

My first profitable investment was probably the 1 year and 3 year GICs I purchased back when I was still in school. It was the first significant (for me at the time) amount of money I had saved up, and interest rates were more reasonable than they are today. Through these investments I also learned a bit of discipline, as I could not touch the money while it was locked away earning interest.

This is actually why I don’t understand why the government refers to interest income as “unearned”. That makes it sound the same as “undeserved”. How is sacrificing some of your consumption in the present and using a bit of discipline to grow your savings a bad thing? Would they prefer everyone max out their CCs? 🙂


Sunil of ExtraMoneyBlog.  Extra Money Blog is about how to expedite wealth building by making extra money through multiple passive income businesses on the Internet.

When I was a kid, I bought several SNES games (Super Nintendo) from friends and sold them to FuncoLand (now GameStop) for a profit. Did this for the entire summer

In college, I used to skip classes and day trade sometimes. I bought 2,000 shares of Inteligroup (ITIG) around $2 and sold it later at $14. The stock went all the way to the 30s or 50s I don’t recall.

When I first started working and building credit, I bought a rental property on 0 down (pre 2006). The property has $65,000 + in equity and I have been making positive cash flow since day 1, no vacancies, and tax advantages with each passing year.

I sold my first ecommerce business for $250,000 to an ebay powerseller who wanted to establish a web presence and access my 10,000 buyer database

There were lots of failures too, so please don’t think everything was a success.


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