Why Do You Need Financial Planning?

Life is a combination of decisions –

  • things you do; circumstances –
  • things that others do to you, including people you’ve never met, like politicians; and
  • results – your decisions + the circumstances.

When we complain about life we mostly complain about our circumstances, not our decisions. We seem to be fixated on circumstances.

When I first meet a person they tend to ask about my circumstances first – where am I from? where do I live?

It’s only when people get to know me that they ask why I decided to be a licensed financial adviser, for example.

Why do circumstances interest us more than decisions?

Sure, circumstances happen to us before we can even make decisions – even before we are born.

But decisions are by far more interesting because that’s how you change circumstances, possibly to the point that the circumstances disappear or stop mattering.

Welcome to financial planning, where the core of such exercise is to empower you to let your own decisions determine the outcome, rather than dictated by circumstances.

Most of the time, the Best Returns Aren’t Just Measured In Money

Whether you want to send your kids to college (without jeopardizing your retirement fund) or preserve your family wealth, I can advise you independently.

No matter what you are already doing, I can help to make it even better – in the form of second opinion.

Why Do You Need Financial Planning? by CF Lieu - Certified Financial Planner Malaysia
credit: https://fpam.org.my/

Integrate Every Areas Of Your Personal Finances In 2 Months, Without Any Product Pushing

  • Gain Clarity via Consolidated “Big Picture” Analysis
  • Make Smarter and Informed Financial Decisions
  • Evaluate the Cause & Effect of a Financial Decision on the Future
  • Catch & Fix Financial Leakages or Blind spots before they Snowball
Why Do You Need Financial Planning? by CF Lieu - Certified Financial Planner Malaysia