If you have not engaged an independent, licensed financial advisor before, or it’s your first time engaging me, this page will be really helpful.

Let me guess what’s on your mind, because I’ve been there…

Don’t forget, I’ve gone to insurance and unit trust agents when I was younger too. Whatever you’re thinking now once crossed my mind too.

The FAQs are questions most prospective clients would want to ask but either they didn’t dare or didn’t get to.

It’s recommended that you go through the questions here before you book a fact-finding call.

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How do I know you’re good at what you do?

Firstly, there are testimonials available and I do not intend to lose my dignity and self-respect by faking them. If you need to get in touch with anyone who left a review as a reference check, feel free to let me know.

Secondly, if my blog still isn’t able to convince you that I know what I’m doing, I really don’t know what else will.

I’d strongly encourage you to take some time to go through my testimonials and gauge my knowledge and experience for yourself.

My life’s perfectly fine at the moment. What now?

It’s up to you, really. About half of my clients want to see if they overlook anything critical at the juncture of their ‘going fine life’ where they are about to make an important decision, like retiring early.

The other half of my clients who consult me are going through a rough patch and are looking for some guidance or direction – people who are happy-go-lucky, complacent or believe ‘ignorance is bliss’ usually don’t entertain the thought of getting their ‘finances planned’ because there’s no need to. This doesn’t mean you won’t benefit from financial ‘life’ planning because your life is going well now.

There are still benefits to be reaped, such as looking out for blind spots that will cost you dearly in the future; getting that extra nudge you need in venturing something new, such as starting your own business; or just to get that peace of mind that everything will be alright.

At the end of the day, this service is not something I want to hard-sell or ‘scare’ people into doing.

Whether or not you end up with a good or legit practitioner is also somewhat fated. So let’s just leave it to fate.

Will an engagement with you feel any different?

Expect my style to be different and unlike what you’ve experienced before, especially when you are doing this online.

If you have been to a legitimate practitioner, he or she should have been able to not only advice you on the technicalities of finance, but also coach you on behavioral finance.

“Personal Finance is 80% behavior and only 20% head knowledge”

Most ‘practitioners’ these days totally ignore the emotional and psychological aspect of personal finance, leaving clients crippled in taking decisive actions that lead to transformative results.

You’ll likely find my consultation very technical, but for good reason. It’s my way of enlightening you on the proper process (NOT products!) with utmost clarity and that I’m not conjuring things out of thin air.

The next step is to empower you to make an informed decision that is aligned to what you really want to achieve in the foreseeable future.

You don’t seem approachable when I saw your persona on your YouTube channel

I’m known to have a strong personality but it is not the kind that is malicious. I’m just someone who is not afraid to say what I feel, and what is really true.

Beating around the bush is a waste of my time and yours, as I’m not shy of ‘calling a spade a spade’ when I have to. Usually, it happens only to people with ZERO self-awareness yet arrogant (“bodoh sombong”).

It’s not that I enjoy being blunt, but I have to sometimes because there are people out there who think the universe owes them something.
I have to weed out bad prospective clients so that my time and energy can be used on those who really wish to get positive outcome from non-biased financial advisory. Sometimes, we also need someone to knock reality into us and I, unfortunately, have to play that role.

Why are your fees so expensive compared to others?

If you are looking for the cheapest, then CF Lieu is NOT the place to go to. They are within reason for the amount of time and effort I have to spend on the service. If you run your own business, you’re more likely to understand where I’m coming from.

You are welcome to survey around and find another independent, licensed financial advisor who has been engaged by the largest bank (Maybank) and fund manager (PNB) in the country to conduct investment workshop and have longer list of clients’ testimonials than what I have here.

To share what goes on in my head:
🔹 I know where I stand in the industry. It makes no sense for me to charge the same or lower than those whom I know aren’t good at what they do.
🔹 It is still cheaper than what some of the charlatans, fake gurus or scams are charging.
🔹 I am targeting a very specific demographic that is aligned with my beliefs and philosophies. I am not targeting the mass market. The fee is an automatic filter because I want those who come to me to take the consultation very seriously.
🔹 I have to charge a rate that I feel is worth my time and effort that keeps me motivated and not burned out. It helps to manage my volume.

Will you give me solutions?

Yes of course when the solution is obvious, definite and quantifiable.

Sometimes, there will be ambiguous solutions with its fair share of pros and cons, in that case, I will do my best to give you my opinions – as a professional, based on what I’ve seen in other cases and client’s situations, as well as my own life experience.

You have no idea how hard it is to deliver messages that are tough, but yet, needs to be delivered for the good of the client.

Ultimately, you’ll have to learn to make wise decisions for yourself and take responsibility for them. At the end of the day, a lot of the solutions I give are actually common sense (which is NOT common nowadays, especially when it comes to personal finance)

Is it safe to do this online? Can I trust you?

It would be foolish to take your money and disappear in a country where financial advisory is regulated by Securities Commission. There’s simply no reason for me to risk my future and reputation I’ve spent years building by taking a few thousands Ringgit and vanish.

Before you even fill up our fact-finding form here, it will be a good idea to go through my YouTube channel here, to understand:
🔹what I do,
🔹who I am,
🔹my philosophy of this field and
🔹how you should approach a consultation.

Also, FYI, Malaysian Medical Association (MMA) has engaged me in the past to conduct nation-wide financial educational webinars for its members (doctors and specialists). See image screenshot at the bottom of this page.

Find me another licensed financial advisor who has such credibility?

Why don’t I see you on media or at events a lot?

Media or corporate events do get you a lot of exposure and great photo opportunities. You go for one, get some great photo-shots, post it online and the next thing you know, people will think you’re a hot shot financial guru that everybody wants a piece of.

I don’t believe in appearing on media for the sake of it. Yes, it’s likely going to make me appear more popular, but I’m really not here to be popular. If popularity is a byproduct of credibility and good reputation, then I don’t mind that – I rather be real with you.

The frequency of appearing on media or corporate events has no correlation to proficiency and other intangible factors such as the practitioner’s ethical boundaries and standards.

In fact, I would urge you to develop a critical eye and be careful of practitioners who treat this like field like a popularity contest and throw themselves at every media opportunity possible. A lot of what the media or seminar perpetuates are nothing more than a sponsored ‘show’, and it does more harm than good.

Publishing weekly education content on my YouTube channel allows me to reach more people, and more importantly, the right people, without the constraint of what you should say not not say in a sponsored event or in mainstream media. 

Compared to the 15 to 20 minutes on stage or on media, in front of people who rather focus on the food just for the opportunity to snap photos, post it on social media and appear more popular? Pretentious. Not my style.

I appeared on the media on a few occasions, but only because they allowed me to stay true to my voice and spread the correct message.

What are you like in person?

I do want my clients to get to know me a little before a consultation starts, but getting to know me isn’t something that can be done in a few days and through a website. Watch some of my YouTube videos and you’ll get an idea of what I’m like and the vibe I give off.

I’m known to have a strong personality. I’m not afraid to say what I feel or let my opinions be heard.

How I function as a practitioner or professional and how I am in my day to day life is no different.
If you are nice, I’ll also be nice. If you’re not, then I don’t see why I need to be nice either.
I do not put up another front during the course of my work because clients are not dealing with an organization. I’m being engaged as a person and individual.

I’m a no-nonsense kind of person when it comes to certain things. So please, when I ask you to read something, please read it. It is for your own good and it is not leisure reading.
My team and I are not your private banking with customer service team focused on making clients feel like royalty.
We are a boutique advisory business, keeping operations lean and efficient so that I can focus on the things that matter.
Help me, help you.

Be nice and respectful, and we may just end up being friends. If not, feel free to keep it transactional.

How do I know if my consultation request will be rejected?

Please spend some time reading my clients’ testimonials HERE.

If you can relate to how I have helped them and agree with my philosophy and approach, there is no reason for me to reject your case, so don’t worry.

If you find yourself
🔹disagreeing with what I say, or
🔹have no idea what I’m trying to get across, or
🔹you’re simply too lazy to read,

…it’s best you find yourself another practitioner.

My website is there for the benefit of you getting the most out of your consultation, but for that to happen, everyone needs to understand that this field has been misconstrued and we need to adjust our way of approaching financial advisory.

No other licensed practitioner out there churn out free contents like I do.
There is no reason why you should be approaching me and still expecting me to provide you 1on1 consultation for free.

Have you mastered every single thing?

No, and I never will. The same goes for every field – the learning never stops.
The number of different problems and solutions possible for a similar kind of financial matters goes into the thousands. Everyone’s situation is unique, it’s just that practitioners like myself keep ourselves abreast of any new developments in the financial world & economics.

I’m just someone who committed to this more heavily than the passing enthusiast or hobbyist.
My heart and mind comes from a different place and you can go to my weekly videos published on my YouTube channel to find out why.

Am I more experienced than most people? Yes.

Am I better than other practitioners? Perhaps.

Have I mastered everything? Definitely not.

The point is, I won’t pretend like I know everything, and I do have to refer back to my curated knowledge sometimes too like how a lawyer has to prepare for their case.

I can only promise you that I’m always learning and trying to improve because I will never be satisfied with my proficiency.

Pretending that I know everything is only going to harm not only you, but myself too.

Are you always correct?

Of course not. I’m not perfect and I make mistakes too.

Sometimes it’s because I’m simply too swamped, and sometimes it’s really just because I overlooked something.

As the number of advisory hours I clock goes up, my proficiency, of course, goes up too. The consultations I did when when I first started are nowhere close to the level of consultations I give now. I also make it a point to always revise and adapt whatever I know, and through the process, I learn new things as well.

I am a human, after all, and human make mistakes and I seek your understanding with that. I don’t wish to become the kind of practitioner who pretends to be infallible because it is not good for my growth as a practitioner and clients will suffer as a result of that.

All I can say is that I do whatever I can to minimize mistakes.
But no disastrous, irreversible mistakes thus far in my career as independent licensed advisor, if anything, those are mistakes that are reversible.

Do you entertain discounts?

No because I think you will understand if you believe in integrity and fairness. Let me explain.

Firstly, please learn to respect other people’s time and effort. If not, there are plenty of other practitioners out there who charge lower. Feel free to approach them if you think they are more credible and can offer you the same value (note: my credentials include being engaged by Maybank & PNB ~ Amanah Saham fund manager to conduct investment workshops for their internal staff. Verify here, under the section ‘CF Lieu’s Credibility & Authority in Corporate Space‘).

Secondly, I could have jacked up the advisory fee and give you a 50% ‘discount’ – but do you want our advisory engagement to start that way?

That being said, I can give you 100% discount aka Free of Charge. And that is on my YouTube channel over here.

Will your fees get higher in future?

It depends. The fees I charge now are a sweet spot. I’m happy with the volume and the quality of clients I’m getting.
I might make some adjustments when things start to get overwhelming, which may be happening soon.

How do I proceed with an engagement?

Just head over to enter your contact details at this page if you have not already.
You’ll get a respond within 1 working day with instructions.

How much is your charges?

RM 500 and above depending on the time required and how complex is your consultation scope. Best way to find out is to start here to schedule a fact-finding call to know precisely how much time needed for me to work with you.