Why businesses need DAM software to save time and improve efficiency

Time is money, and if you’re wasting too much of it then you can expect your lack of efficiency to be reflected in your bottom line. But if you or your team are struggling to make headway with your long list of tasks and responsibilities, despite working at full capacity then you may need to delve a little deeper, into what is costing your department so much time and frustration.

Marketing in particular requires everyone to be on the same page. Projects need to be completed with quality and efficiency in mind. But if your marketing team is struggling to hit deadlines and are at the mercy of poor communication and bottlenecked workflows then you may want to take a look at DAM software.

Utilising Digital Asset Management software is a simple, yet highly effective way to bring your team together, banish inefficiency and streamline your current working processes. Need more persuading? Read on for why your department or business needs DAM software to save time and improve efficiency.

Sharing made easy!

There’s nothing that slows down the creative process more than waiting to access the latest files and materials for approval and edits. Waiting for files to download, complicated email chains, frustrating ZIP folders and even risky unsecure file transfer connections – all this waiting around can cause havoc with meeting those all-important deadlines. Even if your team is currently collaborating with third parties, everyone needs safe and secure access to what they need, as and when they need it.

This is where DAM software plays a vital role. When you have a collective place to store and share media, you instantly streamline projects and communications across the business.  Allocating files has never been easier and with specific user access complete with expiration dates, you can rest assured that your files are safe and secure.

Simplistic searches

Servers, hard drives, desktops, clouds, folders, downloads…there are dozens of places where files can be stored and even lost. It’s this variety of storage solutions that makes controlling digital assets so difficult and in turn, it slows everything down.

DAM software acts as a single, centralised storage system for all your digital assets. Using smart search technology including metadata and custom-created taxonomy, users can search for the files they need easily and find what they want within seconds. Also, version control capabilities ensure that only the latest versions of any digital asset are displayed first, helping your teams maintain brand consistency throughout their work.

Security is a primary focus

A data security breach is something that can devastate any business, large or small. Cleaning up after a security problem is both costly and time-consuming, so by installing DAM software you’re not only preserving your data security but also continuing to streamline your workflow without risking a breach in the process.

DAM software can help you control who has access to which files, and ensures only authorised and authentic users can view, share or edit them. Water-marked files can help prevent unauthorised distribution, and the clever way that DAM allows users to share files mean that security is always upheld.

Final thoughts…

It’s clear that when it comes to efficiency, DAM software is leading the way. Check out Bynder.com to speak to the experts.