A Convenient Way to Check Insurance Policy Cash Value

e-Connect is Great Eastern web-based service for policyholders. With e-Connect, you can:


• View and download your Life Insurance Premium Certificate(LAPC)
• Check your policy details and values
• Download form for transactions
• View Investment Link Annual Report


Steps to sign up as user
Step 1: Go to Great Eastern e-Connect Portal and click Sign Up Now.
Step 2:  Read the terms and conditions, and click Submit
Step 3:  Fill up the registration form. Your registration is successful only if you see a message telling you that your password will be sent to you within 7 working days.
Step 4: Retrieve your 8 digits password once you receive the slip. You will be prompted to change your password.
Step 5: Under the tab “My Policies”, you should see all the policies under your name.
Click on the policy number and a new pop up window will show you all the static info (policy status and benefits, premium, sum assured, beneficiary, agent name, etc) and dynamic info (policy values).
Dynamic info is of more interest to us.
For Traditional Whole Life Policy, you can check your policy surrender value. Here, SA, RB and TB means Sum Assured, Reversionary Bonus and Terminal Bonus respectively.

Reversionary bonus refers to bonus added to the sum assured of a life assurance policy out of a life company surplus profits usually on an annual basis. These bonuses are payable at the end of the term of the policy (that is, at maturity), or on prior death of the life assured. Once allocated, their values are guaranteed provided premiums are paid up to maturity or death.

Terminal bonus is bonus received upon maturity of the policy.

For Net Policy Loan value details, you can go to GE FAQ section . Basically, this is the lump sum amount you can cash out now and repay at a later date with interest charge.
Now, for ILP, the item of interest is the fund details you are currently enrolled in and current investment value. This is similar to unit trust investment – it details the number of units you own and the NAV price.


Mine’s invested in Lion Strategic Fund, managed by GE own fund manager. According to Lipper Leaders rating, it is a 5 star fund in terms of returns and consistency so far.
Readers, have you reviewed your policy lately?*I own 2 GE policies, therefore this is the example I can share.You may have a similar system for your insurance provider; please check with them.

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  1. Lim Cheow Khee

    I wish to know when will I receive the bonus notification

  2. Chebidah bt mustapha

    kenapa sy xblih nk signup econet Account ya…dia ckp status policy tiada rekod

  3. kevintay

    Hi, i juz want to ask why i cannot sign up e -connect for my Traditional Whole Life Policy? Help…

      1. kevintay

        Hi ChingFoo Lieu
        Actually i juz want to know my Great Eastern whole life insurance (flexiplan with special cash bonus – Sum assured RM 75,000) policy value and surrender value if i choose to surrender policy. This policy was bought my father in year 1993 when i m 7 yrs old. Nw is around 20 years.
        I m trying to sign up e-connect Great Eastern wb service but i m failed to do that and i receive a message “You don’t have any policy with us at the moment. You must have one Policy which you are Policy’s Payer or Policy’s Assignee.”
        So, how can i do?

        1. ChingFoo Lieu

          Hi Kevin, best thing to do is to go to GE office nearest to you and resolve this. You can’t because the policy owner is not you, that’s why you get the error message. Hope this helps

  4. LCF

    I am glad you find this useful ChampDog 🙂

  5. ChampDog

    Thanks for the sharing. I need to bookmark this and try this out some time later for my policy. 🙂

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