The Way We Communicate

Contact by CF Lieu - Certified Financial Planner Malaysia

As is hopefully evident by my packed schedule and activities, I communicate regularly with clients via technology (email is my preferred communication method besides mobile phone – Whatsapp).

My experience is that it is very, very difficult for financial advisors and investment managers to actually perform their job if they are on the phone or in meetings all day, every day.

Because of this, I block off 2 1/2 days per week to handle client meetings.

The rest of my days are spent doing research and producing more valuable content that will benefit my clients.

Many of our clients are from Penang and KL, but many are from all over Malaysia, and we work together virtually. Under this arrangement, we use web conferencing, phone, and email to regularly communicate.

If you’re the person that feels the need to be constantly on the phone with your advisor, then we probably aren’t going to be the best option for you.

It has been my experience that phone conversations without a clear “plan of attack” often deviate from what my primarily role is:  helping my clients achieve their goals.

That is very different from having a scheduled phone appointment where we have a specific list of talking points that we need to address on that call.  Those calls are highly efficient, and are strongly encouraged.

Could We Work Together?

After reading above, if you’d like to have a conversation about working together, I’d be happy to invest 30 minutes of my firm’s time in getting to know you and your financial goals better, and help determine if there’s value I can provide in your life.

One of my advisors or I do all of our initial appointments via phone and/or web conference. To set up an initial meeting, have your questions answered, and to see if we could be a good fit, just head over to this page and enter your name and contact details.

Alternatively, you can leave a voice message at +603-8408 2288 (although we don’t usually answer unscheduled calls).

Location where you are based is no object – we are unconstrained by geographical boundaries as we have extensive experience working with:

  • Malaysian based in Malaysia
  • Malaysian based offshore Malaysia
  • Expatriates based in Malaysia
  • Expatriates looking to migrate to Malaysia

Thanks for checking this out and learning more about who I serve, and how we could possibly work together.