For Experienced Property Investor seeking New Advice to these questions:

  • If I sell my property now, will I miss out anything I’ll painfully regret later?

  • If I wait and Hold, or sell it later, will I risk end up losing more money?

  • If I manage to sell my property now, what and how to reinvest safely?

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the 'Little Known' 3 Steps Analysis Blueprint used by Veteran Property Investors
to make informed Decisions to sell or Keep their Property now or Wait until later
...and the Secret Reasons they are Silently Sellling now

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TAN SUN YAU, former CFO of IBM Malaysia (1978-2007)

Who is CF Lieu?

An Independent Financial Adviser who specializes in helping property investors solve their frustrations by advising them to decide & execute on ‘the best-case-course-of action’ in short period through proven scientific 3 step analysis based on his deep understanding of investment, business and economic landscape

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  3. Successfully scheduling a call is not a guarantee you will get to talk to me on the phone. Reasons being – I only do a few calls a week in my free afternoons and I only reach out to about 20% of applications that I feel I can help. Sometimes, my schedule for the week might be full with existing clients’ appointments – because of that, in such situation, you will be talking to my associate adviser instead
  4. Finally, if you do not show up for your booked call or respond in prior why you skip the call, you will not get a second chance because I believe in mutual respect of each other’s time.


Most frequently-asked questions and answers

Lieu believes in always providing value first. What you will learn here alone will be of pure value. Then, when you implement and get results, hopefully you might decide to work with us in future.

As long as you have one or more investment property, you’ll need to arm yourself with this knowledge so you don’t get left behind.

Yes, we’ve broken down the analysis into concepts and steps you can easily understand