Common Laws People Break That Can Result in an Accident

If there is one thing a lot of people are guilty of, it is being selfishly irresponsible. We all do things for our own enjoyment and pleasure, but a problem arises when such thinking puts other people at risk or encroach on other people’s space. Take driving, for instance. It is fun, and it is one of those things that you can do to clear your mind whenever you are feeling stressed. You could be driving at a moderate speed, minding your own business, only to find someone rear-ending you because they were going too fast and didn’t notice your car. Things like that happen too often, and it’s simply because people break the law and this can cause accidents. 

These are some common laws that people break, which may result in an accident.


Speeding is obviously the most common law that a lot of people break, and it can result in some serious incidents. It is something you see on a regular basis whenever you’re driving, unfortunately. You see drivers who have apparently seen one too many Fast and Furious movies whizzing by as they go at a 100 mph. Sadly, when you do catch up, you often find them in an accident, crashing into another car or swerving into the sidewalk. There is a reason why speeding is illegal and there are limits that you shouldn’t go over. Driving at high speeds is always dangerous, and you can easily get into an accident –– no matter how good of a driver you are –– because you are not really in control at those high speeds. 

Not Wearing a Seatbelt 

Some people don’t even know that wearing a seatbelt isn’t exactly a luxury, but a law. It might not be religiously applied or followed, but it is there, and not following that particular law results in some serious accidents and even death. A seatbelt can easily save your life, as shown in crash tests and thousands of real-life examples. So, always make sure your seatbelt is safely buckled. 


Ever been driving at 60 mph and found someone itching to bump your car from behind with theirs? Tailgating is very popular for some reason, and it could easily lead to accidents where both cars would be destroyed and people would be seriously injured. This is why these personal injury experts recommend claiming compensation in those cases, as a driver’s reckless behavior of tailgating can lead to an accident that might hurt you or damage your vehicle. You should sue for maximum compensation in those cases, because tailgating is illegal in a lot of states, too. So, you can file a claim and rest assured that the other driver tailgating you will be found guilty. 


While the internet brought us many benefits, it also presented us with one of the biggest car accident cases in the world. Stats show that over one and a half million crashes happen every year because of texting and driving, which is very alarming. This is why it is illegal to text and drive, but a lot of people either don’t know that this law exists or simply choose to ignore it. Believe it or not, you are 6 times more likely to get into a car accident if you were texting and driving than if you were drunk! It is a more serious problem than most people imagine, and those laws prohibiting texting and driving are there for that reason. So, if you want to do it, pull over, send your message, and then keep on driving; it’s much safer that way.

Ignoring Turn Signals  

You’re casually driving on the road, and suddenly the car ahead makes a right without any turn signals. This will most likely result in a car accident because you didn’t expect them to do that, and it is not your fault. Ignoring turn signals is one of the most commonly broken traffic laws in the country, and some people don’t even believe you need to use them. Needless to say, they couldn’t be more wrong. Failing to use turn signals is in serious violation of the law, and it could cause some serious accidents. So, make sure you always use your signals before any turns to avoid any incidents on the road. 

Traffic laws aren’t there to annoy people or make their lives complicated. They are there to protect lives and ensure that people can avoid getting into accidents. The more you follow those traffic laws, the less likely you will get into car accidents. So, make sure to keep them in mind, and more importantly, abide by them. 

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