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How do I check my Ccris? Or

How can I get Ccris report in Malaysia?

How do financial institutions evaluate your loan application or credit profile or credit history?

Most importantly, why are YOU being Rejected?

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We are going to shed light on how to turn your loan or credit application from REJECT status to APPROVED.

And how CCRIS (Central Credit Reference Information System), a system which records personal credit rating of Malaysians, really works.

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What is CCRIS

CCRIS (central credit reference information system) is a centralized system under Bank Negara which compiles data on your outstanding loan amount and payment history for the past 12 months, at any given time. Any records older than 12 months are "purged".

If you are late in payment (lets say 6 months outstanding in Feb 2015) but you have paid off the outstanding in March 2015, the records will still show February = 6 months, March = 0 months, April = 0 months. As CCRIS is a report for 12 month period, the 6 months in arrears records will only 'disappear' in February 2016 (12 months later). You just cannot erase or request to clear it before that, as it is a rolling report.

If it shows, for example, 2 2 2 2 – -, meaning your loan has been due for 2 payments for 4 months.

Everyone has their personal credit report in the form of a CCRIS report which can be retrieved by financial bodies and by the individual himself, but not by other people. In other words, your eligibility for loan has nothing to do with how well you know your banker (although that *might help?).

The Credit Bureau is a legally empowered credit reporting agency under CREDIT REPORTING AGENCIES. ACT 2010 to collect personal credit information about you from these financial institutions.

However, the Credit Bureau simply collects and reports your credit information as it is. In other words, the Credit Bureau does not "judge" your creditworthiness. Also in all fairness, information on rejected credit applications is not reflected in credit reports so that one bank will not be biased by the prior decision of another bank. Your CCRIS information could in fact be treated differently and subjectively by each financial institution.

Currently, there is an arbitrary limit for the public to print their own report – it can only be done once every three months.

How to conduct your CCRIS check

According to the BNM’s website, there are only 5 locations in Peninsular Malaysia (Penang, Johor Bahru, Kuala Trengganu, KL and Shah Alam) and two locations in East Malaysia (Kuching & Kota Kinabalu) for the public to print their CCRIS reports to get info on their credit information. If an individual is located in Melaka or Ipoh, they would need to go to BNM’s HQ to get and print their credit information reports.

Steps on how to conduct your CCRIS online check F.O.C.

  1. Go to CCRIS kiosk at Bank Negara Malaysia
  2. Use your MyKad for fingerprint verification
  3. Print the report.

Alternative way to do CCRIS check online and resolve CCRIS problems, without stepping out from your house or office - get your CCRIS report in 30 minutes even during non-office hours, weekends or public holidays.

Get the instructions guide (in the short online mini course) below [CLICK to access]



We will send you the access link after payment.

1a. Do 1-click payment HERE OR...

1b. Pay RM 19.90 using JomPAY via your online banking - Biller Code: 39222

2. Send proof of payment to by using this Google form

3. You will usually get your the access link within 1 working day - via email so check your email inbox

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Any other way to do CCRIS check F.O.C. without ever going to BNM?

Unfortunately, no.

Financial institutions’ credit officers are able to access the applicants’ CCRIS report from the comfort of their offices while the public have to drive all the way to Bank Negara or its branches just to do the same, at least to do first time activation.

Doing CCRIS check via email - there's this thing called eCCRIS BNM.

What is eCCRIS? How do I register with eCCRIS?

  1. One-time registration by walking-in to BNM HQ or any BNM/Agensi Kaunseling dan Pengurusan Kredit (AKPK) branch nationwide.
  2. Verify identity using MyKad and register valid mobile phone number at CCRIS kiosk.
  3. A 6-digit PIN will be sent to registered mobile phone number.
  4. First-time login at keying in MyKad number and 6-digit pin.
  5. Set preferred user ID and password, personal security image and phrase, and 3 security questions.


If you are staying out of the BNM branches, you may request your credit report via mail, just complete and send them the application form together with the required documents and fax/send to them. Please note that it may take 2 to 4 weeks to process your request for credit report via mail. The report will be sent to the nearest financial institutions to your home address.

Step 1: Type in BNM CCRIS [e-mail address] in the textbox, then Send SMS to 15888. RM0.20 will be charged

Step 2: Check your inbox or Spam folder, a form is attached.

Step 3: Print out and complete it

If you want fast and convenient to do CCRIS check online without going to BNM - follow the instructions above.

How to Read your CCRIS report

*This is based on my own account of doing CCRIS check and getting report from Bank Negara Penang

This is what the CCRIS report printout looks like. Any BNM branch uses color printer?

ccris check online

    • The report is divided into two main areas i.e. the Outstanding Credit, where it displays all your existing credit facilities, and the Application For Credit, which shows all the loan application you made in the past 12 months, whether it was Approved, Pending or Rejected by the bank.
    • Indicates the status of the credit facility. Outstanding i.e. on-going facility. Other terms include Pending, Approved, Rejected, Settled, Write Off, Rescheduled, or Restructured.
    • Indicates the capacity the borrowing you took from the bank i.e. as a <Own> own applicant, <SOLE> sole proprietor, <PARTNER> partnership, <JOINT> joint application, <GUARANTOR> acting as a guarantor.
    • Indicates the exact financial institution you borrowed from.
    • Indicates whether you are a Malaysian applicant or foreign applicant.
    • Indicates the type of facility enjoyed with the various banks. Includes Overdraft, Housing Loan, Hire Purchase for scheduled goods, Leasing facilities, Staff Loans, Other Term Loans including personal loans, Credit Cards, etc.
    • Indicates the outstanding loan amount of other credit facilities at current date.
    • The date where information on existing credit facilities is updated to BNM system.
  9. LIMIT (RM)
    • The original loan amount approved, or if revolving credit facilities (such as credit cards or overdraft), the limit assigned for the credit facility.
    • Whether the repayment frequency is Monthly, Quarterly, Annually, Revolving, or other frequencies.
    • Indicates the collateral type used by the bank to secure your credit facility. Includes <00> Clean facilities (no collateral), <10> Properties, <23> Unit Trusts, <30> Motor Vehicles, <60> Plant and Machineries, <70> Financial Guarantees, etc.
    • Most IMPORTANT part of the report, where the track record of conduct for each credit facilities for the past 12 months are indicated.
    • If it is indicated as “0” under January, it means your installment for January is paid before due date. If “1”, it means your instalment is 1 month in arrears (overdue) in January, “2” means 2 months instalment overdue in January, “3” means 3 months overdue and considered delinquent, etc.
    • If there are too many “2”s and “3”s and/or above, your conduct of credit account may be considered as “poor paymaster”, according to each bank’s interpretation.
    • Indicates the legal action status of your account if it is in default. The bank can know the action taken such as <10> Summon/Writ files, <11> Judgement Order, <12> Bankruptcy, <17> Winding Up order, <18> Auction, <20> Receivership / Section 176, <12> Settled / Discharged, etc.
    • Shows the date of latest update on the legal action status.


Disclaimer on CCRIS records/report:


How is CCRIS report being updated?

After discussing on how to do your own CCRIS check, we now want to know how CCRIS report is being updated.

In fact, CCRIS information is updated on the 15th of every month. So if you have paid down your credit lines anytime from 1-31 Jan, time your loan application submissions on the 16th of Feb.

In practical, issue crops up impacting consumer when the banks are delayed in updating their customers’ credit facility records to the CCRIS in a timely manner, despite the fact that the banks are supposed to do so on the 15th of each month.

Banks do have problems with their core banking systems (breakdowns, delay, heavy traffic, unable to close the end-of-month due to adjustments in accounts, etc) so there may be reporting delays.

Also, some banks default their system to classify a loan as due at different dates. Some banks classify the installment due after 5 days, 7 days or on the due date itself, depending on bank policy. This will all effect the bank’s reporting to their risk department. If a bank classify it as overdue 1 day after the due date, 80%-90% of customers will be on the due report for the Bank’s collection team. Usually, a grace period is given so that the report that the collection team gets is shorter and easier to manage.

In short, whatever that comes out in the CCRIS report will depend on how fast your bank report the account to CCRIS, as BNM only compiles whatever that have been reported to them.



Frequently asked question

What is Special Attention Account?

Loans reported under Special attention Account are loans that are non performing loans (NPL) that the financial institution has placed under special monitoring in view of recovering the loan or in the midst of collection. Loans under special debt management schedules such as negotiated by AKPK will also fall under here.

It could be due to dishonoured/bounced cheque incidents too.

You definitely don't want to be 'special' when it comes to debt management and CCRIS report.


What can bank see when it check my CCRIS report?

Generally, when a Bank conduct CCRIS check, they will have access to various credit reports such as:

  • Summary Credit Report – Information on the total credit exposure and conduct of account of the customer
  • Detailed Credit Report – Information on the specific outstanding credit facilities and new credit applications of a borrower
  • Motor Vehicle Report – Information of motor vehicles which are used as collateral for credit facilities
  • Customer Supplementary Information Report – Information on the addresses, telephone numbers, employers names and occupation of the customer for the last 3 years.

However, as a consumer requesting the credit report directly from BNM, a consumer will only be able to obtain the Summary Credit Report, as a reference to the total exposure and conduct of the account.


How does bank define loan repayment due which appears in CCRIS report?

Certain banks classify it to be due after 1 day of the due date, but some classify it only after 14 days, or any other days. It will surely get classified if overdue for more than 30 days


How do I know if I'm blacklisted in Malaysia? If my credit application is denied by a financial institutions, does it mean that I am blacklisted?

No. Bank Negara Malaysia does not blacklist anyone as it does not express any opinion about the information in the credit report. Information on rejected credit applications is not provided in credit reports in order to ensure that a financial institution will not be prejudiced by the decision of another financial institution.
In processing loan application, the financial institution will perform a credit assessment on the borrower. This may involve background checks from various sources. The information provided by the credit reference agencies will assist financial institutions in their evaluation. The financial institutions need to use all available data to help them make good decisions and be prudent in their loans and credits given to borrower.

Improving your credit record in CCRIS system requires you to resolve this matter with your bank, and not from CCRIS (which is under Bank Negara)


Can I request a copy of my CCRIS report from the bank which I am applying loans and credits?

Normally, bankers or mortgage officers NOT allowed to obtain the report to give it to customers, because firstly, the Bank have to pay for such reports and therefore it is Bank’s property (for you, there is no fees to get the report). Secondly, the passing of such reports to customers is not part of the Bank’s job or approved services. Usually, banker can inform verbally if there is a problem with the payments record in the CCRIS, but usually, he/she would advise that you personally obtain your own report if you want to know the details.


Can the information in CCRIS can be viewed/abused by other party?

The CCRIS report information can only be accessed by authorised persons in the bank, and is not available to the public in general. Your credit report:

  • Can only be obtained by the bank IF a formal CREDIT application is made by you to that particular bank
  • Cannot be viewed by other banks, at any time
  • Does not show your deposit / investment accounts
  • Does not show the tenure of the credit facility enjoyed by you
  • Does not show the conduct of facilities for periods above one year

I have no CCRIS record because I do not have any credit with any financial institutions. That is a good thing right?

Not at all. A Bank appreciates a GOOD CREDIT RECORD rather than ZERO CREDIT RECORD. They can’t assess you if you have nothing to show. They might think you have a bad credit history so that's why no other banks are approving you loans.

It makes sense to have some borrowing which is 'well-behaved' by having on time repayment, such as credit cards. The trick is to get your first credit facility such as a credit card.



I am taking ASB loan maxed out at RM 200k to invest in ASB because ASB gives good interests which is more than my interest I am paying for the loan. Wise decision?

Not quite if you are going to take mortgage to buy real estate property.

ASB loan will show up as Personal Loan in CCRIS report. From a bank perspective, it may consider your monthly repayment commitment as such:

RM200,000 loan x 5% : RM10,000

This will affect your DSR (Debt Servicing Ratio) evaluation when you apply for big loans like mortgage.


What do banks typically look out for that give a bad impression?

  1. Accounts under legal status (legal action being taken) or special attention accounts
  2. Missed or late repayments
  3. Utilization of credit limits (E.g. A high utilization of Credit Card or Overdraft limits is an indicator of poor finances)
  4. High Debt Servicing Ratio (DSR). This is done via comparing your income supporting documents against the total outstanding credit
  5. Multiple active loan or credit applications. The more you applications you made, the more “desperate” you seem to banks. Sometimes credit approvers reject you application if they see that you have applied (and pending approve) several credit cards from several/many banks at the same time / or within a short period of time. The concern is that if the other application for credit cards get approved by the other banks at the same time, your exposure to unsecured credit goes up. So the bank processing the card now rejects your application. For example, you submitted credit card application for limit of RM 20,000 (if your salary is RM 6,500 per month) to 5 banks. In the CCRIS report obtained by the bank, it will show 5 application for credit submitted and pending approval, amounting to a total RM 100,000 unsecured credit limit. If all your application gets approved, this will make you a high risk applicant.


Any tips in improving my CCRIS record to better my chances of successfully applying for a loan?

(from LoanStreet: Everything you should know about CCRIS)

  1. If you have high credit utilization, pay down some your credit lines before submitting a loan application.
  2. A consistent string of 1’s in your repayment behaviour could indicate payment due dates that are earlier than your pay day. Try to get your bank to delay the billing cycle.
  3. If you have known late payment records, wait 12 months (or at least 6 months) from your last known late payment record before submitting a loan application
  4. Limit your amount of unsecured loan and credit applications. If shopping around, shop around first, then selectively apply for the best products. Contrary to popular practice, too many loan/credit applications actually hurt your chances of getting the best deals.


I really don't think CCRIS report is good for the public.

Without CCRIS, we will go backwards 10 years in personal financing development. Back to the days where the only place you can obtain a personal loan is to have 1 or 2 guarantors, and security deposit requirements. Furthermore, you will have no chance to apply for a personal loan except at your own existing bank which has already your track record. Back in the days (80's) where banks insist on “introducers” i.e. you cannot even open a savings account at certain banks unless your are introduced by an existing customer of the bank.

CCRIS check and reporting provides valuable information to Banks on your money management habit when deciding to grant unsecured financing, such as personal loan or credit cards. With CCRIS report, approvals for financing without guarantor, collateral and salary deduction requirements are possible. Banks are willing to take more risks only if they are able to understand the consumer behaviour backed up by reliable data. CCRIS check and reporting fits that role.


How to banks approve credit facility?

Generally, a bank will classify the applications received as Green, Red or Amber. Ultimately, green and red is no brainer. However, for amber cases, bank will try to improve approval ratio by going the extra mile to salvage it.

Normally from the total applications received per month, bank may get about 25% to 35% green cases (outright approval), 40% red cases (outright rejection) and the balance is usually Amber (KIV).

If during the month, the approval ratio is only 25%, the credit or sales team will re-look at the Amber cases to try to salvage it to increase the approval ratio to maybe 40%. Bank is a profit making organization with high acquisition costs. Thus, if its approval ratio is less than 20%, that means it spends money to market to 100 prospects but only getting business from 20 person; which is not good business sense. The ideal target approval ratio is 40% to 55%, which indicates a good efficiency KPI.


Why my loan application rejected even though I earn high 5 figures income and never had late payment history?

Watch below

@cflieuuncommon reasons ##loan rejected by banks ##financialmanagement ##financialtiktok ##financetiktok ##financialadvise ##financialtip ##financialhack ##malaysia♬ Money Trees - Kendrick Lamar


Why my credit card/personal loan/mortgage/car loan got rejected even though I have good credit (CTOS) score?

This may seem like a mystery to you - you want to know how the possible reasons and how to solve it?

Then click on the mini guide below to learn more.



[PTPTN Special Section]

How does overdue outstanding PTPTN loan affect you?

The latest step taken by PTPTN is to list the borrowers in CCRIS. This will affect future purchase of house or any personal loan/car loan you apply from banks. When the banks check on the CCRIS and saw many months of bad repayment they will reject the loan.

This section will clear your questions on how PTPTN outstanding amount affects your CCRIS


Who will be listed under CCRIS for PTPTN loan?

All borrowers who are supposed to repay PTPTN 6 months after graduation will have their name listed in CCRIS


Can I check CCRIS repayment records for PTPTN online with PTPTN itself?

No, you cannot.


What does a PTPTN potential borrower need to do to ensure he/she does not encounter issue applying for loans from banks?

PTPTN borrower need to follow strictly the repayment schedule furnished by PTPTN. Main thing is to avoid late repayments. It is not about settling the outstanding balance.


Can a PTPTN borrower discuss his/her PTPTN repayment record with Bank Negara (BNM) or banks to get loan application approved?

No, you cannot. All discussion on PTPTN loan, whether it is about settling the outstanding balance or restructuring the repayment schedule must be done with PTPTN. Contact PTPTN branches here.


What does a PTPTN borrower need to do to 'remove' his or her PTPTN record from CCRIS?

A PTPTN borrower needs to settle the outstanding sum to remove his or her name from CCRIS. CCRIS record will be updated to status = SETTLED within 7 days of settling the loan.


What if a PTPTN borrower cannot afford to settle the full PTPTN loan amount but wants to avoid CCRIS related issues?

A PTPTN borrower needs to follow the repayment schedule to ensure the repayment is never late. If he or she encounter financial problems to repay, approach PTPTN to restructure the repayment schedule.


How does a PTPTN borrower request a restructuring of repayment schedule?

He or she needs to possess good conduct by not being late in repayments for the past 6 months continuously without any outstanding amount in each repayments.


If a PTPTN borrowers settled in full the outstanding loan, does his or her existing CCRIS record turn from bad to good? Can he or she now gets approved for loan application from banks?

If a PTPTN borrower has 'bad' repayment records in CCRIS for PTPTN loan, this record will still persist for the past 12 months before it gets 'cleared' because CCRIS report shows all your repayment histories for the most recent 12 months. Approval on any loan applications from banks is at banks' discretion.


When does a PTPTN borrower need to make monthly repayment to prevent CCRIS related issues?

To ensure monthly repayment is being updated in PTPTN system in the same month, a PTPTN borrower must make repayment by 27 of each month. Any repayment made after this date will only be reflected in the following month, making that repayment as 'late' by the system. This is true for all repayment channels, in general. However, any repayment made via PTPTN counters will always be updated as 'paid' in the same month.


Why my PTPTN repayment history is 'bad' in CCRIS report even though I make payment every month?

  • Repayment are being made later than the schedule repayments. For example, you only start repayments to PTPTN 1 year after graduation, instead of 6 months.
  • The monthly repayment is less than the scheduled monthly repayment as dictated by PTPTN. For example you only pay RM 500 whereas you should be paying RM 800.


What type of loans are easier to get approved?

Secured/collateralized loan such as mortgage. Unsecured loan such as credit card and personal loans are categorised as a very high risk product (which also give high returns). As such, the credit criteria is the most complicated, sophisticated and most strict among the Bank’s products.

Ponder over this:

“If the customer don’t have enough money to pay his credit cards, housing loan and car loans, he will have to make a decision. Firstly, he will do everything to pay his housing loan, because his family needs a roof over their head. Then he will pay his car loan so that he can go to work or to the supermarket to buy groceries. Then he will pay his food bills. Credit cards always comes last.”

More information at the Credit Bureau link

How a good credit score can make you more attractive to opposite sex


You don’t need a fancy sports car or a killer body to impress a date.

A national study performed by Discover and Match Media Group of 2,000 American adults found that a good credit score may help land you a relationship. Match owns dating websites and apps -such as Tinder,, and OkCupid – covering 63 million global users. In Malaysia, its commonly known as your CTOS score.

For 58% of online daters, a good credit score is more attractive than a nice car. Half of those surveyed prefer a partner to have a good credit score over an impressive job title, and 40% took the credit score over a physically fit body.

Additionally, 69% said that financial responsibility is a very or extremely important quality when looking for a person to date. This topped the numbers for traditional traits daters look out for like a sense of humor and attractiveness, which 67% and 51% of those surveyed found important, respectively.

Financial responsibility is more important for women finding a partner than men. Women rated this quality as important 77% of the time, compared to 61% for men.

When asked about the personality traits of someone with a good credit score, 73% of survey respondents envisioned a responsible person, 40% thought trustworthy, and 38% equated credit scores with intelligence.

“Money talks, but your credit score can speak more about who you are as a person, and singles agree that those with good credit tend to be conscientious and reliable,” says Dr. Helen Fisher, chief scientific advisor for

You may wonder:

How can I improve my Ccris score?

How long does being blacklisted last?

Fixing a poor credit score is easier than it sounds – and it doesn’t have to take long to boost your number.

Making on-time payments is the first step to improving your score. Scheduling automatic payments or setting up a calendar alert a few days before the due date can help make sure you never miss a payment.

It is also crucial to pay more than the minimum balance on your credit card each month.  A prudent debt management approach is to focus on debts with the highest interest rate first, since paying it down will save you the most on interest charges.

Understanding someone’s financial security early in a relationship can help avoid further issues.

A majority – 53% – of respondents said finances had strained a past or current relationship. This makes money a bigger wedge in relationships than politics or religion, two topics practically forbidden for a first date.

[source: Business Insider]


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  1. Nina

    Currently i have a special attention account in CCRIS.
    If i settle it, how long should I wait before applying for a loan?
    Thank you.

    1. CF Lieu

      depends on what problem exactly that is causing the SAA remark, the worst is – forever it will remain there so forever you’ll encounter loan application problems.

      1. nina

        It was a credit card under 5k but i just settled it today. Other than that, I only have car loan which have late payment before ( one month got 3 and one month got 4) but i already clear the late payment already. Is it still consider a bad credit?

        1. CF Lieu

          you got buy bank to removed SAA remark for the 5k credit card settlement else it will stay there for long time.

  2. Zoey

    I have 3 loans under special attention since 2014 (after I lost my job) and I have been paying my debts monthly since 2017. May I check:
    1) Does SAA mean that the accounts have been written off from the banks?
    2) One bank says that my payments only cover the interest and my outstanding remains the same. Is the balance still being charged interest? They only allow me to make full settlement with a discount, and they are not revealing the actual outstanding principal outstanding balance. So it’s difficult for me to come up with a large sum of money to pay it off (despite numerous attempts to negotiate for a monthly payment plan).

    Please advise.

    1. CF Lieu

      1. it could be but not necessarily. check the status of the loan account. SAA only means you have a bad record, but the devil is in the details.
      2. In general, yes. What kind of loan is that anyway? House/Car/Card/Personal?

      1. Zoey

        Hi CF, thanks a lot for your response.

        1. In my CCRIS it’s written “W”. I actually had 3 accounts and they were all written off around 3-4 years back. Bank A (personal loan) has stated the principal outstanding balance clearly in my CTOS, so I’ve planned for the settlement by next year. The problem with the other 2 accounts are; they were credit card accounts and I can’t seem to get the actual figures of my outstanding balance from the banks. Bank B (credit card account) tells me that my payment up to today only covers my interest. Also as usual, they also only allow early settlement which I have to pay at once.

        2. It was a credit card account. I did a proposal with Bank C and after 2 years it is now passed on to a collection agency. Now I realise that the proposal amount made 2 years ago was actually way (way) higher than my owing (probably because of the interest running at that point of time). When I checked my CTOS, there is no outstanding balance and shows my credit limit there (which is way lesser that what i’m paying for right now). I do want to settle this account quickly but the bank is not responding to my enquiries. I’m now quite sure that I’m paying a whole lot more for this account and I feel so helpless.

        1. CF Lieu

          Sorry to say but for Bank B & C, you have very little negotiation power on how you want to pay it off in installments, except working real hard to come up with lump sum to settle it in one go. Usually, for cases of this nature, banks no longer any inquiries via phone; you have to walk in to the branch to talk to some staff that can assist you.

  3. qayyum

    BNM give me ‘special attention account’ and the only reason i received those status because of my car loan. Fyi, recently I’ve completed my car loan and bank ask me to wait 14 days for HQ(AMBANK) give a letter that show they already cleared my blacklist name.

    car payment completed on 10 July 2020 and i haven’t received any letter from hq. my question here can i clear my special attention account status and make another car loan?
    Thanks in advance.

    1. CF Lieu

      Of course you can. have you checked back with Ambank HQ?

  4. Loss soul

    Hi, hope you are checking the post still. I am now currently under Akpk for 2 cc debts and I want to fully settle one and withdraw from Akpk. Do you advise I withdraw early and try to contact bank to settle my cc debt by changing to term loan or something or continue with Akpk. Coz it makes my ccris record looks bad

    1. CF Lieu

      well, why is ccris record looks bad now is a concern? are you thinking to borrow from bank?

    2. Norbaizura Ismail

      If my CCRIS appear Judgement Order/Order of Sales can it effect my new loans application?

      1. CF Lieu

        what is the exact details/background of that judgement order?

  5. Nur

    If I had good score on ccris record, is it possible for me to get and approval for housing loan?
    I have outstanding balance in my credit card, should I pay all of it before applying housing loan?

    1. CF Lieu

      Nur, no need 🙂

  6. Yeoh Chow Yong

    If a PTPTN borrowers settled in full the outstanding loan, does his or her existing CCRIS record turn from bad to good? Can he or she now gets approved for loan application from banks?

    Your answer contradicts with previous question:

    If borrower settled ptptn in full, ptptn records will be removed from CCRIS hence the bank will not able to access the borrower is good or bad based on PTPTN loan. Instead, the bank can only rely on other facility in CCRIS report for this loan application

    1. CF Lieu

      Yeoh, first of all, are you in a predicament of cannot afford to settle PTPTN loan and/or also not able to pay the monthly installments?

  7. Anonymous

    I don’t leave in Malaysia currently. Is there anyway I can check my CCRIS?
    Also, I need to re-organize my Finances in MYS, I have defaulted on 2 loans 4 years back. What would I need to do?
    It will be a huge mess, I understand, but I’d like to have my peace of mind more than anything.
    How can I know the status of both loans? And how would I know what is the status from the bank?

    1. CF Lieu

      Yes you can check CCRIS the online way.

  8. sashi

    hai, i had 4 defaulted ptptn payment last year, so when i retrive cccris record it shows 4 … however i decided to settle the outstanding today. Also, i do have car and credit card with i pay monthly accordingly without any delay… which shows 0 in the ccris record. Im planning to buy house soon will this affect the housing loan application?

    1. CF Lieu

      Likely it would if there’s still ‘4’ on your report now as we speak

  9. Ocean

    Hi I have checked my CCRIS and it has been tagged green color at the PTPTN column. I was previously blacklisted for not paying on time. However, the record has been clean these two years.
    1. Should I be concerned regarding the ‘green’ tag? Will it affect my loan application?
    2. How do I remove it? Who do I contact?

    Thank you.

    1. CF Lieu

      Well it depends on what kind of CCRIS report you are looking at. is it a report directly from BNM, or is it a CTOS report or is it a a RAMCI (aka Experian) report?

      1. Ocean

        Thank you for you reply, CCRIS column from CTOS. I have been having problem applying for credit card and loan. What should I do?

        1. CF Lieu

          Have you tried to discover the reasons of rejection (assuming that’s the problem you’re facing?)

  10. NIK

    Hi, im having 2 credit cards, 1 in 0 balance, and another 1 RM9400 balance, but im paying minimum monthly installment every month, currently im goin to apply housing loan, before applying loan iam planning to pay my credit card fully, how long it will take to updated in CCRIS ?

    1. CF Lieu

      in 30 days, our CCRIS records are updated monthly…but clearing your credit card balance isn’t a big factor affecting your housing loan approval. Do you know what is?

  11. LC

    Hi Lieu, wonder can we check on behalf of our family member?

    1. CF Lieu

      well, depends on which way you are checking for them? 🙂

  12. Phil Anders

    Good job on educating the public on financial prudence!

    1. CF Lieu

      thanks Phil for your kind words

    2. Veni

      Hi Lieu,
      I have a query. Actually I have applied for a loan at this particular bank. What happen was the officer told me tat I have one deferred loan and they hv told me to detect. Now I found out and cleared…Trade bureau had been updated and Im having some problem with NLCI…i mean i need to know by when it could be cleared so tat my loan processing could be easier

      1. CF Lieu

        well have you checked directly with the bank you’re applying loan from?

  13. Antoine BOLIVA

    One of the most important lesson our education failed us is on this very topic – keeping your credit rating clean wherever you live. Comes from experience living and working in multiple countries around the globe.

  14. Christy Walton

    Whew, world-class content there here on CCRIS!
    I guess I am too late to find this one.
    Looking forward to your new content…

  15. james shard

    Special Attention remark on my CCRIS…how? Pls help

  16. Janina

    Does PTPTN still blacklist borrowers from going overseas?

  17. Patrick R

    Thank you very much, i didn’t know that there’s someone like you who cares about the people like me who had experience bad credit. i find myself trying to help a friend, to whom was desperately in need without knowing what am I getting myself into. I thought I was doing the right thing, but instead I was putting myself under scrutinizing dept crisis once I signed for him as a loan grantor.

  18. Felicie

    Hey, can you cover some info on how to get out of bad debt fast?

  19. Mariah

    Just shared this great information with my family & friends, thanks!

  20. Marie Reilly

    You not only show us how to check CCRIS online but also how to actually resolve CCRIS issues. Thumbs up and keep up the good work!

  21. Landrum

    This is informative and a lot of hard work has been put to make this article. Thanks!

  22. Maria Teh

    Exactly the type of information I am looking for, good job!

  23. Randy

    You are really doing the community a great service with this comprehensive, on the point write. Bravo on that, keep it up!

  24. Kesavan

    10 years back, I got a lot pending payment to bank including credit card car loan then now after 10 years only I pay finish.
    now can I apply credit card bank for my CCRI record? because I want to buy house but scared they see my old record.
    any idea pls advisetq.

    1. CF Lieu

      Kesavan, the easy way to know that is to actually get a copy of your own CCRIS report and see what bank will see if you apply for any form of credit with banks.

  25. FN

    I have one loan with a legal status 12 (bankruptcy) and the status was last updated more than 2 years ago. I dont have any payment outstanding in my ccris report for the last 12 months on this particular loan now and my ccris score is within the Fair status.

    Will this past legal action status which is still appear in my report affecting my credit application?

    I am now trying to improve my score to the next level – good, excellent. Is the past legal action going to impact my scoring as well?

    Thanks man!


    1. CF Lieu

      FN, the direct way to check is to actually get a CCRIS report yourself now to see if the legal action status still exists.

  26. khairul

    i got SAA account on ccris report..which is my credit card..what i need to do? im planning to apply new loan to settle up all my current loan including the SAA account…how should i? any idea?

    1. CF Lieu

      Khairul, you can’t really apply a new loan to settle your current loans if your credit rating is not ‘clean’. Having ‘SAA’ (Special Attention Account) means you are definitely ‘unclean’, sorry to say that. You need to use hard cold cash to settle your existing loans – that’s your only way.

  27. Robin Garrett


    Are you looking for a loan? if yes contact: [email protected] or
    Whats-app +1 501-438-0222
    for more info if interested yes respond back

    from Robin Garrett

  28. Ib Pasha

    Hi, I want to check, my personal loan in CCRIS report show around 400++ outstanding but when I contacted the bank, bank said outstanding is still MYR3000++. I wonder if the CCRIS report is wrong? What happened in 2 months when I paid more than 400++? will CCRIS show negative amount of outstanding?

    1. CF Lieu

      Well, does not matter whether it’s 400 or 3000, what is the real amount you owe to the bank?
      CCRIS will not show negative amount of outstanding



    1. CF Lieu

      You just need to have the patience the read and follow the steps outlined in this very article (scroll above) 🙂

  30. merit chris


  31. CF Lieu

    You are most welcome!

  32. RJ

    Hi, i have been blacklisted,speciall attention for credit card which is yet to be settled. I’m planning to settle the outstanding balance in full & will try to get the settlement letter. Is it possible to apply joint housing loan with my partner by submitting the settlement letter to the bank?

    1. CF Lieu

      Yes, it is plausible also if possible, write a letter to attach together with the settlement letter so that the bank approver has some context why you are submitting the settlement letter (a non-standard document for normal loan approval). That helps?

  33. Lucas

    Hi, Good Day

    I have 2 months of late PTPTN repayment
    If I start to pay extra this month to fill up the debt of the previous 2 months, will my ccriss record from marker “2” become “0”, and will my record clear up after 12 months.

    1. CF Lieu

      Yes to both of your questions 🙂

  34. Jitender

    Hi, I’ve applied car loan but bank officer said they’re not able to retrieve my ccris report and can’t proceed further unless they’re able to retrieve my records. I went to BNM and got my ccris report in a minute and now I can also download it. The records are clean in the ccris report but bank is still saying the same thing that they’re not able to retrieve it at their end. I tried with other 2 banks and they’re also having the same issues. The bank officers are not able to advise how this matter can be resolved now. Even though I applied credit card with a international bank in the same month I applied car loan. I already got my credit card but still have the same issues for car loan. Would be able to advise how this can be resolved.

    1. CF Lieu

      Well, have you tried forwarding the CCRIS report which you’ve printed yourself to bank?

      1. Jitender

        Thanks for the reply. No, I’ve not given them the hard copy of report but I show it in my phone by login on the spot infront of the officer. Infact, the bank officer asked me if I can give him the hard copy so that he can try to get an exceptional approval but I hesitate to share it coz it’s confidential and even that is not an assurance coz bank may still wait to retrieve it at their end but yeah my loan might get approved, that’s what office suggested me. Is there any harm or risk to share my ccris report with bank officer? If it’s safe then probably I will do so. Kindly advise.

        1. CF Lieu

          The one approving your loan is not the officer you are meeting, it’s someone at bank HQ. If you want to get your credit application approved, give bank a copy of the report.

          1. Di

            Name is blacklisted and want to apply new loan to clear my name. Help

        2. Davis ng

          Nice, clear n helpful guide. Tq

    2. bradley abbott

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  35. Andson

    Hi, i would like to ask if I had settled the credit card amount which is under special attention account, why the record still showing in CCRIS report which is under legal action but the status updated as settled. Does the CCRIS will remove the special attention account record in CCRIS? or the record will be removing after 12 months in CCRIS system? the payment was settled on last year 2018, September, i have no any outstanding payment in CCRIS report, all showing empty in past 12 months, due to i have no any loans, and credit card anymore. In this situation, if CCRIS just showing the legal action was settled, will impact i apply the car loan? Or will get rejected even the legal action was settled updated in CCRIS report?

  36. Tan

    I had just purchased paid rm19.90.
    My question, if i have high commitment and lately 2 months late payment is there any chances to get a personal loan from bank ?

    1. CF Lieu

      Well, Tan perhaps you can define what do you mean by high commitment in ringgit and cents? And when did the 2 months late payment happen? Recently? Or 1 year ago?

  37. KK

    Hi, I have bad ccris on my car loan, 2 all the way. It will show in ccris for up to 12 months right? Say If I sell off my car the next month, will it still show in my ccris? Thanks.

    1. CF Lieu

      KK, depends how fast the bank update Bank Negara but yes, it will ultimately be removed – just a matter of time, 1 month, 6 months..

  38. Faris

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    My name is faris and I have an issue with my CCRIS report.
    Back in 2015, one of my personal loan defaulted. However, it has been regularize since 2016.
    Now, in my CCRIS, there is a remarks in legal status column stating as judgement.
    Can you assist to advise me on how can I clear the column?
    Thank you.

    1. CF Lieu

      Faris, have you tried contacting the bank?

  39. christina

    Hi we are a company holding Lesen pemberi Pinjam wang, we would like to check our clients financial status,
    how to go about it with CCRIS ?

  40. Lennon Laing Ngau Wan

    I want to check on my credit card status balance

    1. CF Lieu

      Lennon, usually people will just check their credit card statement instead of CCRIS report

  41. Bella

    My CTOS report shows that I have 1,2,3 continuously for 3 months due to RM25 credit card service tax outstanding. My other credit cards and loan accounts all appeared 0 except for this one. The RM25 outstanding was due to service tax charged by the bank and I wasn’t aware because I have never activate the credit card before. Until recently I found out so I quickly called up bank request for card cancellation. The bank also agreed to waive off RM25 and this credit card has now been cancelled and show “inactive” in their system. The bank also have issued me a letter of card cancellation on 26 Mar.
    I am planning to apply for housing loan on 16 Apr. Will it affect my loan application? Does it help if I submit the supporting documents and explain to the bank why the payment was missed..?
    Seeking for your kind advice. Many thanks!

    1. CF Lieu

      Hi Bella

      YES absolutely, the letter of cancellation is important to support your case for this new housing loan application. And perhaps an extra note submitted to explain this.


    I have settled my personal loan payment and how long the system will take to clear the name from blacklist?

    1. CF Lieu

      Thnesway, 12 months.

  43. siva

    hi good day
    how long take time to clear the details of cancellation loan ?

  44. siva

    hi good day
    i already cancel the mortgage loan which is approved in CIMB bank
    but in my ccris report still show the loan details .
    how long its been take to clear from ccris report ?

    1. CF Lieu

      Well, Siva, it depends on banks efficiency in updating the records. Have you called up the bank to inquire?

  45. Soraya

    applied for debt reconciliation with various bank to settle excessive amount of credit cards. All declined. CCRIS seems clear. Why?

    1. CF Lieu

      When you mentioned ‘debt reconciliation’, what are the exact thing you are applying from bank? Mortgage refinance? personal loan?

  46. Rozaimi

    Saya nak cek kenapa ccris block untuk saya apply loan

    1. CF Lieu

      ccris tu tak block awak, bank yang tak approve selepas tengok rekod ccris

    2. Suhaimi bin saedin

      Saya nak check ccris. saya ada buat loan loan lepas tapi duit xbleh masuk ke acc saya diaorang cakap saya ada ccris

      1. CF Lieu

        Kurang paham apa yg lu cakap ni 🙂

  47. Jackson

    Kalau pembayaran teruk tunggakan satu bulan saja..tapi motosikal saya dah habis bayar semua…kalau pembayaran teruk akan nama blacklis kah encik…risau lah encik

  48. BC

    Hi. I have no credit history in CCRIS and CTOS – no credit card, loans, etc. Also, i do not have any legal issues / defaults in the credit report.
    Used to have credit cards, house and car loans many years ago but I have cancelled my card and disposed off my house and car.
    I am currently 40 years old and hold a permanent job. I intend to buy a house next year and need to start up building my credit history . Tried to apply for credit cards but all rejected without giving a reason. The credit card applications are not reflected in my CCRIS which I do not know why.
    Based on the above, is there a way for me to get a credit card? I don’t really need the credit but I just wanted to build a good credit score to enable me to get a home loan soon. Please advise.

  49. Rhonda

    I am writing this Testimony because am really grateful for what Mr Greg did for me and my family, when I thought there was no hope, he came and made my family feel alive again by lending us a loan at a very low interest rate of 3%. Well I have been searching for a loan to settle my debts for the past three months now,all I met were scammers and they took my money until I finally met a God sent Lender. I never thought that there were still genuine loan lenders on the internet but to my greatest surprise i got my loan without wasting much time so if you are out there looking for a loan of any amount i would advise you to email: [email protected] and be free from internet scams. thanks… Rhonda Raye from Texas, USA.

  50. Namasevayam a/l kornagapandaram

    Pls cek my blacklisted

  51. Andrew Whay

    I’m currently meeting a problem here. As July 4 2018. I’ve made a full settlement for my credit card which is Am bank 6.5k after discussion. As well CIMB IS 8.3K after the agreement from the officer. As IP to date I haven’t receive any letter of discharge as well only a statement that I’ve still the outstanding in my statement.. While Am Bank has already sent out the copy to me of the Letter of Discharge. I try to call up in Cimb to check and they only have me a reply that I’ll be receiving a letter soon. However when I check my Ccris report there’s nothing indicate there regards Cimb. Until today I’ve receive a statement of CIMB bank again. I don’t understand why and how. Please kindly help…

    1. CF Lieu

      Well, I am not surprised, sometimes you got to wait a few months 🙁

  52. Leeza

    hai. saya mau tanya, saya ada tunggakkan dalam ASB loan saya dan disebabkan ada masalah yang tak dapat elakkan saya ada few months saya tak bankin monthly fee untuk loan dan bila saya tak buat settlement at least 3 bulan outstanding balance saya probably akan didaftarkan as a CCRIS. is that true?? mohon penjelasan.

    1. CF Lieu

      Bukan settlement Leeza, tapi ansuran bayaran balik. 2 perkara berbeza. Walaupun you settle semua outstanding balance sekarang sekaligus, you punya CCRIS rekod masih akan show you ada rekod tunggakan 3 bulan tu. Yang ni you memang tak mampu nak clear rekod hitam ni sekarang, kena tunggu 12 bulan barulah rekod tunggakan ni clear sbb rekod CCRIS hanya show 12 bulan yang terkini.

      1. Jackson

        Kalau pembayaran teruk tunggakan satu bulan saja..tapi motosikal saya dah habis bayar semua…kalau pembayaran teruk akan nama blacklis kah encik…risau lah encik

  53. Donald Williams

    Hi, I received a new credit card November 2015 in order to build my credit. I made two payments December and January 2016. By February 2016 my job filed a chapter 7 bankruptcy. I was unemployed for almost a year. I called the card company and tried to explain. But,they weren’t much help. The amount went into collections. It marked as charged off. I wanted to ensure all collections on my credit is removed, I had been ripped off by this so called credit companies (CRS and Lexington law) It was the horrible moment of my life. Few months later I saw many reviewed on Youtube how this professional with decades of experience had helped them repair their credit. I contact him and explained my credit issues to him he explained how he will get it done and asked for some of my details after we both agreed on a deal. Right now all collectoion on my report have been eliminated and my score has improved to excellent. The point for this write up is, I know many out there will had also been decieved or scammed by this credit companies but I want to tell you the only solution to your credit issues is to hire an individual expert like the one I hired (captainspyhacker2 @gmailcom), he put the interest of his client first, treat them like a family and go beyond his perimeter to get it done

  54. Sanjay

    Thanks for the very informative infos. Currently, my ccris is clear with 2CC and a car loan. All 0, but i have 1 CTOS record under a lending company. I tried to contact the company but can’t locate them. Are the banks still using CTOS to check the future borrower’s background…thank

    1. CF Lieu

      Well, did you ever encounter any issue of loan/credit rejection having that 1 CTOS record under the lending company?

  55. Goh Hui Kiong

    Am I being blacklisted by Bank Negara Malaysia?

    1. CF Lieu

      Well, no one will be able to know unless you check it yourself Goh. Did you check?

  56. Jophy Pua

    my house loan rejected due to i have no clear yet my outstanding 2 mnths car installment,
    if i pay now in this mnth July18, apply again house loan in Aug18, will be my loan easier to approve?
    Or i have to wait 6mnths or 12mnths then only apply again….

    1. CF Lieu

      Pua, unfortunately you need to wait 12 months for your 2 months outstanding car installment record to clear in your CCRIS. No point or difference applying in July 18 or Aug 18.

      1. Kris

        Bullshit la no such thing

  57. Debora Williams

    TESTIMONY ON HOW I GOT MY LOAN FROM THIS GREAT COMPANY AS A SINGLE MUM. My names are Debora Williams. I live in USA Las Vegas and I am a happy woman today as I speak, I told my self that any loan company or lender that could change my broke life of mine and that of my family, I will refer any person that is looking for loan to Them. They gave happiness to me and my family, I was in need of a loan of $50,000 USD on January 12 2018 and I got my loan within 12 hours without stress. They are indeed God fearing people, working with a reputable loan company. if you are in need of a loan and you are 100% sure to pay back the loan please contact them today and please tell them that Mrs Debora Williams referred you to them. You can reach them via email;………( [email protected] )………………………I wish you good luck thanks and may God almighty bless you ….

  58. Sivagamy subramaniam

    I want check status of CTOS

  59. Bernice

    Can CCRIS trace for blacklisted company?

    1. CF Lieu

      CCRIS is a record for individual. For company credit status tracking, you need to subscribe to corporate service of credit reporting agency like CTOS or RAMCI

  60. Hanz

    I have two credit cards of which i had neglected paying when i was unemployed. The two cards have fallen into special account cases but since last year I have started paying those dues diligently. I should finish one of the payments in a month time and the other in a few more months. Checked on my CTOS, the amounts have not budged to reflect the payments. Will this affect my future loan request as I intend to purchase a new car?

    1. CF Lieu

      Yes it will affect for sure if you intend to buy a car. Have you checked directly with banks why the amounts not budged as you put it?

  61. Nurul Hassans

    Back in 2015 i was on default cc and subsequently I paid them in full. However, until this year 2018, the record of charged off still entail my credit report. Really bothersome but my ASB loan got approved this year (2018). How to get out from this charged off status?

    1. CF Lieu

      Hi Nurul no choice but you need to approach the bank directly where you were default on your credit card.

  62. Muhammad Abduh bin Haidar

    How long Ccris record will be cleared upon full settlement done?

    1. CF Lieu

      Full settlement does not ‘clear’ your ‘late payments’ record immediately. It will take 12 months from the time of ‘settlement’

      1. Vin

        Its actually just 2 weeks bro. Been thr a couple of times…

  63. kalaivani arumom

    hi good day. I want to check my blacklist.

    1. CF Lieu

      Hi Kalaivani, pls follow the instruction to download the ebook above

  64. Josh

    Hi, I just settle and got my name remove from the ptptn blacklist in April. Recently I tried to apply credit card but not successful. How many months I shall wait to re-apply? I tried to apply other banks also fail.

    1. CF Lieu

      Josh, likely 12 months

    1. CF Lieu

      You can download the ebook guide in this page

  65. Anis

    I just want to ask. I’m just reschedule my past car loan outstanding. Its about 2 month ago. But now,i’m applying for other car loan. But my loan was rejected due to ccris issue. Do you have any ideas what should i do now. I really need a car right now. Did i have to settle down all the outstanding to apply other loan. Or just maintain good payment for some period?

    1. CF Lieu

      Anis, no use you settle all outstanding payment now just to apply other loan. Won’t help. Confirm 100%. Just maintain good payment for 12 months then you are good to go…
      In the meantime, use Grab!
      It’s cheaper if you consider you need to pay parking+petrol+toll by driving a car nowadays in the KL city center.

  66. L

    Hi Lieu,
    A friend of mine requested a house loan from the bank. He has 5 credit cards, In his ccris report showing 4 , 3 ,2,1,0 late payment. So he clears off all outstanding payment, cut all of the credit cards and go to every bank HQ to request clear off credit cards’ record. Does he able to get house loan from bank within this month? Please advise how long period need to wait.

    Best Regards,

    1. CF Lieu

      Nope, he won’t be able to get that house loan even if he does all of the things you mentioned.
      Wait 12 months.

      1. Richard Low Kean Huat

        what if two person apply housing loan? one have bad record and another one have good record? will the loan approve?

        1. CF Lieu

          Depends on who is the person has the larger income which affects the loan eligibility.

      2. Kris

        Bullshit la i got house loan

        1. Perry

          Can you please share your case? you did clear off the late payment and apply within few months?

  67. Noraini binti Mat Noor

    Hi, I try to download the e-book above but require a password? I read after downloading you need a password to which we need to pay to biller code 39222 to unlock. So please guide me. How much do I have to pay?
    Where would you reply me? is it to this website
    Thank you

    1. CF Lieu

      Yes, please log into your online banking, use JomPay, enter biller code 39222. RM 9.90.

  68. amirah

    I have blacklisted by PTPTN (i am currently settling the loan slowly). Will i have a bad record in CCRIS? Thanks.

    1. CF Lieu

      Yes Amirah, please explain more what you mean by ‘bad record’. If you are settling it per PTPTN schedule, then you will not have ‘bad record’. But your previous ‘bad record’ will need time to ‘clear’.

  69. Shariza Binti Zainuddin

    i want to check my ccris and blacklist

    1. CF Lieu

      Do download the ebook guide in this page

  70. Adriel Raj

    i need to report about a fraud a person has done breach of trust and have ignored letter of demand by the lawyer and now pending for a legal suit ,Meantime the person has applied for housing load and its finaliing …I jus wnat to know if the ctos or crris report against the person his loan approval will be void?If sp how to go about doing it and immediately b4 the bank approves ….

  71. Amy

    I have tried to apply for personal loan and always get rejected.
    There was several times that I miss making payment and had due. now payment is prompt .
    I’ve printed the report via CTOS website and noticed that I have status 11 under my car financing which I believed is a legal status, I admit that have outstanding payment till 8 months and this was in 2016, it is no longer showing in the report. My question is, how to get out of that status 11? It really bothering me.

    1. ChingFoo Lieu

      Amy you need to approach the bank legal or loan dept to inquire, first and foremost. Let us know how it goes.


    i want to check my ccris report


    want to check my ccris report


    ok noted, tqvm………..

  75. neo

    how long will it take to get the ccris report using this method?

  76. Angie Lim

    Is AEON personal loan or credit cards listed in CCRIS?
    Is AEON credit one of the participating financial institution under AKPK DMP?

  77. Priveena

    Hi. I would like to check is there any way to settle of my CTOS debts?
    Could be bank loan?
    Do anybody knows how can I get help on this issue?

    1. ChingFoo Lieu

      Hi, yes. But are you able to take new bank loans and get it approved? Without knowing your credit rating status, we can’t advise.

  78. James

    I was having financial difficulty in 2009 which I have been served with judgement order for my Housing Loan account. I have regularised my account the same year then and keep it up to date until now 2017. I’m in the midst of applying personal loan  and the record hinder me from applying for any loans despite i have been maintaining good record (except the record in 2009).

    I have met the bank and request them to delete or withdraw the record from my Central Credit Reference Information System (CCRIS). Their reply to me is… even I have regularised my account, their bank policy is not to withdraw it from CCRIS until I settled my account in ‘FULL’. I have 22 years more to settle!!! Is this how it’s suppose to be? Please advice me as I think it is not fair for a citizen to be penalised for their past record.

    1. ChingFoo Lieu

      James, sorry to hear that.

      Most most people failed to seek independent advice from independent financial advisers like myself, before making decisions like yours back in 2009 – which eventually made ’em ended up in sticky situation like yours.

      What’s done was done, you might feel it is not fair but bank is absolutely a profit-making organizations.
      They don’t give a f*ck what you think or face right now.

      And –
      For anyone reading this, be aware! This is kisah benar who may haunt you the next 22 years. The only way for you not to make disastrous situation like what James did is to subscribe to my CCRIS educational series lessons by entering your email above.

  79. waze

    Hi sifu…I have doubts.I have been blacklisted.. Last 2 years.and now I’m started to paid my debts with the bank it has been 1y 2m and there is no problem. What I want to know is do I need to settle all the amount to get cleared from blacklisted? What I do I need to do to clear all the sums?is there any other way?because I didn’t have a large amount of money to settle it all.

    1. ChingFoo Lieu

      CCRIS is not a system to blacklist you because you have outstanding debts. It is OK to have say, credit card debts, personal loan debt, mortgages, etc but one must service the monthly installments in time (don’t let it overdue every month). Doing so will make you appear in good standing even though you have outstanding debts. In other words, you don’t need to ‘settle’ all debts to be ‘cleared’.

      If you don’t have $ to settle all debts, it is OK, the most important thing to do is to PAY ON TIME.

  80. Keshz


    How is CCRIS report being updated? based on the clarification for this question is this applied for new loan application also?
    Let say i submit for new house refinance loan application on 1st day of the month and print CCRIS on same month 16th, will the CCRIS report state this loan application details or will this details only will be updated on the following month 16th?


    1. ChingFoo Lieu

      Hard to give you definite answer because it depends on bank’s procedure and each bank is different – there is no way for us to know exactly unless you are a bank staff handling this aspect.

      You need to understand 2 factors – what is the cutoff date a bank submits the record to BNM, and the date BNM takes the record and update in the system.

      The question is – what exactly do you intend to do and what is your concern to know this info?

  81. Enn

    I made a loan and due to contreversial issues i surrendered the car back to the bank and got black listed without my knowledge. Its been more than 8yrs now. I still dispute the debt. One thing i found was the bank witheld one information ..the hire purchase agreement was never served to me.. making it unenforceable by law as per section 5a. How do i clear myself from bank negara report?

  82. priya

    how to contact sir by personally

  83. Siew Siew

    i have already settled all the credit card outstading. Want to know how to clear CCRIS & CTOS blacklist.

  84. Lee siow tin

    I need check my blacklist in bank negara & how to clear payment?

  85. vina


    i already done full setlement all my bad dept reasonly 2 month ago current seeking for apply personal loan end up result reject currenly im zero commitment pls advice y all my loan been reject.

    thanks in advance

    1. ChingFoo Lieu

      Vina, easy, because your CCRIS report which runs for the most recent past 12 months, still carries history of your ‘bad debt’ – as the bank sees it. Go to BNM to print a copy of your CCRIS to understand what I mean.

  86. Fie Shahri

    Hi Mr Leu,

    I just want to ask u, recently i submit my loan application to a few bank but unfortunately my loan all failed and they declare my loan application under code RD34.
    Can i know what is code RD34 stand for?

    1. ChingFoo Lieu

      Fie, you have to direct ask bank, it is their internal rejection code.

  87. nina007

    hi.. i’ve been trying to apply personal loan from several banks.. and later i found out that my ptptn is causing the decline of my loan submission.. so i already clear my ptptn using my epf.. so i try once again to apply loan.. and yet still decline.. before this the code is RD01 but now the code is RD87.. it just so annoying that i ask the bank what is the reason and they didn’t even know why.. what is code RD87?

    1. ChingFoo Lieu

      Hi Nina, pls read the update section on PTPTN loan above.

  88. Sheila

    hi, i have been listed in c criss how d clear it . if im about paid my outstanding how about my other monthly due

    1. ChingFoo Lieu

      Sheila, CCRIS listing is not a bad thing, you must understand this. It is up for bank’s interpretation whether you are a credible lender or not. Pls re-read this article again.

  89. Tan

    Hi, if next Monday receive news from banker that car loan has been rejected then can I immediately reapply? If next Monday to submit the settlement letter of ptptn arrears, how long does it take to clear my record? At this time being can still reconsider by the banker for car loan application?
    Please advise.

    1. ChingFoo Lieu

      No use to immediately apply. You need to RESOLVE the issue why your application rejected in the first place.
      Pls re-read the article, and print your own CCRIS report so you understand better. If needed, do bank in a nominal fee for 1-1 consultation.

  90. mei

    Hi Lieu,
    Can i know if i have late payment 1 day for my RHB easy personal loan, what will it cause? if it consider as late payment is’it need 12 mths to make my name clear? or what should i do to make my name clean or must wait for 12 mths?
    “If you are late in payment (lets say 6 months outstanding in Feb 2015) but you have paid off the outstanding in March 2015, the records will still show February = 6 months, March = 0 months, April = 0 months. As CCRIS is a report for 12 month period, the 6 months in arrears records will only ‘disappear’ in February 2016 (12 months later). You just cannot erase or request to clear it before that, as it is a rolling report.”
    i didn’t get it….is’it mean if i late for FEB after that even the next mth i pay by date but it will show as late and will keep on late for 12 mths? or can i double pay for the next mth to make my name clean?

    1. ChingFoo Lieu

      Yes Mei, your understanding is correct. No, no use to double pay. You should go ahead and print your own CCRIS report then you’ll understand better.

  91. Leong


    I’m under AKPK. Am thinking to get a new car which is lower monthly installment compare to current car, then at the same time trade in current car and do settlement with bank. Also the ownership cost is much lower for the new car. What is the possibility to get the car loan application approved?

    1. ChingFoo Lieu

      Hi Leong, first of all, do inform with AKPK what you wish to do. Get their written consent, then only proceed with getting the new car. Let us know how it goes.

  92. Komala

    i just settle my housing loan on August 2015. Now need to appoint a layer and discharged my document. also i am not a prompt payer previously. in between i would like to apply new personal loan at bank rakyat. need your opinion how to check weather my name is cleared or my name been ccris ctos. ?

    1. ChingFoo Lieu

      Komala, pls go to Bank Negara to print out your CCRIS report

  93. zaer

    hi boleh saya tahu ape maksut kod RD01

  94. PRR

    I have checked my CRISS report there are no special attention but my housing loan repayment always shows 1 month in arrears/late payment. My problem is each time I apply any loans, the bank always give this remark “strolling”. I have asked the bank officer and they always reply dont know, it is the system. What “strolling” actual means…

    1. ChingFoo Lieu

      Hi PRR, you might want to clarify w/ bank on this. The thing is, the CCRIS report we print out as individual is different from the version retrieved by bank. Let me know how it goes.

  95. mohd

    Saya mempunyai hutang lama yang tertunggak bagi penggunaan kad kredit,baru-baru ini saya menjelaskan kesemua hutang kad kredit saya yang lampau,apabila saya ingin membuat loan kenderaan,loan saya tidak dapat fi luluskan kerana masih ada di dalam senarai CCRIS kad kredit,berapa lamakah nama saya dapat di bersihkan dalam senarai CCRIS?

  96. Iszrfasrf

    I think i have CCRIS due to my AEON Loan about RM2k but how long does it take after i make full payment of my only debt to get other loans such as Applying car, Credit card and etc.. Refinance does not negotiable with the AEON. And so on i couldn’t make any loan since 2013 to 2015.

  97. Elaine Lai

    I can give insight some of the issue related to blacklist by CCRIS.

    Those not paying more than 3 mths & blacklisted, will be blacklist for 4-5 years with better condition payment of debt in or within the time. Its also depend how long they can release you. Talk to your bank for more infor related to your debts. After the period of years from the date that you are blacklisted, you are free to get or apply a new loan & credit cards. This not applicable to those finish up their loan within the period of years or immediate clear off. If you immediate clear off your hse loan after you got blacklisted, pls get the bank letter or your S&P lawyers to clear out all the outstanding as well as its strata title for housing loan. Thus you are automatically free from CCRIS blacklisted. If you clear the credit card possible take a year or 2 (depend on banks) from the record as they want to monitoring your record. This duration like few years is to educate & let them clear off whatever they have on hand & prevent them the get another loan to make them getting worse like get another hole to cover up to existing holes. The bankruptcy are increasing and youngster as young as 25 years old is alarming , thus Bank Negara take all the necessary step to prevent this to getting worst.

    The banks getting tighten the rule in loan money to public to save guard the banks system. Its all happen after the incident of USA subprime crisis whereby more than 100 years establish bank can collapsed due to huge debts unable to be collected. Currently Bank Negara implement the BASEL III in Msia banking in how the banking can get back more revenue to the bank after the increase the loan intrest rate since last year July 2014 & replacement of BLR.

    Those have clear of CCRIS & not even have credit card, banks have problem in approved your loan due to no record on your history payment of your debt/loan that they can refer to, therefore they need your guarantor. They need to see the pattern/ frequency in you paying back the debt/loan, unless you have a assets or properties that you alr own to prove that your assets value are equal to the loan you applied. Sometimes having credit card not a bad thing but displine enough to pay on time. Thought credit card can create a double sword to the user if you not using it wisely. If you able to pay in cash or in time, having credit card to let them see your good record shldn’t be a problem in loan application.

  98. Ann


    I’m applying car loan BUT banks reject because I have 2 mnths late repaymnt for ASB LOAN.. i also have 1 mnth late repaymnt for my 1st car..but they told me that’s not a problem.. i’m confius with the system.. i thought.. if u have 3mnth late repymnt only they will reject our application?…

  99. LOUIS

    Can 3rd party use my id/documents to apply for PL?

    1. ChingFoo Lieu

      Can the 3rd party forge your signature?
      And is the bank officer unethical to process the PL even though the person submitting the PL application and your IC is not you?

  100. butter


    I owe 3 credit card and settle 2 cc. currently i wanted to buy car, and the bank officer told me i had a special attention account with bank negara. so let say i settle the 3rd cc, can car loan approve immediately? as the 3rd cc, i try to settle but when call to the bank, no one is calling back to me. cz i wanted to ask for discount and settle full.

    Q: if i settle my cc, can i get the car loan immediately since i did not owe anything.

    1. ChingFoo Lieu

      Settling your cc does not automatically means you are immediately a good paymaster. What bank want to see is your trend of repayment. Having said that, not having any single credit card or loan repayment is also bad because bank cannot know your repayment history!

  101. terry

    i have problems now..i havent checked my ccris or ctos yet..i have several commitment which i pay ontime cz they are auto deduct from my salary, and i paying my credit card in minimum payment for a pass few months, will that be effected my ccris bcz i still have a lot of debt? i tried apply for a loan to clear my existing credit card, but got rejected everytime i apply for it..

    1. ChingFoo Lieu

      Hi Terry, I think you are not on any CCRIS/CTOS blacklist, it’s just that financial institutions classify you as high risks borrower due to a lot of outstanding loans/commitment

  102. Nura

    Hi, lieu
    Just asking, asb loan also under ccris?
    My lian asb outstanding for 3 month and i fail to make any payment.
    If i settle my outstanding, when my name can clear ftom ccris?
    Thank you.


    Hi…can i know what mean RD46 blacklist in rhb easy loan?ang may i know how long it’ll clear in the rhb easy loan sistem?becouse i already check in kiosk BNM my name already release…

  104. Jasmine

    If i reschedule my outstanding debt, eill my name be taken out from the special attention accounts.

  105. Daren


    I have applied for car loan on 10th Sept 2014. As far I have checked u, there is no CTOS or CCRIS in my name.

    But I have waited almost going to be month till today. But there is no any response on my loan application.

    As per check with the car dealer. The status was stated as pending for approval.

    Seek your help to advice how can I make an complain the delay for loan approval. For your kind info the bank that I have applied is PBB, Affin, RHB and Maybank.

  106. beef

    i wondering if let say i had a bad payment in credit card but my car loan is on time finished payment .now i wanna change car, does the loan still approve due to i have a bad record in credit card.

    1. ChingFoo Lieu

      Depends on the bank officer, but likely not so smooth in approval

  107. JOHNY

    What is the meaning of RD01 IN APPLIYING LOAN….

  108. Lee

    Hi Lieu, now i wan to apply housing loan then the bank side rejected and say i had been blacklisted by EPF. Reason being is i use fake EPF statement to apply credit card in year 2006 which I cannot rembr wats going on tat time.

    Now problm is, how to clear it from CCRIS?

    Thanks in advance for your advice.

    1. ChingFoo Lieu

      Go to EPF obviously you need to. And likely if you mention BLACKLIST, it is in your CTOS report, not CCRIS report. You need to talk to EPF to resolve this if they are the one who filed your blacklist, then they are the one who can un-blacklist you.

  109. jaafar

    hello… what mean rd01 easyloan rhb, how to check it?

  110. Sya


    Need your advice here. My case is like this:
    Last year i applied for personal loan but was rejected because of the ccris report.
    This year i applied again, after i have cleared all my bad record and my ccris report now is beautiful.
    The thing is now the loan is still rejected by the bank. When i asked the guy (marketing) he said my record and everything is excellent and he also did not understand why it is rejected.
    Appreciate if you can provide me the list of possibilities of why my application rejected.

    1. ChingFoo Lieu

      I won’t know, you need to try with other bank if that helps.
      Also check your own Debt Servicing Ratio. If you check CCRIS report of your own is OK, then likely it is due to debt servicing ration exceeded causing your loan to be rejected.

  111. jameslo

    hi,,can give me a call ~~i want asking bout ccriss~~tq

  112. grace ong

    if get ”Red CCRIS” in 3, what’s meanning of this issue. whether is payment never done on time or never make loan payment in fews month?

    1. ChingFoo Lieu

      DO you mean 3 in any of the month when you check your CCRIS report? If yes, that means, you’ve got 3 months of outstanding payment for that loan.

  113. Jade

    Hi. I’m Jade.

    Currently, I’m interested to buy a 2nd hand value house. The S&P agreement are stating both my name & my fiancé name (not register yet). But the problem is he’s under the program of AKPK. In term of home loan from banks, will the chances of success is higher under both my name & his name? My report in CCRIS is clean… Please advise. Thank you.

    1. Darren Liaw

      Hi Jade,
      My name is Darren, so happenned I saw your old posting in this site. May i know whether did you managed to secure home loans from the bank under both of you & your fiance’s name?
      Frankly, I’m facing the similar situation right now.
      Hope to hear from you soon. Thank you very much.


    2. ChingFoo Lieu

      Bank will evaluate you based on your income alone. If your income alone does not qualify for the loan amount, then putting your fiancee name in in this case is not gonna help.

  114. Ben

    Hi lieu,
    I currently having 2 PL with RHB and AEON for 2 years & 5 years respectively.
    I wish to apply for third loan with banks but to no avail.
    All the payment history were clean and on due.
    My first commitment date is 18/3/2013. Dont have any commitment other than the above showed.
    1) nowadays bank will surely monitor and require at least 1 year of ccris report?
    2) in that case, when can I probably go for the next loan ?

    1. ChingFoo Lieu

      1) Yes
      2) I don’t know by just having these info. Bank will also check on your DSR based on your current monthly commitment vs your monthly income evidence. Even if your record is clean, would it make sense for the bank to lend you more money if your income = 5k but your commitment total up 4.5k? Common sense, yes?


    I am ho ghee seng i just want to check if i got black list in bank negera plz give answer by email to me [email protected]

  116. Mira

    Hi..i need ur advice. I applied for personal loan but was rejected because of my ccris report from the housing loan. I think i have a consistent 1 because i always pay late every month. The due date for the month is every 1st, but i only pay on the 28th. Every month will be the same. That is why i know i have a consistent 1 record in ccris.

    My question is,
    1) if i still continue with my current pattern of payment , is there a possible way that my personal loan will be approve? What can i do so that i can get the personal loan.
    2) if i follow the due date and pay as what banks want, when can i apply back the loan. Howlong it takes for my ccris report to clear.

    Really need your help in this matter.


    1. ChingFoo Lieu

      Hi Mira, I think it is obvious that you should not have overdue debt payments for a clean CCRIS report. It would take 12 months for the record to clear. Cheers

  117. Thomas

    Hi Lieu,

    I’m one of the director on a Sdn. Bhd company. When the business closed, I’m the one who sign the agreement between my company and the supplier. I also received lawyer letter from the supplier but none of it have my personal name.

    But I wonder why the supplier still can file my personal name in CCRIS and affected my loan approval.

    Would appreciate if you can advise why they allow to include my name.

    Thank You.


    1. ChingFoo Lieu

      HI Thomas, although it is a Sdn Bhd, most business owner will sign a letter of guarantee when taking loans from banks. You might not realize it when signing lots of documents.I am not sure if this is for your case, but it looks like it does explain what you are experiencing

  118. rosa


    As you mention, credit card outstanding will be updated in ccris on the other month every 15th. I got alot of 0% installment in my card and it didn’t show as outstanding balance except on statement date. I make full payment every months.
    My questions are:

    1) I only use my card for installment, let say my monthly amount 1k. Can I know amount updated in ccris? 1k or 0?
    2) installment hold cc credit limit, does it effect ccris record? Installment amount indicate in the report?
    3) from ur article, amount updated in ccris taken anytime from 1 – 31 last month. The amount updated base on outstanding bal on statement date or average of o/s on that month?
    4) some say, credit card commitment not base on outstanding bal but 5% from the credit limit eventhough the card holder didn’t utilize the card at all. Is it true?


    1. ChingFoo Lieu

      1) It will show the outstanding amount which is charged to your card, which include any monthly installments incurred
      2) No, only the outstanding monthly amount of any cc in the most recent month
      3) On the stmt balance
      4) what do you mean? I don’t get your question

  119. Raymond Lim

    Hi Sifu, I want to ask something. Hope I can get the answer here because since I been googles my question but unable to get my answer. Here is my problems. Im 36 years old and I been BNM to get my CCRIS report. Everything was clean without any records or under “Special Attention”. It’s because in my life, I never do any loan or using any Credit Card. So my CCRIS report showing so clean. And then I’m going to CTOS self-check and in CTOS report at “Section E” have showing and Digi Telecommunication. In bankruptcy section, that was “Section D” was clean. Also in “Section C & B” was clean as well.

    So early this month, I was make a Hire Purchase at PBB and Ambank for secondhand. Total loan was RM26,500. Few days after submitted my documents, I received a call from bank and they said I need a guarantor to joint account for my loan because I don’t have a “Payment History” in BNM.

    The question is in my CTOS “Section E” was marked by and Digi Communication, is it will affected on my car loan if I try to resubmit to others banks?

    Hope all sifu-sifu here can give me some explanation about it. Your informations is highly appreciated.

    1. ChingFoo Lieu

      CTOS normally for business people. If you owe another business entity money, and when people want to do biz with you, then can check how trustworthy are you in paying up.
      If you have no repayment history bank can check on, I am not surprised bank require you to have a guarantor

  120. Nawarat

    I have just obtained Credit report from BNM. I have zero credit account, zero credit application in the past 12 months. I have been living debt-free life for many years now and I prefer to continue living like this but i was told that having zero credit like this will affects my credit score rating. Is that true? I dont need to get credit card or any loan but infuture i might need to change my car and get a car loan. Will bank reject my loan in future if i still have zero credit like this?

    1. ChingFoo Lieu

      Hi Nawarat, nice! you are debt free. It may pose a problem because bank don’t know how is your repayment habit/history. Suggest to keep at least 1 credit card, and use it for grocery shopping/petrol filling and pay in full on time every month

  121. Neeta

    If i were to fully settle my car on 25 nov , when will it be out of my bank negara report

    1. ChingFoo Lieu

      Hi Neeta, settling your car loan or not has nothing do with black mark on your CCRIS. Perhaps you want to articulate your queries more clearly?

  122. mimi

    hi Lieu,
    i need your advices. i have done restructure for my car loan for a year and its was ended on last may 2011. but my CCRIS still tagging as ‘T” till today. Now, i am unable to apply any loan even the restructure period has ended. FYI i have pay as normal payment since end of restructure period.

    pls advice..

    1. ChingFoo Lieu

      Hi Mimi, best to check with Bank Negara itself. I forgotten what “T” means..does the CCRIS report explained that? Cheers

  123. Vivi

    Hi Sir

    I have 3 personal loans for the moment and I’m looking for an alternative, which is to consolidate it and pay it all it once. Is it a good idea? How many banks do offer such facilities .

    Well, I do have late payments somehow. 🙁 Please help.

  124. Eric

    Hi Lieu,

    I went to Bank Negara and print my CCRIS. Currently I have only two commitment and the record is clean. But there’s still showing a status “Summon/Writ files” in the credit card column which i already fully settled past few years ago. I’ve been rejected by banker last year. They didn’t tell me the reason. Until today, I got my CCRIS.

    Why the bank negara did not update the latest status? Can I request them to update and clear off the word of “Summon/Writ file”? It was so irritating when I get rejected the loan from others. 🙁

    1. ChingFoo Lieu

      Hi Eric, I am not too sure what it means, does it mean traffic summons outstanding? Have you checked?

  125. ANA

    Tot of applying a housing loan now, but my concern is from the past 12 months i always have a bad habit of not clearing my credit card debt,, which amount from 1k to 3k (max credit limit of the card is 8k, always not utilise)
    however i still always made a monthly payment to the credit card account but just not clear up the full amount owning .. but i have just cleared up the debt today. (nothing else commitment i have )

    is this will effect my loan approval and will under ccris?

    your reply is much appreciated.


    1. ChingFoo Lieu

      No ANA , not paying in full as long as you don’t miss your payment is NOT a black spot in the CCRIS report. So it should be ok. Let me know if otherwise?

  126. Ck

    I hv one non perform loan after convert my credit card balance to term loam frm Citi, recently it was clean on my ccris report after I make an full settlement in last few week. However they is another credit card rescheduled payment scheme for my maybank card with good payment conditions, that is the only commitment appear in my ccris report. I plan to buy a house after few month from now, may I know how big the impact or how it will affect my loan application ? Thanks

    1. ChingFoo Lieu

      Should be OK if you don’t have late payment for the past 12 months 🙂

  127. Andy

    Just need confirmation from you, other than CCRIS, i heard about CTOS also, does bank really check both reports or either one to determine the eligibility for applying bank facility (i.e. loan).
    Kindly advise, thanks

    1. ChingFoo Lieu

      Hey Andy, bank will definitely check CCRIS report of yours.

  128. Katzlan Abdullah

    Hi Sir,

    Currently my borrowing with other banks will be settled by end of this year. I’m planning to buy a car by 2014.

    Is there going to be a problem for me applying new financing, while I have nil borrwing from other banks??

    1. ChingFoo Lieu

      No problem at all if you got no “black record” for the past 12 months!

  129. Hafizah

    i have apply personal loan with Cimb – payment no problem, car loan with Ambank – no problem, two credit card with standard charted and ocbc, my problem start because i didnt monthly do the payment.

    because of this issues, i tried to apply hsbc personal loan, she mention i have actually effected from CCRIS report, so from here the officer advice to settle my credit card and get the statement shown i have done the payment.

    yet still im concern, the hsbc loan will approve or not on base from my credit card record?

    plus i do have ptptn loan as well, ist time paid was in 2010 around rm800.00 until now no payment.

    1. ChingFoo Lieu

      Hafizah, you should start timely repayment of all your debt installments from now on 🙂

  130. James Francies

    I’ve cleared my ccris outstanding 2 months ago. I went to bank negara to print my ccris and it shows blank. There is no financial status printed on the ccris form. However every application neither credit card and housing loan are being rejected.

    I need to know why….i need to purchase a house and it is so difficult to do so. Please help me to get some solution since my age is catching up


    1. ChingFoo Lieu

      What do you mean by no financial status? Means no record of any credit card? This is a bad thing too, since bank cannot gauge your repayment history/habit. They will feel suspicious on why a person of your age (assume not fresh grad) don’t have repayment history.
      If you think your should have some records on CCRIS report but it doesn’t show, then need to resolve it with BNM.

  131. sara

    i have a 4k credit with AEON, did my name listed in ccris?

    1. ChingFoo Lieu

      Yes, Sara. Everyone of our name will be in CCRIS, so to prevent your misunderstanding, what you are asking is – will my AEON outstanding credit appear in CCIRS report. The answer is YES. But it will not be a problem unless you skip a payment or two. These will be red flags to your future loan application.

  132. NSZ

    Hi, I have 2 credit cards…but until now i paid 200 monthly for its settlement without fail…as long as i paid any amount for both of it due to my income, i will not be listed in ccris, right?

    Thank You

  133. Zamri

    hi bro… macam mana bankerap’C terjadi ? kalau lond 28k tapi dah lama tak bayar now about 35k ..kena bankerap’C juga ke ?

      1. Zamri

        as far as i know .. pihak pemiutang(bank) boleh memfailkan tindakan kebanarapn terhadap saya sekiranya keberhutangan lebih daripada RM30,000.00 atau pokok tidak lebih dari 30k ..makamah tak boleh jatuh kan bankrapC … and bunga tidak di kira kan ?

  134. km

    Hi, i have been informed by my Financial Institution (Citi) that i have more than 2 credit cards and so my credit card account with them need to be force cancelled based on BNM guidelines. Actually, i only hold 1 credit card with them and do not have any CC with other banks . So, what should i do now? Besides, i also have ready credit facility with them, is this consider same with credit card?

  135. Aza

    Hi Lieu

    If let say I have one late payment for my credit card, just one time. Does it effect my loan application approval?

    And if in my CCRIS report i have 1 0r 2, banks will directly reject my application? Can i make an appeal? Cause I’m desperately need approval for my housing loan.


    1. ChingFoo Lieu

      Yes, so when you submit application for loan, perhaps you want to proactively submit a supporting letter stating that one late repayment is NOT due to your inability to repay, but due to, say, forgotten, etc.
      WHen you say 1 or 2, for how many months the 1 or 2 tag persists? As the article above, if every month also got 2, meaning you always have 2 months outstanding installments in that month, which is not good!

  136. YJ

    Hi, currently i got offered by Citibank Ready Credit. i got some doubts on below,

    1. I wondered this type of overdraft consider as personal loan in my CCRIS record?
    2. I have never been using this ready credit since the first day i got it, so will the CCRIS record consider the limit given by bank as my commitment if i would like to apply for house loan?


    1. ChingFoo Lieu

      Hi YJ, not no unless you use your overdraft, then it will show up as outstanding amount.

      No, the limit on your credit card will not affect your CCRIS rating UNLESS you have outstanding amount on it.

  137. Vin

    My personal loan applications were rejected because I maximized credit card utilization. I have few credit cards. If I bring down the utilization to 80% for all my credit cards, do you think the bank will approve my personal loan application? Also, what’s the healthy level of debt service ratio for loans to get approved?

    1. ChingFoo Lieu

      Dear Vin, not likely. Understand that banks lend money to people who don’t need it. Why would you need personal loans in the first place, may I ask? (Banks are asking the same question when they review your application, believe me)

  138. jj

    I have cleared my akpk loan on april 2013. On top of that I have obtained all release from all banks. I have requested all banks to update my account status which to clear my from CCRIS report. They have told me that bank will update their CCRIS report everymonth. So now , I need to apply personal loan. Below are few questions.
    1. Do I need to wait after 12 months evendo all banks has cleared my name from CCRIS report?
    2. Is it true, bank can release my name from CCRIS report after 1mth of my date settlement. I seeking your advise and better solution to expedite my personal loan request.

    1. ChingFoo Lieu

      Dear JJ
      1. Yes
      2. I’d put it another way. Why is there an urgent request to apply personal loan again if you just cleared your AKPK loan? And even bank update your CCRIS, it would not ‘clear’ after 1 month as you put it. It will be updated after 1 month that you no longer bear outstanding amount, but they can see your credit repayment history for the past 12 months at any time. There is no way for you to ‘clear’ it faster because it is an auto revolving report for the most recent 12 months.

  139. ayu


    I have been trying to get PL but recently go rejected by RHB. The code that appeared was RD01. I got 2 credit cards, one of it i got it less than a month. Besides that no other commitment. My records paying for credit card was good.

    Any idea why i have got rejected by RHB?

    1. ChingFoo Lieu

      Hi ayu, what about your salary compared to the PL you are taking? And why you need the PL in the first place?

  140. Kelly Tham

    I wish to apply house loan, and I just clear all my credit card and cancelled all the card as some of the payment is not good, so can I apply the house loan immediately? Or how long can I apply? If I submit my release letter is that any chance to get the house loan? Other than credit card, I have no other loan or purchase in hand, please advise? Thanks.

    1. ChingFoo Lieu

      Hi Kelly, all records will be cleared in 12 months – good or bad. The release letter may help but you’d need to negotiate with the banker

  141. harris

    i need an advise, i got a bad ccris record last year but manage to payed all the debt by the end of last year between 11 and 12 month. i even got the official full settlement letter from bank…between this pass few month i have been trying to get a PL reason because i want to restructure my financial cash flow….but bank keep rejecting my application….now im pening how come? i payed all my debt……would be great if anyone can give me an advise on this….tq

    1. ChingFoo Lieu

      Hi Harris, the CCRIS record will have the history of the most recent 12 months, regardless whether you settled your debt or not. So my guess is, you’ll need to wait till Jan 2014 so that your bad record is dropped from the CCRIS report.
      Also, you need to look at the other aspect – your Debt Servicing Ratio. If you earn 3k but you take a personal loan with monthly repayment of 3k, sure cannot right?

  142. Gurcharan Hans


    Recently applied for a loan through Bank Islam and it was rejected on the basis that my name does not appear on the CCris list, even though I am currently servicing a house loan with my wife. I receive my monthly statement from the bank, on my name and the S&P states that i am the principal.
    How do i rectify this?



  143. Goo

    Hi liew, recently I applied for a housing loan and the bank only approved 70 percent instead of 90 percent of loan amount. My feed back from the bank is my credit card commitment is quite high so I can’t get the Loan amount I wanted. In view thereof I proceeded to clear 80 percent of my credit card debts at end of April 2013. So when the record with bnm be updated so that I get my loan easier ? Is it necessary to cancel some of my credit cards to show I am less financial commitment?

    1. LCF

      I think what you can do is print again the latest report this month or in June. It should show the balance of credit card is zero. Then you could appeal to the bank again with this self printed CCRIS report – see if that helps.

  144. Karen Loh


    I’ve few qns:
    1. How update is this ccris report?
    2. If I applied for 3 loans in 2010 and all applications were approved but I only accepted 1, will the CCRIS showed all 3?
    3. Will I be able to detect fraud from my ccris report? How?

    Thanks !

    1. LCF

      Hi Karen
      1. As updated as Bank Negara database
      2. No, only the loan you actually took
      3. What kind of fraud you are referring to?

  145. khusairi nk check brapa tunggakkan blacklist yg prlu sy Byr.

    1. ChingFoo Lieu

      Hi Khusairi, you cannot check thru me 🙂 You have to check your own CCRIS or CTOS report

  146. damian

    Im blacklisted.i guess but i can open my account in that mean if i can pay all debt,will i be able to make a loan or my name is cleared.from the blacklisted stuff?or i need to wait for few years to get my name cleared from the blacklist?

    1. Damian, first of all, you should ask the bank whether it is rejected because of CCRIS or CTOS because they are two different things. Most probably, if you have a bad loan history, it will be CTOS if you have settled the loan more than 12 months. This is because CCRIS maintain records only for the past 12 months; anything other than that will not show in CCRIS.

      However, if it is blacklist you are referring to which cause you to have problem, then you need to check your CTOS report for banks or anyone who submit blacklist on you. Blacklist only happens when legal action is taken against youin court, and following a judgement in court, let say bankruptcy declaration, then CTOS or such companies will pick up the status for blacklisting. CTOS and such companies then sells information to banks for the credit checking on legal action. And their records are based on the legal action.It will not ‘clear’ by its own, you need to clear it yourself.

      It is important to remember that CTOS is a one way street. Once your name goes into CTOS, it stays there and unlikely to be removed. When do settle, your record is still there but only your status will be updated to “CASE SETTLED”. When asking the Bank to “clear” the CTOS records, it doesn’t mean DELETE but it means UPDATE the status of your record. And yes, you can write a letter to the Bank to pass to CTOS to update your record after full settlement.

      Again to reiterate, CCRIS records the payment history, but CTOS records the legal actions that goes through the civil court system. If it goes to court and a summons is issued, most likely CTOS will pick that up in their system. It is really difficult to clear this record, and sometimes it does take time until it is done. If you want to clear your records, you can go directly to CTOS and present all the documents issued by the courts that has absolved you of the debt to your debtors i.e. no more outstanding legal summons. CTOS will process this and eventually it will go out of the system.

      You can also ask your debtors to submit to CTOS, but I think it is easier that you do yourself.

  147. Julia

    Hi Lieu,

    I was out of work for a few months in 2011 and because of that my car loan payment was behind a month and sometimes 2 months for a long time. I never missed a payment every month, only problem was that no matter how, i was still late a month or 2 as i could not afford to pay more to settle the outstanding. So finally my bank advised me to restructure as this would make my payment record fresh as if it’s a new loan. So my new restructuring loan was official in Dec 2013 and 1st payment took effect in January 2013 and i have been paying on time – never behind schedule. And according to my bank, my record with CCRIS would be clean too. But just last week i applied for a very small personal loan and it got rejected. Im not sure why though. Any advise? Should i check with BNM?


    1. Hi Julia, I think there are 2 recourses you can take here. One, is to check with the bank rejecting you on the reason. Second is to see for yourself your record is clean with BNM. It could be your debt service ratio is too high? For your current commitments added up together – like house, car loan, credit card debt etc. Either this or there could be a mistake if your record is clean like what you are being told 🙂
      Hope this helps. Let me know how it goes.

  148. Muhammad Izhar B Ayoub

    i want to check my blacklist

    1. ChingFoo Lieu

      Hi Izhar, if you need to check whether you are blacklisted or not, you should check your CTOS.
      CCRIS report does not blacklist you, it only serves as info report. Having said that, while you are at it, do check your CCRIS report too to see anything not ‘clean’, by referring back to this guide above

  149. izhar

    i want to check my blacklist

  150. Galen

    Exactly how long did it acquire u to create “How to
    Check your CCRIS Report”? It has got quite a bit of excellent
    information. Thanks ,Bernd

    1. ChingFoo Lieu

      Thanks you are welcome for your compliment on how to check CCRIS report article here.

  151. rosnita

    hi want to know either i can apply personal loan but im still pending payment credit card amount 13k.?can approved or not?

    1. LCF

      I think unlikely, rosnita if if you Debt Servicing Ratio is high (>70% of your net income).
      However, if it is not, and provided your credit card/personal loans repayments are made on time (all ‘0’ when you check CCRIS report), then it should not be a problem.

  152. Ji Ha

    May i know its that included PTPTN loan?

  153. Casey

    Hi Lieu,
    I would like to do refinance of my house, use that money to pay all credit card debts, car loan and personal loans. Housing loan still has 50K outstanding. Bank evaluate the house with ~300K. But bank rejected my application. Is it due to high debt ratio that they reject? If I try to settle those loans and apply again. Will they approve? Or I need to wait for 1 year after settling those loans. So far my record of paying debts is OK, no delay. Any suggestion you can advise? I really have problem to pay those debts anymore. Appreciate your advice. Thanks

    1. LCF

      Hi Casey, do you mean ” you have problem” or “you don’t have problem” paying those debts anymore? The best thing to do is to approach the banker directly and discuss about this matter. Only with such info at hand, it is hard for me to advise anything.

      1. Casey

        Hi Lieu,
        I am not afford to pay those debts as my salary is not enough to pay minimum credit card payment and personal loans. So I urgently need money to pay those monthly debts. I did approach banker before somehow 1 year ago but bank rejected my house refinancing application with reason being the high debt ratio. Does it mean I need to clear those debts first before I can get my refinancing approved? Thanks for your advice

        1. LCF

          Hi Casey, I am afraid that would be a Yes – the reasonable explanation for the refinancing non approval. seems like it’s pretty bad scenario, have you consider seeking help from AKPK? WHy I said so without even need to check CCRIS report – is that if you don’t have enough income to even pay your credit card and personal loan monthly minimum repayment, how can bank be convinced when you want to refinance your home – which means paying higher monthly mortgage repayment?

  154. kh

    Why cant I use CCRIS to check online instead? So troublesome when everything else is so web based nowadays.

    1. LCF

      I also wonder about that kh! Seems like they are slower to catch up 🙂

  155. zulaikha

    Says ada apply loan kereta dengan bsn ,,tapi masih belum ada jawapan ,,why? 2010 says ccris report ada,,so saya punya loan kereta lulus ke x ?

    1. LCF

      Hi Zulaikha, you ada check dengan BSN ke? Mesti ada sebab kenapa lewat.
      However,if you read again the updated article above, you can see that your case is probably parked under Amber category for approval.

  156. aj

    Dear Lieu,

    I saw in your report stating one credit card which is “belum jelas”, but the Jumlah Baki Belum Jelas is ‘0’.

    I have that in my report too. Should I let it be, or should I clear it? (as I plan to apply for a home loan). If yes, how do I go about it?


    1. As long as the ansuran tertunggak (outstanding amount) records are clean, that should be ok.

  157. Steven Koh

    I settle my credit card full payment on Feb 2012 and I go to Bank negara to print my ccris. In my ccris is clean but still can’t get any approval from bank for my personal loan and credit card. Finally I get the answer from bank is they saw in the system show my record “restructure credit card” , thus all the bank reject my application.
    How to clear the record?

    Thank you

    1. LCF

      Hi Steven, I think your record is clear, but banks is not sure what the “restructure credit card” statement means. So, imagine if you are banks, – you don’t want to risk your money if you see something you are not sure about.

      If I were you, I’d print/get additional written details from BNM and attach it together with the CCRIS report. The details should clearly state you’ve settled your card debts.

      If all fails, then I think you got to wait after Feb 2013 perhaps when your record does not show any “restructure credit card” records.

      But just to be fair, am not trying to offend you or anything, banks know this things well – as in, anyone who restructure credit card debt before would rate lower than a person who never did.

      Hope this helps


  158. nisha

    I settle my all my black list on Jan 2012…. but why i cant go for any loans after tht… recently i have tryied also but failed… plz help

    1. LCF

      Hi Nisha, you got to check with the banker personally. Different banks have different evaluation criterion. Ask them about what was the reason for rejection. In addition to that, you need to check your CTOS report as well. CCRIS does not blacklist anyone, it is just an information report, how banks interpret it might differ from one bank to another. CTOS report, on the other hand, blacklist us, and even you have settled your blacklisted loans, you need to take initiative to clear it from CTOS.


    how to check my blacklist

    1. LCF

      Hi Mala, you need to go to Bank Negara. Same as what I did when obtaining the report. Hope this helps.

    2. mayhem


      My due date for car loan is on 23rd every month. But I only pay on 27th every mnth due to salary credited on 27th every mnth. Will this effect my ccris report to apply loan?

      1. ChingFoo Lieu

        Yes it will if the bank system mark a loan repayment as overdue 3 days after the last due date. In practical, there might be a grace period of 2 weeks from the due date. I suggest you allocate funds to pay for the following month’s installment, and also check your CCRIS report to see if there is a “1” every month in terms of arrears of installment payment to the bank. If after checking your CCRIS report it does not show as “1”, then no worry on keep continue what you are doing.


    i want to check my blacklist

    1. Ong Hooi Eng

      I’m now 70year old, I will be appreciated if you could help me to check the following:
      1. Am I being blacklisted for leaving the country?
      2. Any outstanding legal suits?
      3. How to get all these cleared, I have no income.
      Thanks very much

      1. nurul

        My car loan is under rescheduled credit facility in Ccris. will this effect if i want to submit loan application ?

        1. CF Lieu

          What’s the reason for the reschedule Nurul?

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