Beware of misleading ads

I saw some of these ads running in via Google ads quite often recently, including LCF on Personal Finance. Bear in mind that webmasters have little control over what ads which will appear in their website. However, since I realized a significant number of my fan page followers are in the 18-24 years old demographics, I would like to remind you that there is no guarantee of earning easy money in any kind of trading – forex or stocks. You might be tempted by the catch phrase of this ads, but always be financially prudent and never bet on what you cannot afford to lose. You might feel that risk-taking is your middle name, however, always remember that you can lose your money as fast as you gain them.

If anyone knows Ahmad from Kuala Lumpur in the ads, I would like to know his forex trading strategies. Frankly, I have zero exposure to forex trading.  This is purely my personal opinion but from what it is being portrayed, it does seem like Ahmad is earning a consistent RM 1,451 from his forex trading. If it is on daily or weekly basis, then I really salute this guy and hope he can start a blog to share with us. forex tradingforex trading

2 thoughts on “Beware of misleading ads”

  1. trading strategy is subjective, either youre pure chartis (sole depend on TA) or youre rumor trader (depend on FA for forecasting and TA for enter-exit indicator) but 1 thing to all readers, always go for established and well known broker house. dont fall for cash rebate / fix winning / free trade money / bonuses. real broker house wont give free money, like maybank @ cimb. trust me. nothing real when its too good to be true

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