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Investments, taxes, insurance, retirement & estate planning: the list of financial concerns and considerations facing you today is seemingly endless, and there are no easy answers.

I am in the business of helping my clients meet all their financial challenges.

I do this by using a total wealth management approach. Each area is important individually, but managing them all collectively is one of the most important considerations in your overall financial success.

By keeping clients’ objectives in focus, staying in contact with them throughout all market conditions and making investment adjustments as economic or lifestyle conditions warrant, I maintain a constant commitment to putting service first.

I know it can be hard trying to find the right financial advisor to work with.

You are not alone.

The single biggest complaint people have about their current engagement with insurance or unit trust agent is that they just feel like a number. They seldom get the personalized service they deserve.

When you work with LCF aka CF Lieu you will experience the difference it makes to have a knowledgeable Advisor who truly understands you and cares about helping you meet your goals.

Experience a more personal approach to financial planning and investing.

Becoming a client is easy. Here are the steps we take from initial meeting to services engagement.

Working With an Independent Advisor

Independent advisor – what this means is that his interest stands in line with your goals.

He provides personalized ongoing financial planning and investment management services to families, retirees, soon to be retirees, and small business owners.

Personalized Financial Planning

Feel like your financial plan is a cookie cutter approach? CF Lieu customizes your portfolio based on your specific needs to make sure that you have the proper financial products working for you.

Understanding Your Needs

Before we begin preparing a financial plan, we first need to learn about your goals and objectives.

Most other firms use a “template questionnaire” to determine what your risk and goals are. My belief is that you don’t learn what you need from somebody by asking them to fill out a form. You have to have multiple discussions to truly uncover what that person’s beliefs and goals are.

Proposal Stage – Custom Tailored Approach

Not one single client of mine has the exact same portfolio or set of goals.

My firm and I will custom design a portfolio that is sensitive to your investment experience as well your tax situation that then complement your unique goals and objectives.

We will review the plan with you to ensure that we cover every aspect of your financial needs. We encourage our clients to become engaged in the process and to ask as many questions as they need to so they feel comfortable with the investment strategy or financial plan. Remember, we serve as your guide to making the right financial decisions. Don’t be afraid to ask questions.

Advisor like myself does not take custody of client assets. We simply advise on your accounts, place trades and request changes on your behalf.

Account Reviews – An ongoing process

It’s important to review your account to ensure that your objectives, financial situation and other factors have not changed.

While you may contact your Advisor on a regular basis to ask questions or review your account, we recommend a full review of your account at least once a year. This involves reviewing all the original information you submitted at the initial engagement meeting to make sure nothing has changed.

Become a Client

My approach can help you invest conservatively, reduce your exposure to taxes, meet your insurance needs and provides a plan to successfully transfer your wealth to your children and grandchildren.

If this method of meeting your financial needs sounds appealing, I invite you to spend some time exploring this site. I also welcome the opportunity to hear from you.

The only first step now is to get in touch with me. I look forward to speaking with you and learning about your objectives. There is no obligation. It’s just a way to find out how I may be able to assist you.