A Personal Finance Idea Worth $170 million

This is a very inspiring sharing by an engineer who single-handedly founded the Mint.com, which provides #1 web and personal finance application in the US. This app makes it dead simple to put your personal finances in order.

Entrepreneurship, according to Aaron Patzer, is about creating a sustainable business which solves a real, persistent problem for 3 million people instead of 3 people.  It creates value in the world by making people’s life better in a measurable way. It saves people’s million of dollars.

The 3 things he had to go through when embarking on this journey: motivating himself out of constant self doubt, putting in real hard work and ability to withstand loneliness in the initial stage.

[youtube _sajNwt8ldI]

Failure, according to him, is no big deal in relative scheme of things. He got 50 NO’s from various venture capitalists before the first YES.

And there’s one thing he said which is close to my heart – being an engineer. Engineer can be quite versatile;  he’s not a marketing guy but he managed all aspects of his start up including marketing.  The difference between a good engineer versus a great engineer, according to him, is 10 times.

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